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  1. Tried it once. Died to an AT-ST... gonna try it tonight again, this time as far away from potential AT-STs as possible
  2. Im pretty sure hes talking about the individual pack and not the core
  3. thought a similar question of my own could go here aswell. How does vallejos inks compare to washes? just found a box of unused inks in a box.
  4. 1) Cardboard should be enough. 2) i have a few packets of green stuff that has been lying around for a good few years and they seem fine. 3) I have some very old citadel paints left as well, shake them up and it should be fine. Ive heard adding medium for flow and stirring/shaking helps. 4) probably fine. dont know really... 5) depends on price really
  5. im pretty sure the core box contains 33 minis so that would be: vader, luke, 2x speeders, atrt, 2x 7 stormies and 2x 7 rebels meaning you get 2 squads storm troopers and 2 squads rebels, each with 1 leader, 3 dudes, 1 extra dude for the card + both heavys.
  6. I hope we get medical droids as an alternative as a trooper upgrade
  7. And a serious amount of plastic packaging/bags to hold everything
  8. This! I think it would be awesome with both Tauntauns and dewbacks. Also, Jawa hypetrain! I dont know when or how but if this becomes a thing along with ewoks or tusken raiders with banthas it would be THE DREAM
  9. IV, V, VI, R1, VIII, III, I, II, VII
  10. Are we bound for a Kom'rk now after twin suns? will it be triple faction? i think we might end up getting this with maul as scum, ezra for the rebels and gar saxon for the empire. you could also give scum/rebels fenn and rebels sabine. Of course this won't be complete without a nightbrother title. so what do you think are the possibilities of this actually happening?
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