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  1. A lot of times how I see people approach it, is a base minimum effect of becoming a vampire. (Sunlight and Blood stuff) and then if the character chooses to embrace their dark powers gaining the specialization that gives them abilities
  2. Glad to see I wasn't the only person at work. The idea of it as a career is neat, especially in Vampire centered settings. I was looking for a sort of thing that can be applied to any character at any moment for plot reasons of my campaign. I do like the wording "or high powered UV light" for non-fantasy settings. I finished my template which can be found here: or in the master resource list
  3. Does anyone else think that "Valuable Facts" is a bit OP for once per encounter? I know its a Tier 3, but once per encounter get a free Triumph seems a bit powerful... Also I noticed a Talent missing if maybe anyone wanted to add it. I've seen a great many people talk about it though... It reads: Martial Artist: Tier 3; Passive; Ranked? Yes Your unarmed strikes deal +1 Damage per rank of Martial Artist. In addition, reduce the critical rating of your unarmed strikes by 1 (to a minimum of 1) per rank of Martial Artist. You may use the Agility attribute instead of the Brawn attribute for your unarmed strikes. Y'know, for those Monk characters....
  4. I finally made my Vampire Character template, if you wouldn't mind linking it? https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/269166-vampire-template-for-characters/ If you could call it, "Vampire Template for Pre-existing characters" since it I should NOT a species. Much thanks
  5. Examples of Blood (Presence) "Spells": Inhuman Senses (Augment - Concentration) Make an Average (2) Blood (Presence) check. On a success, you know the silhouette and locations of each living creature within medium range. Spend (2 Advantage) to increase the range band once. What Sweet Music They Make (Conjure - Concentration) Make a Hard (3) Blood (Presence) check. On a success, summon Two Bat Swarm Minions. Spend (2 Advantages) to summon one additional Bat Swarm Minion. If location permits, May summon Wolf Minions instead of Bat Swarm Minions. Embrace of the Shadows (Augment - Concentration) Make a Hard (3) Blood (Presence) Check. On a success, the caster becomes completely invisible, and cannot be perceived except by magical means. Performing an action cancels the invisibility. A Triumph can be used to allow the caster to perform actions while invisible.
  6. Blood (Presence) Blood (Presence) is the Magic Skill that reflects the unholy power within a Vampire's Blood. The spells used by a Vampire's Blood (Presence) skill is not necessarily Magic, per se but a way to reflect the vampire's Unnatural abilities. (Such as turning invisible, Summoning a cloud of bats, or even Entrancing another character. To reflect this, the only Magic actions available to this Magic skill are Augment, Curse, Conjure. In addition, they also gain a unique attack spell called Drain Health. Drain Health: Drain Health is a Magic Attack that follows all the same rules for a magic combat check. The Vampire chooses a target within short range and performs an Average (2) Blood (Presence) check. If the check succeeds, the attack deals damage equal to twice the Vampire's presence, +1 additional damage per uncanceled success. Additional Effects: Increase Difficulty by 1: The attack gains the Vicious 1 quality, and a Crit value of 2.
  7. This template is to be used for both Player and non-player characters in Genesys, to make said character a vampire. Obviously, you can change certain rules for any campaign you run, but if you would like to comment on the mechanics of it please do so at this link: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/264389-lycanthropy-and-vampirism-in-genesys/ So, Here goes: Vampirism When a character, "contracts," Vampirism, they must make a Daunting (4) Resilience check. On a success, they resist contracting the effects of Vampirism, On a failure, they contract Vampirism. Any character may willingly fail the check. When a character becomes a Vampire, their attributes are affected like so: +1 Brawn +1 Agility +1 Presence -1 Willpower In addition, the Vampire gains access to a unique Magic skill known as Blood (Presence) {Not to be confused with the Blood Magic a Blood Mage might use, which in certain settings still falls under Arcana.} *See Blood Magic which will be posted below.* When a Vampire is in direct sunlight, regardless of cover, their wound and strain thresholds are cut in half. Additionally, if a Vampire is in the sunlight for over an hour, they must make a Hard (3) Resilience check or suffer a critical injury. When a Vampire is in direct sunlight without protective covering, such as a cloak or a parasol, the Vampire suffers 1 wound every combat round, or 1 wound per minute in non-combat encounters. In addition, when in direct sunlight without protective covering, they suffer a -2 to Brawn, and a -2 to Agility. Vampires do not benefit from any kind of healing. Instead a Vampire heals wounds naturally at a rate of 3 wounds per night of rest. They can also restore wounds via the Bite attack, which will be outlined below, or the Drain Health spell from the Blood (Presence) Magic skill posted below. In addition, a Vampire may only recover strain when they have no wounds, unless they do so with the bite attack, which is again: outlined below. The Vampire has two natural weapons they gain from the transformation: Claw - Brawl (Br/Ag) - +3 Dmg. - Crit 2 - Pierce 2, Vicious 1, Disorient 1 Bite - Brawl (Br/Ag) - +2 Dmg. - Crit 2 - Breach 1, Vicious 2, Ensnare 1 When a Vampire makes an attack with their Bite weapon, they may recover Wounds or Strain equal to the damage dealt after soak is applied, only if the target of Bite is a living creature. Finally, the check made to discern whether or not a character is a Vampire is an opposed Perception vs Cool Check. (The Vampire using Cool.) Below, I will be posting the Blood (Presence) Magic Skill, and a list of Vampire only talents.
  8. I may be wrong, but I believe Formidable is a difficulty of 5 purple dice, yet on your chart you have it cheaper to craft than Daunting which is 4 purple dice.
  9. Very interesting thought of it. I actually really like that, however, I already started writing up the alterations. BUT that being said, it is a great concept and I will look at a species build for it as well. I will post below...
  10. Zalakoth

    Story Points

    Oh that is what I do. They're not... bowls per se, I have this tablemat that has the World Map and then it has two circles that are labeled "GM" and "Players" Needless to say I've waited for this system for a very long time.
  11. Zalakoth

    Story Points

    Update: I took the idea of using a Deity's symbol for each one. I used a different then usual color scheme but it turned out pretty okay. I double sided them, but not like Destiny points. They're double sided so that I can use the same ones in separate campaigns since I plan on running and Overwatch campaign. It won't let me upload the pictures, but essentially instead of flipping them when used you move them from one circle to another. (Either circle labeled "GM" and "The Party")
  12. Zalakoth

    Story Points

    That is an interesting thought. I do but I never really thought about their symbols. They're more over abstract ideas. That could work though. Stuff like, secrets or time. Those are cool ideas too.
  13. Zalakoth

    Story Points

    Hi all, I started making story points by using repurposed D&D 4E Character Tokens, however I don't know what design I want to put on them. Any ideas? It's for a fantasy setting.
  14. Thank you both for all of the help I think I have a really good outline to starting building with. I'll let you know what I have when I finish it.
  15. Mechanically I agree with this completely, however as I originally stated I am not looking for a species but for a way for characters (be it PC or NPC) to contract Vampirism and be affected by it in a balanced way that costs effectively 0 xp since I want it not tied to a talent but rather the narrative.
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