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  1. Have you checked that you have updated your app with the first points update?
  2. Yes, but for the sake of FFG's making a prfoit on thw game so it doesn't die, I'd be happy with Aces packs. However, if they were to do Aces packs, complete with exclusive repaints, I would be happy for them to include upgrades for ships not included in the box. Option 2 would be a campaign box, similar to Armada. Toss in a few new pilots and upgrades foe the factions involved. Option 3 is a starter box, similar to Servants of Strife, for the first 5 factions, with repaints and pilot cards mot available in the regular ship packs.
  3. Do you know people that already play the game, or do you have a local gaming store with players? If yes, ask to try out different ships and factions until you think you have found a faction you want to play. If your answer was no, watch some streams (search the likes of Gold Squadron, First Earth, Weekend Warlords, VTTV on Youtube), to see what ships you like the look of. Once you settle on a faction buy a few ships for that faction. I would advise sticking with second edition ships for now, as you won't require a conversion kit.
  4. One more added. Hopefully we can at least get all the 4-2s and up.
  5. Should do, but they got two ships in Wave V, and they don't seem too bothered about getting Hyperspace legal ships out.
  6. Now that Wave V is old news, having been announced, and Wave IV articles will be on the way soon, it's about time we find out what is everyone expecting for Wave VI (which I assume will drop just in time for Christmas). With A-Wings and Interceptors in Hyperspace, they really should be on the way sooner rather than later. Also, the next movie is dropping at the end of the year, so they will probably want some tie-ins. My guess: Rebel - A-Wing Imperial - Interceptor Scum - Possibly nothing to keep wave manageable. If they do get a ship - Hound's Tooth Resistance - New movie ship and the Bomber First Order - New movie ship and the Upsilon Republic - I expect them to not get, but if they do, a large base ship. CIS - I expect them not to get, but if they do, a medium base ship.
  7. Rebel: A-Wing Imperial: TIE Interceptor, TIE Bomber Scum: Starviper Resistance: MG-100 First Order: Shuttle Republic: Large base ship CIS: Medium base ship
  8. Dpends who I am playing, but with my current list I often have 30 minutes to spare.
  9. Wedge Antilles w/ S-Foils, R4 and Proton Torps Luke Skywalker w/ S-Foils, R4 and Proton Torps Dutch Vander w/ R4, Skilled Bombardier, Seismic Charges and Proton Torps - Get a TL with Dutch. Pass a free TL to Wedge. - TL with Luke. - Focus with Wedge. That's two double modded shots with Wedge (Focus + TL) and Luke (Force + TL). Dutch can follow up with a third shot if needed. Dutch also has seismic charges to hurt swarms, and can drop them at range 2 as well as 1.
  10. Good luck firing a pro torp from Wedge using just a focus. Focus is the all rounder action for sure, but the others are better at what they do, as Focus only works if you roll focus results. Evade guarantees an evade result, no matter what you roll, and target lock allows you to blank out on an attack, and still get a chance of doing damage.
  11. This. When you set your dial down put the token on top of the dial. You can get tokens for lots of things like R2 units and C-3PO (which I leave on top of dice). This is why I also insist people use crit tokens.
  12. I have yet to play with or against the CIS, however I caught a bit of them in action at the weekend between games. They seem to work around the risky, but very enjoyable strategy of "We're going to die, but hopefully we kill them first". Lot's od dead ships in the two snippets of games I saw with them.
  13. It's not a guarantee, but your store will at least order more hold you a copy (if they get one). If you don't pre-order you can't have any expectations that there will be one in store.
  14. Pre-order. Pre-order. Pre-order. If nobody pre-orders the store will have to guess how many they need, and will not want to over order. Avoei disappointment, and help your FLGS by pre-ordering.
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