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  1. Three. I forget what my opponents cards do before the first major engagement I usually bump two of my ships into each other at some point I forget to trigger one of my own abilities (usually s-foils)
  2. Because I am unlucky with dice.
  3. Like most rebel ships, the abilities and chassis just aren't worth the cost when compared to other options, both in the Faction (Wedge, Dutch) and outside the faction.
  4. Jess and 3 Red Squadron with R4s is now affordable.
  5. ASOIAF TMG has also had trouble recently getting any stock. They are also distributed by Asmodee. I imagine there is something somwhere in Asmodee's distribution model that is not setup correctly to handle large scale, worldwide releases.
  6. Vader. I completely outfly my opponent, putting Vader in a killbox turn after turn. Vader not only survives, but doesn't even half. This is a regular occurance.
  7. TIE Swarms are far better than beef in a joust, and more manouverable, so beef can't arc dodge them.
  8. I was gifted a few of these at SOS. They are excellent. They add a good bit of weight as well which means they are harder to knock as well as being grippier.
  9. Definitely. Only 560 people turned up to our System Open.
  10. There's plenty of current lists out there that already beat Rebel Beef, and if we nerf them to old pointw, they will be dead, regardless if Redline and Boba stay on their current points.
  11. So basically everybody wants Rebels to be returned to theirnold points, plus increase a few other ships like Wedge? Ir that happens, that's an entire faction gone from the game, again.
  12. YT-1300 - 1. Already have Rey's, but want this for fear of turning up to an event to play the Falcon, and some weirdo complaining that I have the wrong ship. B-Wing - 1. Only because I akready have three, otherwise it would be much more. Resistance Transport - 2. So I can play both ship types in the same game. N-1 - 0. I don't play Republic. Hyena - 0. I don't play CIS. I am tempted however, so this could be moved up to 2 in the future. Silencer - 0. I don't play FO. I do have some FO ships from 1.0, so maybe I will pick one up in the future. TIE S/F - 0. See Silencer. Decimator - 0. Already got one. Don't fancy two.
  13. Don't cheat with a player's partner while they are at an X-Wing tournament.
  14. Braylen was mote expensive before the points drop. Nobody used him. Nobody used U-Wings either. Leia is the problem, not the ships.
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