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  1. I wouldn't mind a Jade Shadow and a Z-95 repaint included, with a title/config to show Mara Jade's customizations.
  2. X-Wings are: a) predictable due to the single arc and average dial and; b) very middle of the road in most things, and such such cost a lot to not excel in any one area. Basically they are too good to be a cheap ship, but not quite good enough to single handedly win you the game. They tend to do best when you keep them as low cost as possible, to get a reasonably priced 3 dice attack, or load them up to be a supreme, high initiative jouster with torps and/or regen.
  3. When defending at R2 count the attack as being at R3.
  4. Rebels: An i5 or i6 ace for the RZ-A1 Mara Jade in a Z-95 Config/title for Z-95 Jedi Corran in an X-Wing Imperials: TIE Agressor Ace that gives a bonus to turret attacks Another Interceptor Ace
  5. Basically tricks. Typical X-Wing shenanigan examples include Vader Target locking into a Barrel Roll, collison detector, Nien and Jake getting 4 actions etc.
  6. 5X isn't that bad. 4 fat T-70 is worse imo, despite the loss of red dice.
  7. I want to give this a go, as it'w nice to see TIEs doing wrll outside a Howlrunner swarm. How do you set up in deployment? Just put the Reaper in such a way it comes in behind the fighters and interceptors?
  8. I played vs one at SOS, and it had a suprising amount of cool and, more importantly, useful shenanigans. I now want to give it a go myself.
  9. It's the only explaination!
  10. 3 Scouts w/ Ion Cannon, Contraband Cybernetics Nom Lumb w/ 0-0-0, BT-1, Contraband Cybernetics
  11. No. But my feeback/experience from the event would be that if you insist on flying Rebels in Hyperspace, the best value pilots to build around are Ten, Dutch, Thane and Braylen. Jake works better in extended, and Luke is overcosted for what he does by a couple of points I feel. I didn't see enough of them to comment, but I would guess Porkins and Garven would do well in this type of event too!
  12. 4-2 with Rebels, my best SOS finish, despite taking Rebels, arguably the weakest faction in the Hyperspace format.
  13. Yeah, the Starwing seems like a logical choice for a reprint, as you cannot find one anywhere.
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