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    Beginning Morality?

    Yes, morality starts at fifty and you can choose one of the options as allowed. But aren't we forgetting the "house rules" rule? If you are a GM you could choose to allow players to spend starting morality like obligation. If you did, you would still have them start at fifty morality. If players The downside to this is, they could easily make Dark side characters. Even as a house rule, you wouldn't want them to start with 70 morality and also allow them to spend morality for bonuses. If you're the GM, and it's your call. If you choose to allow players to spend starting morality and only during character creation it still keeps a bit of balanbit of balance. Players who don't want their character to be a dark side would have twenty XP to spend. While players who don't care about being dark side would have more. You're the GM and ultimately the game is about having fun.