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  1. This is a pretty cool idea man. I like this idea
  2. Same thing. I was just thinking that I should purchase decks from individual box displays rather than buying two decks from the same box
  3. Wow lucky synergy. Play that at your lgs and watch flies buzz over that deck list just to be sure it's real.
  4. jrainey

    House Sanctum

    We use chains to keep it balanced. -2 or more cards can be a big deal.
  5. If this game blows up, as time moves on and public sentiment changes, I could see a lot of bad name decks becoming extremely valuable. It's probably worth it to hold on to those unfortunate decks
  6. Its cool that you get an extra deck for sending in your bad deck. It must of been a monstrous task to get the print first print run down to >.05% error.
  7. How about if I reword it. "You can remove a chain after you draw a card during your draw step. " *maybe some cards will force you to skip your draw step. In that case card text takes precedence
  8. jrainey


    I feel like availability may be limited but only for a brief time.
  9. I hope someone buys me the starter for xmas, cause i'm just buying a bunch of decks.
  10. I think another poster mentioned using a computer program to simulate AI ship movements as the best solution. I agree, as I did some brainstorming/testing a while ago on this very topic and found that at computer sim could solve a multitude of problems like ship movement and it could also remove some of the tedious stuff from the game as well. After brainstorming I came up with a solution that utilizes unity3d and the vuforia Augmented Reality plugin. Imagine holding your phone, tablet or webcam over the play area; your camera relays the AI of the users position and responds accordingly. On-screen information tells you where to move the AI markers, (surprised as well but after testing I learned that object recognition works better with flat index cards with bold symbols instead of ships) etc. It's an ambitious project fore sure, I did some scoping and found that i'd need to recreate the game in unity3D and I'm not talking about 3D assets and fancy bells and whistles just the rule set, game loop and scaled map for movement. Once that's done it's AI and I learned that you really can't hack ship AI in this game (or rather hacking it would limit the AI to random use of skills and movement), . Although I have some unity AI classes from school that would give me a head start, AI would require just as much effort as the above and more to get it to a laughable level of competency. The scoping exercise showed me how big of a project this could potentially be for a single person so I have not committed to working it but I'd really like to. However I have had a lot of fun learning about Vuforia and computer vision branch of natural language. I really wish I had more time or someone was paying me to get this done because I feel this is a nice opportunity and it would add a lot of value to the product and give people endless play.
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