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  1. Yay! I like this kind of spoiler...?
  2. LozMac

    Companion app?

    Nothing official in the pipeline as far as I'm aware, but there is third party apps available! Although the one I saw recently might have just been campaign-related.
  3. LozMac

    A Community Strategy Guide

    Don't have anything to contribute myself (yet) as I'm far more likely to be using this advice rather than giving it out but just wanted to say thanks for creating this thread, I think it's a great idea. ?
  4. Absolutely! The only issue is I play with my partner and he's not for it! So easy it is for the time being. Although I've had the game for ages, I've not played it a great deal so to be honest I think we're still learning the game. I'm flabbergasted at all these claims of standard being too easy...we keep getting trounced on easy. ?? Obviously we need to practice strategy and alter our decks then hopefully we'll start doing better. Playing through Dunwich now. Essex County Express next...we're still hoping for our first "scenario win"...?
  5. Easy. And I'm seriously considering making a house-rule Very Easy chaos bag ? Not into the "challenge" thing at all...
  6. I just received Rougarou. My first thoughts - it looks tough and the cards stink. Can't wait to try it though.
  7. LozMac

    Dunwich Legacy - horrible box!

    I thought the box was a but disappointing in terms of quality. However, even more disappointing was the size of the box for the contents inside! A bit of overkill if you ask me. A waste of cardboard too. As always, the art is amazing but I much would have preferred to have seen it in a smaller box. Oh well! It is what it is I guess. The only other LGC I've played is Warhammer Invasion, and I kept the core set box plus all of the deluxe exapansion boxes as my storage solutions for that game and it works perfectly. Likewise, for Arkham Horror (the board game), I store it all in the original boxes. I think I'm going to use an alternative storage for AH LCG though to be honest, or use one of those inserts that fit in the original box. Can anyone vouch for those?
  8. Finally got round to playing this! It was incredibly well made, and the writing and the story on the cards was great. Unfortunately, it was a bit too high a difficulty for me and we got absolutely destroyed! I played as Daisy and my partner went as Skids. I was lead investigator and was eliminated after about 35 minutes! Had some really bad luck and after the first agenda advanced was when I was really up the creek without a paddle! However, it was good fun and I like said - very well designed! Will definitely play again, but with a bit more experience and veteran characters next time!
  9. LozMac

    I have Dunwich Legacy!

    I was told today that January 19th is the official release day for the UK. Perhaps some retailers have been able to get it earlier somehow? If that's the official street date it could explain why I haven't received a notice of it being mailed out yet :/ Was it Gameslore.co.uk you bought it from?
  10. LozMac

    I have Dunwich Legacy!

    If it says "New!" they have it in stock. I can verify that in a number of hours, when they mail it to me Yay! That's great news. Don't think my local shop will have it yet unfortunately but good to see it's available somewhere.
  11. LozMac

    I have Dunwich Legacy!

    Meant to add it looks to be about £24 including first class postage. Double checked and it doesn't seem to say pre order anywhere.
  12. LozMac

    I have Dunwich Legacy!

    Gameslore.co.uk seem to be selling it. Doesn't mention anything about it not being available, whereas it says that for the small mythos packs they have listed.
  13. Same here! Just a pity it could potentially take up to a month to post. Then again, could be waiting months for UK retailers to get it anyway!
  14. Cool, cheers for the info! Definitely some food for thought.
  15. Interestingly, this Minature Market sells the standalones for $13 each plus $6 international postage, making for a total of around £16. According to a import calculator, it's estimated this would not incur any taxes, etc. It's certainly piqued my interest, as it probably won't be much cheaper than that when it's available here. Though that calculator just estimates, no tax isn't guaranteed of course.