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  1. If you get translucent paint you can match the FFG colors. Car parts stores have them in a line called Metal Cast. The purple was really close.
  2. They aren't ships, they are airspeeders. We'll see T47s and T16s if we see these.
  3. I don't know whether to be sad that my hilarious combo is already being netlisted into something actually good, or happy that it is being netlisted into something good... I think I'm going to have to fly both and find out.
  4. As far as I can tell, both OP and AC happen in the same phase, "Modify Attack Step" (3. ii.) in which case the controlling player determines the order. I can cancel 1 result with OP to remove a shield, and then cancel "all results" (in this case, 1 remaining) to add 2 hits to my results, which may then not be modified again (further reinforcing the order in which I did them).
  5. Ah crap, I forgot about the Advanced! Stupid title. Well, now maybe I can turn the 1-shot AC into something useful. Hmmm... The Phantom shoots 4-red and therefore is idiotic to take AC on.
  6. I said it was a hilarious combo, not a good one! ? Unfortunately, the Punisher is the only thing that can take advantage of the convert 1-die to 2-hit with a system slot in the Imperial arsenal.
  7. My favorite take on this so far: Seriously, WTF? (100) Krassis Trelix — Firespray-31 36 Director Krennic 5 Harpoon Missiles 4 Extra Munitions 2 Guidance Chips 0 Slave I 0 Ship Total: 47 "Deathrain" — TIE Punisher 26 Accuracy Corrector 3 Bomblet Generator 3 Lightweight Frame 2 Ship Total: 34 Sienar Test Pilot — TIE Advanced Prototype 16 Cruise Missiles 3 Guidance Chips 0 Ship Total: 19 So Deathrain shoots first, cancels a result to take a shield, and accuracy corrects the remaining result into 2 hits. This allows Krassis to get a free TL, which she then uses to launch Harpoons, getting her free re-roll plus chips. Now that the target is down 2-5 shields and harpooned, the TAP rolls up with a cruise missile shot and hopefully lands a crit.
  8. I have a bittersweet goodbye for 1.0. As much as I loathed all of the OP broken stuff, I really loved the janky bizarre combos, and I came up with one last hilarious one. Grab your favorite TIE Punisher and equip it with Accuracy Corrector, then throw it in a squad with Krennic and assign Optimized Prototype to the the Punisher. Then shoot at stuff with 2 red die, cancel one to take a shield, and then cancel the last one to turn it into 2 hits. Hilarity ensues! You're welcome. ?
  9. FFG announced that Store Championships are all 1.0. The new version of SC's in 2.0 is even a different name.
  10. I also TO'd a Store Championship at DCP Hobbies in Longview, WA last night. 12 players, 3 rounds of swiss only, and a relaxed atmosphere. Ran it on tabletop.to and list juggler is here: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=4483 There's lists to be filled in yet. Winner was Stresszra, Lowie, Miranda.
  11. High concentrations of players who attend the tournaments. Portland System Open and Seattle Regional were both 150+ players.
  12. Seattle had a Regional, which is not a System Open.
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