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  1. Could they do something about sending men to the nights watch...like loosing armies to a different war with them... Or making them an army that grows with everyone they kill.
  2. We just need this army so the game could be finished-finished. Any chance of us getting it?
  3. Came to the same conclusion. That way there's multiple paths to everyone.
  4. That can't be the only answer. FFG would prefer to lose the money of another copy bought? I'm on the same boat. Boardgames like this have limited replay value. Being unable to change the game chalenges, even when buying another copy, would be a total cold shower.
  5. The assymetric play in netrunner was it's big selling point. I had an idea in how to utilize the mechanics: Create a game about thieves in terrinoth, maybe with a heist theme, the ICE cards could be traps laid dowb to catch thieves.
  6. In the market right now we have almost no superhero skirmish game. Could FFG produce something that captured that feeling?
  7. Hi, I always played Mtg with friends, so we had a smaller card base to work with. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the concept. Decks are usually made to perform some work: Mill cards, destroy Creatures, shuffle the hand of the player, etc. The structure of the decks in keyforge, even with the algotithim, will group cards that perform some kind of combo. So, once you figure out what that deck it's supposed to achieve, you already know if it will be achievable or not. For example: let's say the deck whole combo is based around a creature and some power-ups. If the creature is destoyed, and if the deck have no way to ressurect it, the deck is crippled. the rest of the synergies don't work, and you never could prevent it, because you can't deckbuild. If you play with friends, and each have a deck, in the case one deck may be consistently stronger than the other. You will keep losing, and will be forced to buy another deck. Also, the feeling that "this deck could be awesome if only that card was here..." will be consistent. I see the appeal of fixed decks. But also see the problems that the system will bring. Lcg's couldn't fix the power creep, but this solution is equally inneficient. Sorry for the grammar
  8. Hello there, I would like to know if any of you tried siege scenarios, with defenders on the walls and whatnot. It is possible taking the bases in consideration?
  9. Even so, Zacharet was a cool character there...Seeing him here as a more or less well mannered citizen makes me think this is prior to that events...
  10. As we see Zachareth appear on Runewars as a somewhat noble Baron, what happened to the man we saw during the Descent events? This is before or after he was clearly an antagonist on that game? Would be nice to have characters change and the wolrd to move on, ala Warmahordes changes the Warcasters as they story progress. Imagine that Zachareth went full on togue against Daquan, But still intent on taking on the menace of Waiquar? Or Hawthorne lost his homeland to the hordes, lost an arm and used a sick *** eyepatch and a FRACKING MAGICAL HAMMER to continue a kind of guerilla war against Uthuk....
  11. C'mon FFG. I played with Vader in Rebellion, in IA, in xwing, in destiny... the basic troopers don't need to be that variable, but the commanders will be the face of the army. Don't you dare announce Leia, Han, and Chewie as the next commanders... Give us Kylo Ren( helmet wearing) with the sick *** unstable blade, Phasma, Krennic, saw gerrera...
  12. Rebel cast Rogue one Cast Some kind of ship bombing run... Really expensive models (points wise) like an old luke from last kedi.
  13. Flying stands for the ships. I can't see them flying trough space with their bellies grinding against outlet space. More artwork on the components. Space opera need artwork and cool simbology on the cards and tokens. Rule streamlining.... Please let this take just half a day to play
  14. I would love An Legend of Five rings game A netrunner game would be awesome( Shadowrun style) with runners, bruisers, cyborgs...
  15. Mother of God... I opened a **** pandora box with my incautious post... Now I can't shake the thought of zombie moustache/ skinny sorcerer sex from my brain. Send Help.
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