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  1. $199.99 roughly £150... I’m a loyal fan but that is asking a lot from me.
  2. Hi there, (EDIT) Just like to add a Star Wars armada store championship at York TRAVELING MAN on Saturday the 4th of August. ticket cost £5 Registration 10am, start time 10:30 am Facebook link here https://www.facebook.com/events/278235719587222/
  3. So, I have 115 points left in a 3 ship build for fighters. Fleet MC80 COMMAND Assault Frigate B GR-75 There are plenty of activiations available. But I am terrible at working out how to spend those points. I have enough firepower so I don’t need to rely to heavily on bombers to kill ships, but they are always good. I’m not using FCT’s either so B-wings seem out of the question. Any suggestions welcome on how to build a fighter list that can overwhelm an enemy anti fighter list.
  4. That was quite a good shout, thanks.
  5. I have a Rebel build with 56 spare points for fighters. I simply cannot come up with a list of fighters that will satisfy two very tall orders. 1) have between 4-6 fighters which will give me good fodder for the deployment battle 2) strong enough to survive at least 2-3 rounds so the ships can focus on killing ships. Any ideas welcome.
  6. Updated Raddus Fleet Faction: Rebel Alliance Points: 429/430 Commander: Admiral Raddus Assault Objective: ???? Defense Objective: ???? Navigation Objective:??? [ flagship ] MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100 points) - Admiral Raddus ( 26 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) = 135 total ship cost CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - Engine Techs ( 8 points) - Dual Turbolaser Turrets ( 5 points) = 57 total ship cost Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36 points) - External Racks ( 3 points) = 39 total ship cost Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36 points) - External Racks ( 3 points) = 39 total ship cost GR-75 Combat Retrofits (24 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 26 total ship cost Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57 points) - Chart Officer ( 2 points) = 59 total ship cost 4 X-Wing Squadrons ( 52 points) 2 A-Wing Squadrons ( 22 points)
  7. Thanks guys I will message my group about it. We have a few house rules ourselves so it maybe applicable if everyone agrees .
  8. Can a player take a unique card from a player in their fleet and equip it to their fleet, with the other players permission? For Example, Player A wants to take the Yavaris title card and equip it to his fleet from Player B. Is this allowed?
  9. Yes I am Retiring the Fleet, those are the named cards who will no longer participate in the battle. A new Fleet is being assembled.
  10. After the debacle with the wrong amount of resources, I can conflirm this is my new list. CR90A, TRCs, General Rieekan, Janas Light AFIIB, Boosted Comms, Flight Controllers (Unscarred) MC30c-T, APTs, Ordnance Experts (Veteran) Hammerhead T, Cham Syndulla, External Racks (scarred) GR75 T, Boosted Comms, Adar Tallon Jan (Scarred), Luke (veteran), Green Squadron (scarred), Farlander (Veteran), Han (Un-Scarred), Rogue Squadron (Veteran) Objectives - Most Wanted, Planetary Ion Cannon, Dangerous Territory
  11. General Rieekan Raiding Mission: Unfortunate Failure The Mission was simple, go in, raid, retreat. Unfortunately, close calls meant that Rieekan lost 2 ships and 4 squadrons. The Imperials lost almost all their fights and scraped through with two GSD's on 1 hit point each. Meanwhile, Rieekan has a huge repair task and one rebel base was destroyed. The Rebels will regroup and begin a new counter attack.
  12. guys I left my phone in the back of Adriens car, Andy can you send me his number? @Mad Cat @Lizard Overlord @Rangeryork
  13. Upgrades to ships and new purchases . 2XAwings Flights controllers on AFMK2 Fire Control Team on MC30 Janas Light on CR90 External Racks on Torpedo Hammerhead 2nd GR75 with Comms net
  14. My red objective is Most Wanted and Yellow is Planitary Ion Cannon
  15. Hey guys, actually Generall Rieekan wants to declare a base assault on Correlia. That is the only change. Also we are still working out our resources to see if we can build a base. We will get back to you all soon.
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