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  1. Glad to see people are interested in this. Sorry that there have been no updates from me, nor have I answered people who contacted me directly. I have been dealing with a very serious car wreck and a death in the family. Things are going much better and I will be contacting everyone who has emailed me. The replies should be out in the next day or two. The project will be moving forward, and it looks from the emails like some of you are interested in assisting which is great. Look forward to getting this back on track. Thanks for the support of the project.
  2. If you can't find a copy, let me know, I think I might still have one around here.
  3. Years ago in the gaming magazine Polyhedron (Issue 158 to be exact) there were rules for a mini-game of d20 Modern called HiJinx that was designed with just this idea in mind. If you can find a copy of the mini-game (or the magazine) it has some great ideas for gaming as Josie and the Pussycats, or Jabberjaw and Band, or any of those 1970s/80s Teenage Rock and Roll cartoons.
  4. No...I am horrible in that I usually don't look around the web for templates. I just work until I feel the pages look as close to whatever system I am emulating. It's like hard coding web pages with Wordpad rather than using a dedicated HTML editor. I enjoy it though.
  5. I use GIMP for image manipulations, Word for writing out text and general layouts, then over to Publisher for final polish. Last step is to export as an Acrobat PDF to lock everything down. Graphics take a bit of time, but I spend most of my time writing in Word and setting up layouts.
  6. @DangerShine Designs I used a modified version of the cover art from the Dawn of Rebellion campaign book. Since The Iron Blockade is not directly linked to any of the three games but rather a sourcebook for all three, I used the inking from the only book FFG has put out that was not a direct game book. If I remember correctly I used pieces of the artwork from some of the various Dawn of Rebellion articles to build a complete version. I will work up a version that I can share (right now it is a multiple part layer file for GIMP).
  7. @DangerShine DesignsI found it online while searching for art from Star Wars: Uprising. When I search for art, I try and find the largest size (picture) and largest file size. I prefer .PNG when I can find them as they seem to maintain the best look as I adjust them. I also do some of my own editing with GIMP to the pictures, so the final that you are seeing is not quite what I start with.
  8. This looks interesting and I cannot wait to look it over. Feel free to use this style of posting for anyone's upcoming projects. I think it helps maintain the feel of the preview articles we get from the FFG website. Plus it makes sure we actually DO get the project finished on time.
  9. Generating interest in a fan sourcebook I am currently writing. The book is about a quarter finished now, which is why I am planning on a late Q2 2018 release.
  10. Generating interest in a fan sourcebook I am currently writing. The book is about a quarter finished now, which is why I am planning on a late Q2 2018 release.
  11. The book is based on the mobile game Star Wars: Uprising and will include many of the groups, species, and vehicles discussed in the game. The freighter on the cover is not a varient of the Dynamic-class light freighter. It is a Ghtroc 700-class Light Freighter, a rarely seen short production run freighter that is fully statted out in the Vehicles and Starships chapter of the book.
  12. The Iron Blockade follows in the footsteps of Dawn of Rebellion in that it examines a time different from that presented in the first three Star Wars Roleplaying core books. The second Death Star has been destroyed, and the Empire is crumbling. Not everywhere though. Imperial Governor Adelhard intends to maintain the Empire in the Anoat sector. Calling on all loyal Imperial personnel, he has created a cut off the sector from the rest of the galaxy through the use of the Iron Blockade. Together with the Purge Troopers commanded by Commander Braugh, Governor Adelhard crushes any glimmer of the truth of the final battle at Endor. All is not lost though. A large rebel cell still exists in the Anoat Sector, part of the scatter plan to prevent the loss of the entire Alliance to Restore the Republic forces. The displaced Nothiian nobles have joined with a group of smugglers and merchants to force a break in the blockade. And rumors of Force users, perhaps even Jedi, have surfaced in revolt against the Imperial Governor. Both Hoth and Bespin are detailed in other publications. The Iron Blockade covers the remaining worlds of the Anoat sector. From the poison laden city ruins of Anoat itself to the chromium mines of Burnin Konn and the Mining Worlds to the abandoned Hutt Jewel World of Mataou. Even the mysterious Ring and the Ivax Nebula. The book will not just focus on the worlds of the Anoat Sector, but on the groups and locations found on those worlds. It will also introduce new playable species, droids, gear, vehicles, and starships. A section devoted to modular encounters within the Anoat Sector rounds out the book. Stay alert for more information on how gamemasters will be provided more insight into the time just after the destruction of the second Death Star and the Iron Blockade. The Iron Blockade is scheduled for a late Q2 of 2018 release.
  13. Enough dice/dice apps for everyone. I cannot stress this enough. While standard dice will work, my group found that using FFG's dice (or dice roller app) sped up play considerably since little time was spent refereing to charts to perfomr conversions and then figure out what might be cancelled and what symbols remained. With the dice app, this can be done automatically. With physical dice, it takes mere seconds to determine final symbols. Some groups ban dice roller apps/programs and require physical dice. Whatever works best for your group is what I suggest.
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