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  1. I'm torn... on the one hand I prefer fantasy and Runewars looks awesome (I've been lusting after it for a year) but it seems pretty likely to me that Legion will have a much larger player base, and actually getting to play a game I've invested in is a huge draw for me, even if it isn't quite the perfect game for me. I'm gonna wait on more information and maybe try a demo of each before I really make a decision... which unfortunately means no minis game for me for a while :/
  2. Is anyone else worried that the announcement of Star Wars Legions will kill any push for Runewars? I understand they are different systems and some people prefer fantasy (myself included) but I think the Star Wars IP is such a monster that Legion will essentially cannibalize most people's interest in Runewars... I'm just worried the game isn't going to get a chance to grow the way it should.
  3. I don't have the game yet, but am hoping to get it soon. Where is everyone getting together to duke it out?
  4. I doubt they'll be officially legal, but if I were TOing, I also wouldn't care. Might email OP to get their thoughts.
  5. I am glad I'm not the only one who thinks they are ugly. I'll wait for something I find more appealing, but to each their own.
  6. They have all updated to "Shipping Now" with an official street date of 5/18 https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/
  7. hey, if you have the money and time for all that, more power to you. Personally, I'm going to be focusing on one faction. I will buy a Core and maybe one or two expansions for the faction I don't pick so that if I want to play with someone who hasn't bought in, I will have a force for them, but other than that I will be a single-faction guy. Still not sure if I will go Daqan or Waiqar. If they ever release the Orcs as a faction, I will probably switch to them and either sell off my current faction or keep it for playing with people who don't have their own.
  8. I will definitely be painting, that is part of what I'm looking forward to most. This'll be my first foray in to a minis game and I want to go the whole 9 yards.
  9. Also, they have promised (and so far delivered) that you will not need to make cross-faction purchases to get all available upgrades. They announced the essentials pack so if you just want Elves or Uthuk you won't need to buy a Core set.
  10. They're multiplying! Burn them with fire!
  11. I'm a little surprised that FFG hasn't posted the rules PDF yet, seeing as the game is officially in stores next week. I know that people have posted photos of the rulebook, but I've been waiting on the official pdf to dive in. Hope it gets posted soon!
  12. It isn't necessarily a problem. It's a matter of preference. I do not want to purchase two 3x3 mats and use them for a full sized game as I wish to avoid having a seam where the two mats meet. I would prefer a single unified play field. If you're cool with two mats, then more power to you, I'm not gonna say you shouldn't use 'em. I would just prefer something else for myself.
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