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  1. I love it! The OSL on Vader and Palpy's grin are particularly superb.
  2. Honestly if you told me those are photos of the real movie prop I would believe you.
  3. Yeah ID10 is a smaller mini for sure, but I like the buddy box concept and I think it's worth $20 if you like the characters. What I want to know is, where's the box with Baze and Chirrut?
  4. So cool! I bet Fleet Troopers and Wookiees would love that terrain setup.
  5. 40k figures are about 28mm while Legion's are about 35-40mm, so the terrain may appear smaller.
  6. That's a bit misleading. Epic isn't in the official app because they're making a new app. Also, nobody uses the official X-wing app anyway. They didn't re-release the Raider because you can still buy the old one anywhere for cheap.
  7. Oh yeah, I totally get that. Originally my stormtrooper squads were each a different color, but recently when touching them up I decided to make them all the same. My rebels are a total mishmash, though, and I love them that way.
  8. You crushed it! That's a great start. While I totally get the urge to give each squad a different color, there is a certain impressive effect given by an army with a unified theme. You can still vary the markings, but maybe consider sticking to a certain color scheme for the bulk of your forces.
  9. Don't forget K2SO. I mean, you do you. But the old singles boxes are $12, so this is $8 more for 2 minis in the new hard plastic.
  10. A bit off topic but I've got to say the verticality of those cliffs is amazing! I've never seen a setup like that before. Crates are ubiquitous in any Star Wars environment, so using them as light cover would work in a pinch. Other than that, the only "universal" light cover I can think of would be craters and wreckage. Deserts could have dead trees or shrubs but we basically never see any in the movies that I can recall. Edit: I'm finally getting around to watching the World Championship stream and they have some awesome fossil skeletons:
  11. The official terrain guidelines state: "The terrain should include a mix of light and heavy cover." Heavy cover is obvious, but light cover can be a little more tricky depending on the environment of your battlefield. I'm building Endor terrain so I'm using vegetation as light cover, but what about, say... Hoth, Tattooine, or Geonosis? Please share your cool light cover ideas!
  12. Those heads in the AT-ST window crack me up. Nice subtle cloth texture on Kenobi's robes! I'm a little disappointed you didn't get more colorful with your clones. And the way you painted your droidekas, they give me almost a steampunk vibe. Wouldn't want to run in to those in a dark alley!
  13. Loved reading your post. Did you know there's an official Skirmish game type for 3x3 spaces?
  14. Oh that's smart! It blocks the light. I would try using it on the tip of the saber too, as Darth Sanguinis suggested earlier.
  15. Baby Yoda, Han in carbonite, a shackled wookiee, that blue fish guy from Mando ep 1, the list goes on.
  16. Hello, friend. The bullet holes are very convincing, nicely done. Are the rocks made of cork board?
  17. Welcome back! I remember your paintings. Skirmish has: Smaller armies, 3x3 battlefield, different setup cards, and only 5 rounds instead of 6. Other than that, it's the same.
  18. Instead of hard bans, you could perhaps borrow the more nuanced Influence system from Android: Netrunner. Each restricted unit has an Influence value between 1 and 5, and your army has a maximum influence allowance. So for example, you could take Luke or a Strike Team but you wouldn't have enough influence for both.
  19. @CoffeeMinion I don't think OP means that there is a sale/discount, they're just making a joke about how it didn't get cancelled.
  20. The old boxes do come with 2.0 components, no conversion necessary.
  21. I totally get where you're coming from, but take a look at the numbers. They were going to sell Raider 2.0 for $80. Right now, if you're in the US, you can order the Raider 1.0 for $50 and the conversion kit for $30. For the same money down, you get all the extra cards and ephemera from the conversion kit, and you get a free TIE Advanced model too. Edit: I just realized you might not be talking about the Raider, but rather one of the other ships that were delayed. That does suck, no way around it.
  22. Yes, this is exactly the reason.
  23. May I ask what loadout(s) you are seeing perform well?
  24. Did you play Intel Pickup? If so, what did you think of it? And can you elaborate on table size -- do you mean the physical table, or just that 8 players is too many? What went wrong with the Turbos? Range or energy?
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