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  1. Dial Reference Sheet (Complete)

    Thanks for reporting that and for your interest. I made the charts but didn't get around to adding the ability text yet. I'll try to push out an updated version soon.
  2. Painting The Forces of Hepitude

    The Spruce Moose! Lovely as always.
  3. Ankaur Maro - Adding trays

    We did it!
  4. It's Another Day (Article day?)

    Oh you're right, I skipped over the "place 3 tokens" part! That's nifty.
  5. It's Another Day (Article day?)

    In a game with no Waiqar, you will never see a single blight token. Speed edit: I guess you could use the Waiqar terrain in a non-Waiqar army, don't think there's any rule against that. Regardless, it's Waiqar terrain and only Waiqar terrain that gives blight.
  6. It's Another Day (Article day?)

    There is one single non-Waiqar card that gives Blight, and it doesn't even generate blight, it just moves the token around. Blight is a Waiqar faction mechanic.
  7. It's Another Day (Article day?)

    Waiqar have Blight, the precedent is there.
  8. Pointless Post of Anticipation

    Definitely. Ooh, it could also be used on a frontline unit to get the enemy close enough to be in range of your archers. You know how people love to sit just outside of range 5. Or, like Wraithist said, if you can somehow make them move past you then charge their flank.
  9. Pointless Post of Anticipation

    Ideal scenario: Use Firstblade to make an enemy unit march into your melee unit. They take a panic token because it's not a charge. The charge they have dialed in whiffs. Your melee unit has an attack dialed in and ready to go.
  10. Vicious Rippers

    You say that as if they're only allowed 1 article per week.
  11. Pointless Post of Anticipation

    Nice picture @Cyiel. Melee on 4 with hit and panic is pretty sweet, and a white march modifier like the Crossbowmen. Looks like the frontline upgrade has brutal 1 and "melee attack: if the defender has a panic token, you may reroll 1 die." While the support upgrade has steadfast [fear] and gives out panic tokens.
  12. Suddenly, players!

    "Magicienne Tisserêve" (Dreamweaver?) Ranged stuns are scary! "Héraut de bise tournoyante" (Swirly Herald?) is pretty cool too. You're basically un-flank-able and can give out reform actions to nearby units which could be very strong.
  13. How to play the undead

    @Darthain • If the only part of a unit that would overlap an obstacle is a connector on one of the unit’s side edges, the unit can be slightly nudged directly away from the obstacle such that the connector no longer overlaps the obstacle. Then, the movement proceeds as normal. (When moving sideways, this rule applies to the connectors on the front and back edges of the unit instead of the side edges.) Shoot, I just noticed this rule says ignore SIDE connectors if you're moving forward... so I guess it doesn't work after all. Anyway, we're getting far off topic, I fear.
  14. How to play the undead

    Regarding the 2-speed leapfrog maneuver: (Note that this only works if you're moving over a single tray) 18 Collision After a unit performs a march or shift action, if it is touching an obstacle that it was not touching before performing that action, it has collided with that obstacle. No collision because they were touching before. 55.5 If the unit would overlap no more than a single tray of an allied unit during a move and does not overlap any part of that allied unit at the end of the move, that allied unit is not treated as an obstacle and does not cause a collision. To complete this movement, the unit may need to be picked up and moved over the allied unit. No collision because they are touching, not overlapping.
  15. Timing of attack abilities

    How can you reroll dice or spend surges as soon as the attack begins? You haven't rolled any dice yet. I'd say the ability becomes active as soon as you begin an attack, and remains active for the duration of the attack. I would let you use Berserkers or Know Your Enemy at any point during a melee attack.