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  1. As long as we're wildly speculating, we could see a pack of Corps Upgrades with medics, droids, engineers, etc.
  2. Not bad! Put the files up! The only other laser cut terrain plan I've come across is this dropbox of some terrain designed by Deep-Green-X. It's intended for 3mm material, so you may not be able to use it, but I've made one of the buildings and the scale is perfect for Legion.
  3. Guess we know how mines work now.
  4. There are some more poster designs in this old thread:
  5. Yep, and it doubles as an easy reference for terrain rules.
  6. I think that's right. We've already seen that the latest announcement included both a Rebel and Imperial emplacement trooper. I'm betting the releases will eventually slow down and settle into paired waves, but we just don't know yet.
  7. Trooper sizes in the articles back up what Matt Antilles said.
  8. Yes. Maybe the answer to my quandary is to just go all the way and make my smaller pieces into area terrain.
  9. I'm proposing that the way you check coverage should reflect the way you actually use your terrain. If you play with a 3-barricade emplacement, such as in the diagram, it's functionally the same as a single piece of terrain and should be measured as such, not tightly packed together.
  10. Counter question: Are you playing with too much terrain? As I start planning terrain for my home board, I noticed something curious happens when you have lots of small pieces of terrain: It's easy to see how much space your barricades or trees actually cover if they are attached to a scenic base. But you should still account for the negative space between small obstacles that aren't on a base. Your terrain might cover vastly more area than you expect if you cram your obstacles into a tiny space during the coverage check, but spread them out during the game.
  11. Runewars uses a similar system, except since it's an FFG game it uses cards instead of a chart. Every card has a picture of the terrain piece and lists its effects: LOS blocking, difficult terrain, etc. That might be a nice system to apply in Legion. I like your tweak about putting something in the center, too.
  12. Just finished with my T-47, and thanks to your sage guidance I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! I love your channel, Soroastro - you're truly the Bob Ross of miniatures.
  13. I love the concept! I'd give them a wash or some drybrushing to bump up the contrast. As much as I love a classic white stormtrooper, I'm tempted to try something like this now.. As for images, after you upload to imgur, then paste a link with the .jpg extension at the end. Right click the image and click "Copy image address" to get it.
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