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  1. Good idea. Also, maybe split the expansions into waves. Wave 1 = everything that comes in the core box and army big boxes. Wave 2 = everything else so far.
  2. Snow bases! What formulation are you using?
  3. Thank you for mentioning that. I did the same on accident to my first couple cavalry. By which I mean, I painted them completely metallic, then changed my mind and filled in between the trim with a different color. Looking back, it was actually a lot faster and easier that way!
  4. Elf fanboys rejoice! Can't believe we still don't have moose mom's article.
  5. Would a blank template help? Just add icons (see first post) using your favorite image editor. Or you can try using the spreadsheet from 1.0, but there may be compatibility issues with older versions of Excel.
  6. It's not so much the coverage of the paint, but that the cavalry have So. Much. Trim. It's almost obscene.
  7. Just because it's the best use still doesn't necessarily mean it's a good use. But I agree. Units with 1 defense care the least about taking wounds, and high value units care the most about not being shut down by banes. Therefore a high-value, 1 defense death star is the best use case for Cursed Signet right now.
  8. Yeah, kinda strange, but it's on the unit's card.
  9. Been meaning to try that technique of base coating purely in black & white, then applying colors as glazes... but keep chickening out. I think I'll use my extra Ardus and Kari as test subjects.
  10. I agree completely. Black is just a pain to paint over if you want saturated/bright colors at all. The advantage of black primer, not needing to paint in the cracks, is overrated. Shades will take care of that for you.
  11. It's a pretty mean card, though.
  12. Super high contrast makes that blue look so vivid. Great stuff.
  13. Sure, Daqan can get a lot of inspiration, but that's their faction trait. Anyone else will not have such an easy time.
  14. Yeah, obviously that's not happening anymore. I definitely expect the stuff on the boat this year, but the rest might end up slipping to next year. I got the links from