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    Sorry I haven't found the answer anywhere. What is the interaction between Rose Tico and Heroic. Assuming you roll blank, blank, eye. Can you cancel eye and proc heroic? Thanks
  3. Mandalorian27

    Roark/Han gunner

    Trust me, it's not that fun to play against ? It was something along the lines of Leebo: 3PO, Outrider, Rigged Cargo Chute, Han Gunner Roark: Trick shot, Moldy Crow, Engine upgrade, Cassian
  4. Mandalorian27

    Roark/Han gunner

    Yes, that's for sure, but this allows him an unlimited use of 3PO in a turn
  5. Mandalorian27

    Roark/Han gunner

    Quite possibly! We had a good tight game ?
  6. Mandalorian27

    Roark/Han gunner

    What do you guys think of this interaction. I played a game today where my opponent had this combination on Leebo with C-3PO. So basically, Roark allows Leebo to shoot at Initiative 7, and then he fires from the same ARC with Han at Initiative 7 in that specific order. I guess it is allowed... What do you guys think? All this while having infinite (max 2 at a time calculate tokens with the interaction between 3PO and Leebo). He uses it on offence, he regens atleast 1. If he uses 3-PO's ability by spending one, he'll regain one. He uses it on defence, he regains one. That is fine, but 3-PO is not like in V1 where he is once a turn
  7. Mandalorian27

    Jam token, ISB Splicer, and PTL

    What about jamming the Inquisitor who does not have any Jam tokens. Assuming he has the V1 title equipped. When he acquires the target lock, does he still benefit from the evade granted by the title? I think the answer is yes since he did acquire a target lock although it got jammed. I got this interaction in a game a couple of weeks ago and we decided that Inq still benefited from the evade
  8. Mandalorian27

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Thanks for the latest update! Every uptade has been working so far but this one seems to crash right away after I try to open it on my MAC. Anyone else has a similar problem? Thanks
  9. Mandalorian27

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Great simulator @Sandrem There is no error code when this happens, but the game seems to freeze when you use Captain Yorr's ability. It doesn't happen all the time. For example, redirecting a stress from tactician won't make it crash but redirecting a stress from a red maneuver freezes the screen. Thanks
  10. Mandalorian27

    First impressions and experiences

    I flew the following list over two tournaments and went 7-1 Kylo Ren (35): VI (1), Title (2), TT (3), AT (2), FCS (2) -- 45 Quickdraw (29): VI (1), Title (0), FCS (2), LWF (2) -- 34 Zeta Leader (20): ASTS (0) -- 20 Total: 99 First impressions, I love the Silencer. It was only destroyed once, most games he was either full or down to hull. The title procs quite often, but you have to make sure to count your ships too while checking for your arc. VI, TT and FCS worked wonders, either boosting out of arc (Rey or Decimators) to get autothrusters or just completely skipping an arc. That means you can fly aggressive by boosting, getting a range 1 shot with title (most of the time), and the barrel rolling out of arc. If you feel it won't work, then just focus. When his ability procs, it's very helpful especially with ZL having ASTS. I only once used the title to reroll and I went to 1 evade via autothrusters to 3 evades, so it was definitely useful. Jousting is definitely not something to do with him, I would send him by himself as a flanker while keeping the other two together. Weaknesses from my experience: - If he gets kylo'ed by RAC (although i managed to win that game, you just have to fly him completely differently but he's still a potent ship) - Tractor beams, stress, ion (anything that controls) - I played Thweek who Shadowed me so same PS as QD and Kylo, and I had initiative so I was moving first. (His list was 97 pts I believe). I won that game but again, you pretty much fly completely differently. He had bossk with EU and a quadjumper (CD+tractor array), so it was very difficult to maneuver in order to avoid tractor beams, and also Bossk was doing a good job keeping arc with his EU. - My only loss came to Oicunn and Ryad. Oicunn with EU+daredevil+title+Boshek+Intel Agent and a bunch of other goodies that you always have to keep in mind. Ryad was Tie D with tractor beam+PTL. Ryad was always able to keep me in arc because of IA. Oicunn pretty much took care of my QDs Shields by bumping twice and QD was unable to block both of the Defenders shots (I believed i blocked the Tractor Beam by spending a focus) but he still had a TL for second attack. Overall a very good game that came down to the wire. I really enjoyed ZL, his ability + ASTS was very useful. He did die in most games because he was the first one targeted, but he managed to get me his worth!
  11. Mandalorian27

    Has anyone tried Viktor - Asajj - Scout?

    Thanks for the input! I'll probably give it a go soon to see how it does!
  12. I was thinking of a squad consisting of these 3 Viktor Hel (25) : Vaksai (0), BMST (0), Tracers (0), Attanni (0), PRS (1), Vectored thrusters (1) , Stealth device (2) -- 29 pts Asajj (37) : Attanni (1), Latts (2) -- 40 pts Scout (25): Bodyguard (2), Recon spec (3) -- 30 pts Total 99 pts The scout can adapt here depending who seems to get targeted after the activation phase, either buffing Asajj or Viktor or keeping the focus for itself since it could be the main target at first. What do you guys think?
  13. Hello, I'm new to the game and i'm looking at playing this with 2 to 4 friends. 1v1 and occasionally 2v2 or even ffa. I am wondering if the following ships would be enough for this (is it enough? Do i need more? or what would be deemed useless and would require maybe some other ship? Or what ship is a must have that i haven't included in my to buy list..) Thank you in advance - TFA core set - Original core set - Heroes of the resistance - Rebel aces - Imperial aces - U wing - Tie interceptor - Regular Tie - Tie advanced - Slave I - z 95 x 3