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  1. BattleLore definitely seems way more girlfriend (or, in my case, wife) compatible. And yes- WHF is just too much for me at the moment. Too expensive, takes up too much room, takes too long to play... Placed my BL2 core set + HoD expansion order a few hours ago Thanks a lot, Phalgast! This is a warm welcome to the forum, and I appreciate it.
  2. Thanks, Julia! MulletCheese- sounds good! I hope I won't regret this purchase. I have to say, it's early days yet but it doesn't look like I will.
  3. Well, even with all the expansions released so far BattleLore wouldn't take nearly as much space as a serious collector's Warhammer collection (including scenery). That stuff can take up entire rooms. Thank you guys, this does help me. And I AM getting the game
  4. The core set + The Heralds of Dreadfall it is Phalgast, Budgernaut- thank you so much. This is really helpful. I'm gonna try out all three factions (and hope Elves comes out eventually as well).
  5. Hi all, I'm hoping my first post is up by the time you get around to reading this one (moderator needs to approve my posts as I'm a newb). I'd really appreciate your advice. I'm going to get the base game, and I'd like to get more BattleLore products. Question is, what should I get? Is getting just one of the two available Undead army packs enough to have a balanced battle against one of the base pack's two armies? If so, which Undead army pack should I get? Also, does it make sense to get just one of the reinforcement packs? I know they come with scenarios in which they don't belong to any player, but should I want to add, say, a mountain giant to my army, will my opponent's army be too weak as a result? Is it a case of buy (at least) two reinforcement pack or none at all? Hope you can give me some useful advice and insights. Thanks a lot! Alex
  6. Hello everyone, I'm a new member and this is my first post (don't even have a profile pic yet!). I've been following a few of the posts, and would like to ask an (obviously) uninformed question: ...Should I get BattleLore? Allow me to explain myself. I think the game looks amazing. It also seems like a lot of fun. I'd really like to get into miniatures, painting included. But I'm not going to spend too much money on it, nor do I have enough room for a large collection (and it seems to me games like Warhammer or KoW tend to take up a lot of space). I also don't find the gameplay of such game appealing. BattleLore seems like a perfect fit. However. Reading your posts, it seems the longterm future of BattleLore isn't all that bright (yes, I have signed the petition. I'd love to have Elves in the game!). I'm concerned about investing in a new game, possibly buying more than just the core set, only to have the game discontinued in the next year or so. I'd love to hear your honest opinions about this. Should I get BattleLore? Should I look for alternatives? Thanks a bunch in advance!
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