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  1. When you go to print, select multiple per page and select 3x3 or 9per page. But it's in the printing set... Not before 😃
  2. Do we have any updates on this? I love it and have the most recent version from a couple of years ago (and have used it liked crazy) just curious if there is a updated version I am missing for 2019. Thank you again for all of your hard work!!! Thank you again!!
  3. Thank you so much for creating a full pdf file, then I can just add in the new ones you do. Thanks very much, this will be utilized!
  4. jester14723


    In star wars FFG there is an actual item that creates a shield. I have zero knowledge of Dune however maybe this will help: PERSONAL DEFLECTOR SHIELD Though rare, bulky, and difficult to use, personal deflector shields are one of the few defenses that can stand up to blaster fire. Deflector shields use limited ray/particle shielding that deflects and blocks incoming projectiles. They are difficult to use because the power drain is extraordinary, meaning they only work for a limited length of time. When the wielder is using a personal deflector shield, the GM can spend any ☤ the wielder generates to have the shield run out of power for the remainder of the encounter. The shield has enough power to last about ten minutes. Recharging a deflector shield requires three hours and electrical facilities. Modern galactic companies do not generally produce personal deflector shields. The technology to make one that does not emit enough radiation to kill an organic user is very rare, and those that exist are almost always custom-built. Encumbrance: 3 Rarity: 8 Price: 10,000 Categories: Heavy Soak: 0 Defense:2 (2 setback die) Source(s): Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook, Page 170
  5. Are you working on a weapon/gear/ship cards? I use https://kainrath.wordpress.com/ and I love it. And, I use your NPC cards every session...I basically build decks for each encounter. I'd love a gear (survival,tools, etc.). No image are needed but a complete card base for them would prove immensely helpful. Again, thank you for all of your hard work, it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.
  6. indesign would totally work,THANK YOU! Your work has helped me so much, it is the most valuable tool I have , again Thank you thank you
  7. I have your old template but I would like your new one that is vertical, it's easier on my printer and so I don't have to find images
  8. Is there a downloadable Photoshop file template? I'd love to be able to make my own like this. Also, your cards work for me perfectly...basically I build decks to their adventure and have it all play out so nicely! Thank you thank you
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