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  1. Master Wang

    Master Wang’s IA Painting

    The ideas are great. I have time to think as my Games Workshop was closed. I did go and look a Vallejo paints in a modeling shop, so am now pondering price and familiarity (I know GW’s stuff, but Vallejo is so much cheaper here in Japan). I’m also thinking about brushes as my unused-in-years ones look like they need replacing. I also realized I need to give thought to post-painting storage.
  2. So, I haven’t painted anything for over 5 years (last was a converted Blood Bowl orc team), but with my children getting older and my wife hitting the gym several evenings a week, I am starting to find myself with free time. During those five years, I have continued buying games and now have lots of plastic, so I feel a strong urge to paint. Today, I am off to various stores to try and pick up what I will need to do three test stormtroopers. I’ve started this thread to try and maintain motivation as I have everything up until the last two boxes, so I have quite a lot to catch up on (not to mention Zombicide, TMNTs and Mice and Mystics...).
  3. Master Wang

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    I’d like to see some of the other inquisitors and a campaign set before HotE revolving around an early rebel cell led by a Jedi master that is trying to link with other cells and evade the inquisitors. The Grand Inquisitor would be the main big bad, and Obi Wan would be a reluctant ally. Greedy could also be there. I think the Jedi master would be a constant ally, too, rather than a hero because his/her presence would be required through out. Depending on whether his fate gets confirmed in the comics, I think Quinlan Vos would be great. Or one of the Jedi confirmed killed in those comics. To link things together, I think Bail Organa would also work nicely. So, while this is a very specific wishlist for my hopes for campaign-that-fits-the-wave-7 stuff in, mine is: Fifth Brother Seventh Sister Quinlan Vos Bail Organa
  4. I’ll be positive and be happy they are aware of the fact some people are annoyed by this. Hopefully, they will eventually provide a solution rather than just an acknowledgment.
  5. Master Wang

    Feldherr foam trays and expansion packs

    How about extras like Alliance Rangers, etc.?
  6. Does anyone have all the expansion packs and all the Feldherr foam trays? I have all the expansions up until the Jawa, Hera, etc. wave. I also have the core set Feldherr trays. Now, I am wondering whether to get the ones for the box expansions I have, but only want to do so if I can also get the figure pack expansion figures into those boxes. Has anyone else gone down this particular storage solution route?
  7. Master Wang

    An ominous figure emerges from the jungle...

    I’ll rephrase: I imagine a sizeable number of users, including myself, would be very happy if there were an option to have the abandoned timeline feature from regular campaign available in the app. (Well, if you like force users and/or melee heroes, you lose the two best weapons.)
  8. Master Wang

    An ominous figure emerges from the jungle...

    The app cries out for a timeline option.
  9. Shouldn't be hard to base it on something thinner, and it is a great pose, but I don't want to buy Legion just to get it. (Plus I still have all my IA figures to paint...)
  10. Master Wang

    Diala’s Lightsaber

    Thanks for the replies. I wonder if such rewards are locked up in the way certain encounters play out or if you do really well in certain missions. So far our mission rewards have been pretty cool equipment, but nothing unique to one character. If my son gets hung up on it, maybe I will let him buy or trade for it.
  11. Master Wang

    Diala’s Lightsaber

    I must have missed this. In the LoA rulebook, you can see her saber’s card on the components page. I do hope it gets added. I have Obi Wan, but don’t want his zombie walking around in any games.
  12. Master Wang

    Diala’s Lightsaber

    Has it become available in anyone’s play through of LoA? I’m playing with my eight-year-old son, who is running Diala and Fenn, and it would be nice if he could get the saber. If anyone knows it comes up, please reveal behind a spoiler. Also, if you remember how, e.g through certain choices in an encounter, that would be very useful.
  13. Master Wang

    Is IA going to die?

    Perhaps each campaign book could include a couple of appropriately-themed skirmish maps.
  14. Master Wang

    App Update

    So I did my idea above and the first mission was pretty thematic: Lots of troopers and officers, with a couple of ISBs turning up near the end. Only one non-Imperial showed - Dengar. That seemed okay as you could imagine the Empire quickly slapping huge bounties on the rebels after they blew up their new toy. I play on weekends with my son, so hopefully by the time we are done with the campaign, there will be an update that fixes some of these issues, or a new campaign written in a way that they aren't a problem.
  15. Master Wang

    App Update

    Hmm... the posts about bizarre deployments are kind of putting me off starting a new campaign with the update. For now, I have restricted myself to villain packs from the core set, ISB infiltrators, Blaise, Boba, Dengar, Hired Guns and Somos. I will miss out on heroes and items, but the weirdest thing showing up in a strange place will probably just be a nexu. I really play for the story feel, so if these issues don’t get dealt with, I fear the app may not be for me after all.