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  1. Does anyone happen to know the number of card sleeves of the differing sizes required to sleeve all the IA content?
  2. I’d expect a ****-ton of the DoW characters to be released as small expansion packs. Each will have a mini and a couple of item cards in it. Sound familiar?
  3. Could this not work to our advantage? The article I read said they had staff, including programmers, to reallocate. Reallocate them to app development and give us some more LotA!
  4. Dang! Fourtytwo put into words something I’ve been feeling since watching all of the ST.
  5. Yes, please! ANYTHING to fix this.
  6. In short, no. Though I do keep my deployments thematic, so lots of stormtroopers and other imperial units, with scum coming when I feel they are appropriate by the mission details/setting/starting deployments. For the raiders, I’d always imagined the Empire had made some deal with them. For the creatures, do you have a simple AI you follow. For example, do you randomly determine when the activate? Do they default attack whoever is closest once the have randomly activated? Also, do you include anything to help balance this for the Empire? I mean, this will make some missions harder for them. I’ve not played HotE, but I like the sound of that push mechanism. People going off platforms is pretty common in the Star Wars universe. Again, though, does it unbalance things?
  7. Dear G*d! Those, like all your others, are amazing. I’d call myself a fair painter, but looking at these, I feel like a complete novice equally inspired and intimidated!
  8. While you don’t exactly start bad, those last few look really great! Looking forward to seeing more. I’ll hit the 1-year mark next summer, so I hope I have plenty to show, too.
  9. Nice! That’s my Yoda except I had him at speed 3, hence the Vigor skill. The text is too long. It’s hard to capture my image of him in just a few skills and words...
  10. Something like this has been in my head for a while for Yoda. A very resilient support character who buffs force users especially well. It would be a very text heavy card, but he hits a lot of what OT Yoda was, I think. I’m assuming that if called upon, he could still move fast. Points: 6 Yoda: Aged Master + 1 evade + 1 evade Foresight (reroll one defense die) Vigor (gain 2 movement points or +1 block power token at the start of you activation) Teacher (give any friendly Force users one power token of your choice at the start of each round) —> Force push (small fig 3 spaces, 1 damage if enemy) —> Battle meditation (you or an ally in line of sight become focused. If you, you can use Force push on large figures, too. Also, roll the green die when using Force Push. Add the range number results to the length of Force Push and the damage results to the damage) Health: 11 Movement: 3 Defense: White Die Attack: None
  11. In response to some comments above: The silence part of this was something I’d forgotten. It did suck a lot. If Legion is the “business reason,” that means there is always a chance they might finish us off with an Endor box one day after lots of people have spent lots of money on Legion. Alternatively, if Legion doesn’t make them the kind of profits they hope for, perhaps they would return to IA. My guess would be in the form of a second edition. For now, I’m happy just painting my figures, playing and hoping for more app things. As a slight aside, it does feel like FFGs has a dungeon-crawling hole in their line up now.
  12. 25:27. Having finally found and watch that part, it seems obvious that there would be legal trouble if he talked about it in any more detail. He shuts down and says “business reason.” Given the tone in the rest of the Q&A, he wouldn’t be doing that if he had a choice.
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