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  1. Thanks guys! That is what I thought. I'll also look up the errata. Thanks
  2. A question came up in the game the other night. Before anyone I looked up the definitions. So I had Palp outfitted with force throw (Choose an enemy trooper unit at range 1. Perform a speed-1 move with that unit, even if it is engaged). Boba was withing range 1. My opponent said... he is not a "trooper", trooper are only snow troopers and storm troopers. According to the rule book it says - "A trooper is a unit type that consists of one or more miniatures affixed to a small round base. • Each unit’s type or subtype is presented on its unit card beneath that unit’s artwork." So my interpretation is that on the card Boba is a "Trooper" according to type below his picture in the upper right corner. Opponent says no he is not a trooper, but he is an operative according to his order token. What is right?
  3. This question is in reference to a situation that happened at a store tournament and then again on another date with different opinions and outcomes. When we were in a match my ship base was right up against an asteroid, but NOT overlapping. My opponent said it touches so you gotta roll. I said it is not overlapping so I don't. We argued for a short time till I just said forget it... whatever. A week or two later it happened again but this experienced player said that if it is not overlapping then it is not touching so rolling damage. Can I get some clarification on this? Bill
  4. There was a discussion on FB about painted dials and whether they are legal in a tournament? Are they? There seem to be a lot of them around and for me... I love painting them and showing them off. Legal... not legal... Thanks
  5. This has been a discussion around the table: You have a blue and red villain deck. You have blue red characters. If the card does not say anything about playing on a specific color, can you play a red upgrade on a blue character and vice versa. If no... where is the rule? I called my self reading the rules but I cannot see where it is worded to answer this question. Sorry if this sounds elementary, but it just seems like if it does not say it, then it is ok. Thanks
  6. Thanks guys! That explains it. That brings up another question.... can you apply it to more than one ship or one ship at a time? It is a really scary card for some people, but fun to have! Bill R.
  7. This came up in a store game a few weeks ago, but was not handled this way. How can we get official word on this? My argument was that if I die (upsilon shuttle) and the K-Wing has ISYTDS on it is a condition and does not go away. Their argument was that it was a condition that I set in play, I dies, so it should go away. Thoughts? How can we get official rulings on this?
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