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  1. Heh. I grew up with a family catering business that involved making dozens and dozens of cheesecakes every holiday season. I can't remember ever buying a big block of cream cheese for myself. And I can't imagine buying a block just to get a box for cards. I just happened to have the boxes around all the time growing up and still have some kicking around. They're the right size. I do live in queso country these days, though, so boxes for blocks of processed cheese product appear in my life more than I'd like.
  2. Growing up, I kept cards in the boxes that big blocks of cream cheese come in. The boxes for one-pound blocks of Velveeta and the like work too. The only real challenge is that you can't always make the lids useful unless the box is pretty full. The price is right, though.
  3. Maybe some ion control to set up targets for the heavy hitters? You could throw in an assault Rhoboat with an ion cannon, FCS, and crack shot for 46 (or a jamming beam and a homing missile), or a Sienar Specialist with agile gunner and an ICT (although the range on the ion turret makes it less useful).
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Part of what makes this attractive is the fun I've had with Starviper Mk. II. With the coordinate happening before the activation, you can have a blue move dialed in on your interceptor, coordinate to a boost or BR with Ree and turn 90 degrees, take your stress token, then complete your blue move on the interceptor's activation, clear the stress, and still have an action (and the ability to chain/autothrusters if needed). That 90 degree turn can get a ship into or out of a furball really fast. That said, I do think it might be too situational for 10 points; you can only do that trick with one ship a turn, and you're using your reaper's action to do it. It might also be a little too early at initiative 1, since it gives your opponents opportunity to do things like rotate turrets or complete their own reposition actions with knowledge of which way you're facing. You can fiddle with it a little by dropping hull upgrade and tac officer and bumping the reaper up to Vizier, but that just takes you to I2. You can finesse things to get up to Vermeil and have the choice about which I4 things you activate first, but if you're upgrading to Vermeil just to do coordinate tricks, you're probably doing it wrong. (It's too bad it's got to be a coordinated boost or BR, because being able to turn a decimator 90 degrees at a key moment would be awesome.) The suggested lists are interesting. Combining token stripping with interceptors seems really smart. Using Pred-Soontir instead of Juke-Soontir in that first list would allow you to swap in Whisper-Juke-Vader (at 70 pts) for Vermeil. That leaves you with just a one-point pseudo-bid, which isn't enough to make sure Soontir can line up for predator, but it does give you another ship with endgame potential.
  5. FCS does nothing for Whisper because Whisper has no target lock. If you want to use FCS on the Phantom, though, you could move Krennic there.
  6. Interceptors were my first love in X-Wing, and they're the thing I'm most excited to get back on the table in 2e. While I'd dig breaking out four or five saber squadron, I've only got three models on hand. I'm fiddling around (and seeking advice) on the following two lists. This first one is fairly straightforward and relies on making sure the TIE/lns do enough blocking and ruthless-enabling to get Soontir to the endgame: Saber Squadron Ace (40) Ruthless (1) Saber Squadron Ace (40) Ruthless (1) Soontir Fel (52) Outmaneuver (6) Afterburners (8) Academy Pilot (23) Academy Pilot (23) Total: 194 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Would swarm leader be too situational for Soontir here? It sounds fun to bump a wingman up to I6, but I4 is decent and swarm leader does nothing late. The second idea looks hella fun. Coordinating Ciena Ree provides an enormous amount of unpredictability to the squints, and coming early in the initiative order means that they can dial in blue maneuvers and stay stress free for their own action(s). It's a somewhat lighter Soontir and has no bid. Keeping only Ree and the Tac Officer allows 15 points of play for bid, epts, and mods. Dropping Soontir to a Saber would free up a total of 27 points, enough to put predator and a hull upgrade on all three interceptors. Saber Squadron Ace (40) Marksmanship (1) Saber Squadron Ace (40) Marksmanship (1) Soontir Fel (52) Predator (2) Stealth Device (8) Scarif Base Pilot (41) Ciena Ree (10) Tactical Officer (2) Hull Upgrade (3) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Thoughts?
  7. You're flying Heff, though, who gets a free action when somebody runs into him. You could go FCS to get locks; 3-dice in-arc primaries are not nothing. If you want defense, there's sensor jammer. As far as PS10 Horton...which PS9s do you want to beat? If the main point is stripping tokens, can you finesse the list to put in either a closer or a heavier hitter? With the blocking and the token stripping, you have a lot of set-up...but for whom are you setting things up? Is the goal to prevent the opponent from having tokens to use on offense? Maybe keep Horton at 10 and swap Wedge in there? You've got the points to kit him out a bit. Or Luke for an endgame ship?
  8. I'm not sure about using both APL and Ion Projector on the U-Wing; it's a little overkill. Advanced sensors when the only actions on your bar are focus and TL also seems like an odd choice. If you swap one of the "hurt on bump" mods for Engine Upgrade, it makes a little more sense. Is there a particular reason you want Horton at PS10? Between the 360 arc and the damage ceiling, TLTs seldom care about positioning, and you're going to want Wes to activate first to strip a token anyway. Using your astro slot just to go from 8 to 10 seems like a lot of opportunity cost (especially with the Y's limited dial). Maybe if you're throwing BTL on there for extra attacks?
  9. Naechtweard

    Wave XV

    Disney destroyed the Vong far more thoroughly than any Skywalker or Solo ever could have.
  10. I'm in that "Star Wars Generation" group, born right at the end of the 70s. In utero for Empire, but really wanted to name my little brother Luke Skywalker. ESB pajamas, RotJ bedspread, and I ended up majoring in music more or less because of the John Williams score. Now I teach high school. My students are all about the prequels. Three years ago, I had a student tell me, absolutely seriously, that Jar Jar Binks was his favorite Star Wars character (even though he was old enough by that point to understand the racist caricature bits). He pointed out that he saw Phantom Menace when he was a little kid. I have a group of students this year that tries to turn everything into prequel memes (high ground/you were a brother to me/etc.) That's their Star Wars. It's fine. There's going to be a generation whose Star Wars is defined by Kylo Ren's ridiculous crossguard and Rey swinging lightsabers with her hair in a triple bun. By porgs (rather than pogs, ah the years pass so swiftly). I swear TFA single-handedly brought shoulder-holed sweaters to my school. I liked TLJ, thought it had the "traditional" amount and type of ridiculous plot holes. I thought the prequels had an interesting underlying story that was told almost entirely in the wrong tone (and with mediocre-to-terrible performances from some otherwise fine actors). I treasure the original trilogy not because the movies are great, but because of what they mean and have meant to me (entire Saturdays watching it on pirated VHS tapes, playing the soundtrack on cassette in my car when I was nervous about driving at night, et cetera). [--*--] I think X-Wing, as a game, has plenty of analogues to those different feelings about the movies. A lot of us picked it up because "man, X-wings are cool." The core mechanic of dials and dice is pretty easy to pick up but has enough depth and counterplay to hold attention. Yeah, dials and dice are not as important as they were in the early waves. There's no doubt people have been turned off by that, or by competitive groupthink, or even just forum salt. The game has a ton of moving parts and players seem better at finding the cracks between them than the devs are. None of that makes X-Wing a dead game any more than a subset's reviling TLJ makes Star Wars a dead franchise. Maybe it's plateaued, maybe it really does need a 2.0, maybe there's somehow a perfect FAQ around the corner...but it's a long way from dead.
  11. I spitballed a couple of different "all the Aces" Imp squads, but it was ultimately too appealing to just take a bunch of named Defenders together: Colonel Vessery (35) Predator (3), Ion Cannon (3), Harpoon Missiles (4), Guidance Chips (0), TIE/D (0) Countess Ryad (34) Push the Limit (3), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1), TIE/x7 (-2) Maarek Stele (TIE Defender) (35) Predator (3), Ion Cannon (3), Harpoon Missiles (4), Guidance Chips (0), TIE/D (0) Kylo Ren (TIE Silencer) (35) Veteran Instincts (1), Fire-Control System (2), Advanced Optics (2), Autothrusters (2), First Order Vanguard (2) Total: 170 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Or, for a similar 170 points and...lots of bomb tokens: Black Eight Squadron Pilot (23) x2 Minefield Mapper (0), Extra Munitions (2), Proton Torpedoes (4), Harpoon Missiles (4), XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (1), Cluster Mines (4), Conner Net (4), Long-Range Scanners (0) "Deathrain" (26) Trajectory Simulator (1), Proton Torpedoes (4), Extra Munitions (2), Harpoon Missiles (4), XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (1) Bomblet Generator (3), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) "Redline" (27) Minefield Mapper (0), Extra Munitions (2), Proton Torpedoes (4), XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (1), Harpoon Missiles (4) Thermal Detonators (3), Proximity Mines (3), Long-Range Scanners (0) Total: 170 View in Yet Another Squad Builder I have no idea where you'd even fly your ships after deployment, but it'd be super fun watching your opponent try to solve the same problem.
  12. 3x Crimson Squadron Pilot w/thermals, silo, and accuracy corrector for 99? ...or, for some extra battlefield shaping, 2x CSP w/thermals, silo, accuracy corrector, and deflective plating 1x CSP w/cluster mines, silo, and minefield mapper
  13. This. Fenn's gotta be pretty careful about finishing off harpooned targets. His love of range one and the exploding condition isn't a great fit. I think you can probably fly around the problem, but you're likely giving your opponent a dead man's switch vs. Rau.
  14. Fiddled a bit with the SF in the second list and ended up, for the same 30 points, with: Omega Specialist (25) A Score to Settle (0) Collision Detector (0) Harpoon Missiles (4) Primed Thrusters (1) Guidance Chips (0) Special Ops Training (0) Full list still comes in at 99 points (Kylo and Omega Ace unchanged): View in Yet Another Squad Builder ASTS and the lack of LWF make the SF somewhat vulnerable, but also turn it into a more reliable crit generator. I haven't spent enough time with ordnance lately to have a good read on whether PS 5 is going to be enough to get the harpoon missile off. Obviously a Black One at higher PS can peel the lock off, but Omega Ace's lock is as much a potential threat as the SF's. ASTS can also, of course, be swapped out for trick shot.
  15. Man, the Black Sun theme on the Z-95s limits you. Dropping them to Binayre allows you to take a harpoon or cluster missile on each of them. I think you're probably better off with missiles than the stealth device--maybe cruise missiles. Z-95s are slow and squishy, but cheap enough that using them as some combination of disposable blocker and one-and-done ordnance platform is reasonable. Likewise, the K-fighters want missiles, too, and you should take advantage of the Vaksai title to load them up with 1-point "free" modifications and illicits like contraband cybernetics and munitions failsafe and such. Don't leave any slot empty if you've got a free upgrade! (Assuming you're proxying cards for casual games.) I find that the K-fighters really like a reposition option, so I'd try to squeeze in vectored thrusters for barrel roll.
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