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  1. Catalyst has a lot more information on this subject, though they do leave it a little vague in places. The gist is that the Geonosians had some designs they were working on for Darth Sidious, but it's implied that he got the idea from somewhere else, and the actual superlaser was a product of Galen Erso's work on Kyber crystals and Krennic running a bunch of other labs using that research without Galen's knowledge. When Galen found out what his research was being used for, he took his family into hiding, which is where Rogue One picks up.
  2. Rebel Nym: "Once per round, you may prevent a friendly bomb from detonating." Proximity Mines: "When a ship's base or maneuver template overlaps this token, this token detonates." His ability says nothing about "for the rest of the round", just that it fails to detonate when it checks for detonation. The reason 'reveal' bombs don't go off is because they only check for detonation once. It's a weird rules quirk, but that's how it works. Since every triggering event is independent, you could use his ability to stop a mine from detonating when the first ship overlaps it, but you would have to use it again for the second ship. Since his ability is once per round, the mine will go off.
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