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  1. Short answer: your friends are wrong. Here's a first basic rule of thumb: If you do not have Line of Sight, you cannot attack. Ever. Period. Long answer: Ok, so it sounds like your friend's don't actually understand what does or does not constitute as Cover, nor do they understand that Cover and Line of Sight are two different, distinct terms. It sounds like your friends are thinking that "walls" are the same thing as "cover". They're not. "Cover" is a very specific term with a specific definition. This ability does not let you shoot through walls, because "walls" are not "cover." The wording in the rules and on the cards in this game is very specific for a reason: to avoid mixups like the one you're having. Cover and Line of Sight have their own separate entries in the Rules Reference for a reason: because they're NOT the same thing. If the ability allowed you to ignore Line of Sight it would explicitly state "Ignore Line of Sight." This ability does not say that; it says "ignores cover." So, when this issue comes up, open up the Rules Reference and read the description of Cover: what is listed in those rules, AND ONLY what is listed in those rules can be ignored. The basic gist of this ability is that you're denying your target the ability to re-draw his defense card (which he would normally be able to do, if he had cover). That's it. It's not a particularly powerful ability on its own. And it absolutely, positively, does not allow you to shoot through walls (meaning both solid black and solid red lines).
  2. Personally, I think the more powerful use of the Stun is to use it against an enemy that has already activated on this turn, so then later on, when another Marine has the opportunity to attack it, the demon will not be able to draw a defense card. This is especially useful against the Revenant, as you're ensuring the Rev will not be able to catch a lucky Dodge. If you're able to Stun a demon, then follow that Stun up later with a heavy-hitting attack, you could delete a high-health demon in a single activation.
  3. That's exactly why you don't define it like "Line of Sight." If it meant Line of Sight, it'd say Line of Sight. I mean, I feel like you've answered your own question: if it really were Line of Sight, two of the portals would never actually activate; therefore, the only logical solution is that it is not reliant on Line of Sight. Right? The different missions are designed to be used SOLELY with the specific type of Threat card listed on the setup page. The missions do not work correctly if you change those up. But, that said, if you don't want to use the Invasion Threat card, you can opt to play one of the missions that uses a different Threat type. But dude, I'm positive about this. It's not line of sight. The card's not even ambiguously worded. They specifically chose the words "continuous path" because it means something different than "line of sight". A Marine does not have Line of Sight around corners, for instance, but a Marine can walk (using a "Continuous Path" of squares) around corners.
  4. Your answer to number one is correct, but your answers for 2a, 2b, and 3 are completely wrong. Not trying to be mean, just pointing it out.
  5. Here's a quick and dirty guide telling you which portals to activate when, for the first mission. Note: I did this from memory, so the layout might not be quite right, but this is the general gist. It DOES NOT rely on "Line of Sight"
  6. Tactician trumps Ambush. From page 19 of the Rules Reference, under "Timing" So, since this happens "in between activations" the Invader resolves Ambush first, which can then be overridden by the Marine's Tactician card. Keep in mind, as the Invader you don't have to select which three Event decks you're going to use until after the Marine's have chosen their Weapons and Class cards (so if you know one of 'em is has Tactician, you may want to avoid using the Blood Rush deck) - OR, you can always just discard the Ambush cards for Argent since they're essentially useless in this scenario. I would point out, however, that Ambush trumps whichever Class card it is that allows one Marine to go first every time (because those cards are not resolved at the same time - the Marine's is resolved first in that case, due to the very specific wording on that card - which, for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of).
  7. Marines CAN use multiple copies of the same card, and yes, you can use all 3 of the shotgun maneuver cards in one activation (the last two don't give the Marine any movement points, as spelled out on the card's description, but allow the Marine to perform the additional attacks). The Invader CAN NOT use multiple copies of the same Event card "at the same time" (nor can they use the same Argent Power multiple times "at the same time"). Keep in mind, the phrase "at the same time" is very important here. The Invader, for instance, cannot use two copies of, Hellish Power to add two black dice during a single attack, but if the Demon is able to perform two attacks during his activation (such as the Revenant), he may use one card to empower EACH attack. Similarly, the Revenant can use his Homing Missile argent ability once on EACH of his two attacks. For more clarification on this particular rule, you can look up "Timing" on page 19 of the Rule book. Edit: Found the rule regarding multiple uses of abilites/event cards at the same time on the very first page of the Rules Reference:
  8. I think one, at least, is a given. Jon Ying hinted in a thread on BGG that the tons of extra frag tokens that come with the game might be used for a Deathmatch expansion. I highly doubt that the number of DLCs for the PC game will have any bearing on the number of this game's expansions though (although I wouldn't be shocked to see some of the DLC content to show up in the board game). After that though, it'll probably depend on how well the game sells. Luckily, on that front, the game's gotten good reviews and it seems like Amazon is having a hard time keeping the game in stock for more than a few days after they get a new shipment. I wouldn't say FFG is "ignoring the game" though; it's been out for less than two months. I wouldn't expect news of an expansion for at least a couple more. Give 'em some time, see how well the game sells, and keep your fingers crossed I guess.
  9. The Invader draws up to 6 cards during each status phase - that's the same time you also reset the Initiative deck. The Invader does not get to refresh his hand at the end of each individual demon activation - you have to use them wisely. As a general tip, you should read them all and figure out what each set of 6 Event cards is really good for. Then, instead of using the 3 "recommended" sets from the scenario guide, choose which 3 you use based on what loadouts the marines select, and what types of monsters you'll be summoning. Play up your demons' strengths and try to diminish the Marines'.
  10. Nope; they keep 'em.The only thing a Marine might "lose" upon death are Objective Tokens, and whether those are lost or not depends on the description on the Mission Objective card.
  11. Thanks man! I've been checking out the tutorial videos by Soarastro (in which he paints Imperial Assault minis). I have actually washed and drybrushed all of these, but if you can't tell maybe not enough? Or too much? The pictures I took are also just kinda crappy (I'm a terrible photographer) so maybe the details just don't come across that well? Either way, learning as I go and still having fun
  12. When I got this game and saw the minis in person I decided I had to paint 'em. I'd never before painted minis (or, really, much of anything - I've never been particularly artistically talented), so I got one of the Reaper Learn to Paint Kits, a few extra paints from Citadel and Master Series, did the few practice minis that came in the kit, and then hopped in. My girlfriend used to paint minis when she was younger and has been getting in on the Doom action too. We've decided to do some of them with old-school Doom color schemes and some with the Doom 2016 look. Here's how it's going so far... This was the first Doom figure I painted. I went with a slightly lighter brown on this Imp. I've been doing each of the Imps in slightly different tones, just to give 'em a bit of personality. My girlfriend has been tackling the Cacodemons so far. She did a really good job on the inside of this guy's mouth. Caco-butt We've each done a Revenant. Hers on the right, mine on the left. She went with old-school boney colors and I've gone with the newer 2016 fleshy style. Pinkies. They probably could have used a little more shading here and there, but these were among the first 5 or so that I did. Still learning, but having a blast so far. Possessed Soldiers. These guys are a lot of fun to paint, and I feel like they're some of my best so far. My girlfriend's Baron on the left and mine on the right. Delta and Charlie, both by my gf. Still got a ways to go, but having a ton of fun so far!
  13. You're describing Line of Sight, not cover. And "partial cover" will still get you shot, sure, but having cover at least enables you to draw a second defense card if your first one sucks. You might even get lucky and pull a Dodge on the second card.
  14. ^That's exactly how it works. The attacker chooses one corner from the space his/her figure occupies and draws a line to one corner of the defender's square to determine if Line of Sight is possible. If LoS is possible, THEN you draw a line from the attacker's SAME corner to EACH of the defenders corners, and if ANY of those lines cross Solid Black, Solid Red, or Dotted Blue lines, the defender has cover.
  15. It is not possible for 4 Charge cards to be played in one Activation - the Marine should only have two of those cards in his/her deck, and they don't get "reshuffled" into his draw deck if he uses them, even if he runs out of cards during that activation (because they're still "in play" until the end of his turn). Cards that Marines play during their activation do not get discarded until that activation is completlely over, so if the Marine player used them, discarded them, shuffled them back in, and redrew them all in one activation, he's not playing by the correct rules.
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