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  1. Does her ability work with Time Warp? I don't think so, because "undo" is not the same as "cancel". But I'm not a native english speaker, so i'm not sure.
  2. Oh true i forgot the first ability requires it to be ready when writing my question. Thanks for clearing this up.
  3. I'm confused about Timeworn Brand's second ability and why it exhausts it. The rules about "Max X per..." are quite clear that the limit refers to the whole ability, not just the part about drawing 3 cards. But the rules of exhausting do not prevent using abilities of exhausted assets that do not require the asset to exhaust, so the first ability can still be used. But this means that exhausting Timeworn Brand does not serve a purpose, so i assume one of my rules interpretations is wrong? Quotes of all relevant parts: Ability in question: "Exhaust Timeworn Brand: Fight. Add your to your skill value for this attack. This attack deals +3 damage. If this attack defeats an Elite enemy, draw 3 cards. (Max once per game.) " Rules about "Max X per...": "If a maximum appears as part of an ability, it imposes a maximum number of times that ability can be initiated from all copies (by title) of cards bearing that ability (including itself), during the designated period. " Exhausted: "An exhausted card cannot exhaust again until it is ready (typically by a game step or card ability)."
  4. django042

    Two Rules Questions on Cheap Shot

    It's from the context of "lockpicks", which adds the character's speed to an investigation test. Even when using lockpicks, you can only commit cards with intellect icons and additional speed icons are ignored.
  5. In addition, if you reduce the targets fight to 0, only an autofail would fail the test. Even wendy can defeat rats this way or with anatomical diagrams.
  6. django042

    When can fast events be played?

    Hiding spot is confusing because it's an event that behaves like an asset. If you can play it in any player window, you could play it during the mythos phase during a test like rotting remains at another players location. What happens if that player draws an enemy?
  7. I tried different card storage solution, but they all run out of space at some point, as the card pook keeps increasing. The box itself works if you fill it with cards completely (in my case rtnotz and dunwich campaigns), but missing static dividers is a real problem. So if you remove a set of cards you have to remember where you removed them. Additionally, all other cards will fall on themselves, potentially causing a mess, if you don't put something in the empty space.
  8. Be aware the knife only triggers on damage, not horror. So if the enemy deals only horror, it won't trigger. The knife only triggers during the enemy phase, but when playing in a group you can use your last action to engange an enemy engaged with an ally and kill it with the knife. Or two of them for 4 damage in total. Edit: Regarding action efficiency, i'm wondering is the knife really a good idea? Effectively it grants a free combat action each turn, at the cost of the enemies damage (which can be mitigated by some soaks, costing action(s) to play). However the issue is, in order to make that work i must spend at least 1 action to engage an enemy before my turn ends. If i drew an enemy druing mythos phase, i must either skip my turn to avoid OAs or someone else needs to take the target(s) of me before my turn. So i've lost at least 1-2 actions, which would've killed most 2-4 HP enemies...
  9. Extra adventures don't grant a lot of XP as reward and require you to spend XP to even play. That said, you may get more out of them with of delve too deep, charon's obol and other cards thay may come.
  10. django042

    RttNotZ Preview

    I hope they'll add an option to burn the witch, instead of your own house. After all, she's already got the fire with her...
  11. When lola draws Crisis of identity, does she also discard all cards in her hand of her current role?
  12. The text in brackets of minhs ability is confusing me, english is not my native tongue. I don't understand to what is limited by "once per turn", the person benefiting from the wild icon or the investigator commiting a card? Or something completely different? Quote from her ability: "After an investigator at your location commits a card to a skill test: That card gains a wild icon until the end of the test. (Limit once for each investigator per round.) "
  13. django042


    If i investigate using lockicks and commit moonlight ritual, does it add +1 or +2 to the skill test? Moonlight ritual has an INT icon, so i can commit it to the test. It also has a Speed icon and per skill test timing, the final value is determined in ST.6, long after commiting any cards. However, i think lockpicks resolves before any cards are commited, so it only adds your base speed to the test, while any further boosts are ignored. How about talent cards like "hard knocks"? Can they boost speed before "lockpicks" resolve
  14. django042

    Rule Question: Perception

    About perecption: You're allowed to have 2 copies of each card in your deck. When using perception (and all other similar skill cards), you can still commit any number of cards to your test, but only one card named "perception". This restirction applies to other players as well, only 1 copy of "perception" can be commited to a single skill test. You should the the rules reference about "Skill Tests" and "Skill test Timing", that may convey the general idea of skill tests to you.
  15. django042

    Crisis of identity, Lolas weakness

    The person who posted this question on arkhamdb.com was me. The "official" answer on that page does not mention a source, like a developer of arkham LCG, FAQ, twitter, etc. You should never trust information with no reliable source in our times of "false" news. mwmcintyre's source is the entry about "ability" from the rules reference's glossary (arkhamdb.com does not mention page numbers).
  16. I like the scenario, it's a good indicator if your deck is too slow to build up and if the player actually knows what he' doing (ok, sometimes RNG is a *****). Depending on the encounter deck, scenarios get more difficult the more players you are. This IS one of those. Especially encounter cards that add doom are more likely to be drawn with more players. Dynamite is pretty useful to kill cultists, without enterting their location or activation "On Enter" triggers.
  17. django042

    Describing the classes to newcomers

    Some additions to each role: Guardian Deck: This deck has options to heal other players and prevent damage. However many cards are very expensive on ressources, so you must be careful not to include too many of these or you'll never play them. Investigators in this role have low sanity, but high health. Very few options to gather clues or boost intellect, so needs other players to gather clues. Seeker has a lot of card draw effects, so depending on your deck, you'll hardly run out of options. This deck has no weapons and very few options to deal with monsters. Depends on others to handle these. High sanity, but low health. The rogue deck is focused on speed and has many options to avoid enemies. However that's a bad idea, as it costs actions to avoid enemies every turn, so it's better to kill them. It also has a few weapons, but guardian weapons are better. It also has many options to gain ressources, but not many cards to make good use them them. It's a good support deck for characters, that have expensive cards and access to the rogue deck (like skids o'toole). Some cards grant extra actions, these are very powerful. Balanced sanity/health. Mystic and survivor are generalists, that don't have a focus Mystic cards fight and investigate mostly with willpower, however these cost ressources and have limited charges. In 3-4 player groups you run out of charges pretty quickly, so you either need aditional options for these from other decks or don't play mystic in big groups. In my opinion, it's the most difficult class to play. Characters have high sanity, but low health. The Survivors deck has cards for combat and investigate. However they're also of limited use, so they're not very effective in 3-4 player games. Balanced sanity/health. All characters have access to more than one deck, so you can mitigate their disadvantages to some point, by modifying their decks accordingly. However this requires some time to look up all approriate cards and some experience with deck building. I cannot recommend the base decks for big campaigns.
  18. The mythos card Pushed into the Beyond from dunwich shuffles an asset into the owners deck and then discards 3 cards from the deck. 1. Are permanent cards legal targets for this card? I couldn't find any rule that would prohibit this. 2. If the permanent card is among the 3 cards drawn from this encounter card, what happens? The rules state, that permanent cards cannot be discarded, so it would be put back on top of the deck or be shuffled in again? 3. If the permanent card stays in the deck and is drawn by the player, can he play it with an action (ressource cost of 0)?
  19. I've played role playing games before as well as MTG, so i know a bit about "rules as written" (RAI) and "rules as intended" (RAW). Which approach you take should depends on your goal. When playing RGPs, you usually want to immerse yourself in the world and have fun, so a fluent game experience should be prefered. So rules discussions should be reduced to a minimum, even temporary rules are OK, to keep the flow. In contrast, for competative games you should stick as close to the rules as possible to keep it fair for everyone (or help the developer, if the rules aren't). This way you also avoid being banned from official matches, if they don't share your "point of view" on some rules. For coop games it's a bit of both, especially as arkham LCG is advertised as an LCG with RPG elements. This is where the grim rules comes in, if you're unsure about rules, just use the variant that's not in favor of the players. Thanks guys for all your replies, my questions have been answered.
  20. Well "discard" and "shuffle into deck" are two different things in my opinion, or does the RR define "discard" as "leaves play" somewhere"? The encounter card does not have a 100% chance to discard the card that was shuffled in the deck, so the permanent card might stay there for the rest of the game and the player cannot use it's effect. As a house rule (before posting here) i treated permenent cards as "immune to any asset effects", as otherwise they make no sense.
  21. I consider jenny to be the best solo investigator, as she has all the money you need and with "hard knocks" and "streetwise", you can spend the money on combat and investigation. Switchblade 2 is also one of the best weapons in game, doing 2 damage if you spend enough ressources on "hand knocks". Best out of faction cards (in my opninion) are 2x "preposterous sketches" and 2x "laboratory assistent", to accelerate card draw and get your key assets out.
  22. Did you read my first post? There's an encounter card, that shuffles an asset into your deck then discards 3 cards from the deck. But what happens if you don't have any assets in play yet, so CAN only choose permenant card?
  23. That does not prevent the Card from being shuffled into the deck or does it?
  24. django042

    Starfighter Creation Thread

    I cannot disable Sources in version When i open options, deselect unofficial species and click ok, nothing happens. When i open optoins again, it's active again. ALso, why must my posts be approved by moderators?