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  1. I've played Calvin through the dreamers campaign, his playstyle is definately different from anyone else. You can't do much when you start out, but the more damage/horror you have the better you get. Being permanently 1-2 damage/horror away from defeat is hard to get used to. Each time you draw an encounter card might be your last (auto damage/horror) so it gives you a rush of adrenaline. Having many soaks is mandatory and ward of protection for direct. We also had Carolyn Fern in our team, she was a big help with healing. Or moving damage and horror around with solemn vow (she and calvin can play it) and placing it on Peter or Jessica.
  2. Rules about weakness revelations say: "When a weakness card enters an investigator's hand, that investigator must immediately resolve all revelation abilities on the card as if it were just drawn." In my example above that's step 3 (before shuffling). Now i see, the revelation has no "when/ if/ after" trigger so it can't create nested sequences? So it waits until rook is done. Thanks!
  3. I'm not sure in which order i resolve Rook's ability and cards like "through the gates" or "crisis of identity (Bonus: What about research cards). What order do i resolve those effects? As i understand it: 1. Start search, trigger research effects, as their "when" triggers during the search, before drawing any. 2. Draw the chosen normal card (could be a weakness as well) 3. Weakness's Revelation triggers. Would "through the gates" discard the topmost card of those that i'm searching? So if i chose the topmost card at step 2 i'd discard the next one. 4. Shuffle your deck from rook
  4. Interesting to see other people's house rules, especially those about the auto fail. As for our house rules: - Basic weaknesses are randomized every scenario, but we don't includ doomed, amnesia or paranoia. Compared to other weaknesses, they're very punishing and often mean game over for the effected player (or he's a dead weight for the team for a long while). I use a weakness deck and draw the top card, whenever i draw my weakness proxy, but keep the drawn weakness for thr rest of the scenario. Some seekers go through their deck 2-x times so your worst ngihtmare or narcolepsy can be pretty annoying. - Arcane Research grants 1 XP instead of it's normal effect, but all players must either add another random weakness or 2 trauma. We often play with 2 of them, so all have 3 weaknesses. Only some seekers tend towards trauma cause they go through their decks quicker. - Charons Obol grants 2 xp to everyone, but if we repeat a scenario it's reduced by 1 each time. We usually repeat if one person dies or too many negative random things happen like auto fails that make success basically impossible. - We can rebuilt our decks between scenarios without spending XP. Giving up XP cards also refunds it's XP. When one realizes their deck has a critical flaw, they're not screwed, doesnt need another character and we dont have to start over. This also promotes experimenting with situational cards. - For prior rule, Adaptable gives the owner 1 card to their starting hand after mulligan.
  5. Assuming her ability will not change, i've got some questions about her: 1. Can you place weaknesses and encounter cards beneath her that stay in your hand otherwise? 2. If you can and choose a weakness, will it stay there permanently as weaknesses cannot be discarded? 3. If you have no cards in hand at the start of your turn and a game effect reacts to drawing one with discard due to her forced abililty like oppresive mists or Armitage, can you end up without a card beneath her?
  6. Thank you for the picture! I know it's somewhat insolent to ask for another favor, but the front image is too dark, could you take another one with more light please?
  7. FFG released promo versions of Daisy at the following invoation event, i'm looking for pictures of those. Does anyone have a link or could send me one via PM? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/12/4/witness-the-invocation/
  8. If i'm at a location with oppressive mists and draw an encounter card, must i also make the test for the mist and potentially discard from my hands? The rules don't seem to differentiate between drawing encounter and player cards.
  9. Did FFG give more info on all the delays somewhere?
  10. So it's like a weaker take heart? I see.
  11. I'm a bit confused about the last part: "... Then, either you draw 2...". Does one of the effected players get to draw 2 cards if the test succeeds?
  12. So i get to draw 6 cards and gain 6 ressources? FAQ about auto success says that the difficutly is considered 0, so it's also a great way to trigger big "succeed by X effects", like All In.
  13. I see. I was just wondering because the 2 options that everyone could choose, had an effect on the ending, while this one wasn't relevant at will. I expected such a special choice to have more impact than a generic one.
  14. One ending "In the Clutches of Chaos" gives the investigators 4 options, one of them being Anette teaching you "spells of old", if one investigator has the "sorcerer" trait. We did choose this because Marie was part of the group, but it wasn't referenced in the last scenario. Does anyone have an idea whether this is relevant? Did we miss something?
  15. How do i contact FFG (or Matt) to get an official answer?
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