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  1. I am the manager of a store in Australia. How do we get access to the GEM software ?
  2. Just need a rules clarification. In a recent video it was mentioned that if the character equipped with One With the Force is defeated that the die stays in the pool instead of returning to the card like with Redeploy upgrades. Hoping someone can confirm/deny this for me as I couldn't seem to find anything applicable in the rules documents
  3. I understand that the dice don't get resolved at once but does second chance happen after the first dice but before the others in the same action ? not sure how the rulings work
  4. Had this come up in a game today and needed clarification on how timing works. Had Finn with 1 health left and Second Chance attached. Opponent is showing 7 ranged damage across 3 dice and resolved them all in one action. Does Finn take damage from one of the dice triggering Second Chance and then damage from the remaining or does a character being defeated occur at the end of the action ? Couldn't find anything defnitive in the rules reference but maybe I'm going blind.
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