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  1. An easy way to get nice panel lines is to use a Gundam Marker. They are very thin pens that make nice crisp panel lines very easy to do.
  2. Page 3 of the Epic ship rules pdf "Huge ships follow all standard setup rules" So while it reeks of bananas, it seems totally legit.
  3. There is 298 different small upgrade cards. I keep mine in the 16 pocket pages and use 25 of them. Each category has seperate pages.
  4. Not sure about 18, but 15 is possible. Sabine Wren (tie fighter) 3, with title and cloaking device +2, stealth device +1, range 3-5 of Single Turbolasers (double agility), through an attack obstructed by EM Emitter equipped ship +3 = 15 Plus evade token = 16
  5. A-wings for a recent Hunger Games tournament that my wife and I entered.
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