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  1. I recommend thinking of it almost like a computer RPG. Generate some NPC "party members" that you the GM roleplay in non-action scenes, but whose skill rolls and combat actions are controlled by the player during structured encounters. Your player is Shepard/Revan, these NPCs are the equivalent of Garrus/Bastila. Make their stories interesting but secondary, to fit that theme, and give the player's main character plenty of opportunities to help them out with their problems and help them grow as people in the equivalent of "side quests."
  2. Word. As much as I love a lot of what is in TLJ, the cinematography aspects of the movie really pull you out of the Star Wars universe at several places.
  3. Reasonable guy. The prequels and special edition genuinely sucked, the Disney stuff is mostly good and people are underrating it due to nostalgia. That's my view too.
  4. True... as has often been observed, Lucas himself jumped the shark sometime between 1983 and 1999. But I believe the aesthetic of the Mortis episodes could have been done in a way that fit better with the OT atmosphere while retaining many of the same themes.
  5. Just a variety of different ways in which his portrayal of the Force departs from my preferred interpretation of the movies' aesthetic: time travel and parallel universes, weird avatars of the light and dark sides on Mortis, green magical powers used by the Nightsisters. It adds up to a lot of D&D-esque portrayals of the Force as spell-casting magic, rather than as a holistic mental and physical discipline more analogous to Eastern mysticism (which is how I think of the Force).
  6. I'm also not the world's biggest Filoni fan, but that's because I don't like his philosophy of the Force. He should do well with this subject matter.
  7. Most plausible theory I've heard yet. So plausible it almost feels like a spoiler! If I had to bet on what the title is referring to, I would bet on this.
  8. Fair enough; it may be that I've mostly had these discussions with European progressives who agree with my own take, rather than a representative sample of them.
  9. Yup. Look at the GoodReads page for any remotely controversial young adult novel from the past five years and you'll see a similar pattern.
  10. I did say cultural progressive politics, by which I mean the issues that get labeled as "culture war" issues in the US. I know a lot of progressive Western Europeans through my work, and my sense is that while they consider some issues that are hotly debated in the US to be completely obvious and closed questions where the progressive side has won the debate (universal healthcare, gay marriage), they don't really get why some American progressives are up in arms about issues like cultural appropriation and microaggressions. The only continental Europeans I know who care about those issues have spent a lot of time in the US or the UK and "gone native." Of course I recognize that Europe is far from being a single culture, but that's my sense.
  11. So you learned the term "incel" on the streets of Sarajevo? Surely not. I imagine you encountered it from reading English-language media. It wasn't my point to identify you personally as Western, I was identifying the ideas you were bringing into the conversation as political concepts of Anglo-American origin.
  12. Yugoslavia is debatably a part of the global West; the eastern border of "the West" is often drawn at the border of the Western Roman Empire, which is now the eastern border of the former Yugoslavia.
  13. This gets to what I meant by "ham-fisted." There's a big difference between saying "Some aspects of Star Wars are an allegory for contemporary politics" (which Lucas has said) vs saying "Star Wars characters must be judged by the standards prevalent on one side of present-day politics," which is what you're saying.
  14. It's interesting, I don't see this sort of fixation on progressive cultural politics among non-Americans very frequently. Except in the UK, I suppose. Are you British? Have you spent much time in English-speaking countries? Genuinely curious.
  15. Pardon me, I should have said "Western" rather than "American"
  16. I don't like bringing Earth political concepts to bear on a galaxy far far away, at least not in the ham-fisted way you're doing. Free will just doesn't work the same way in the Star Wars universe. One slip down the dark path and forever will it dominate your destiny. I consider conflicted dark-siders like Vader and Kylo Ren more like "dark side addicts" who need help kicking a bad habit that's taken control of their lives, rather than genuinely evil people through and through. That is how the Star Wars series has consistently portrayed such characters, and I would hate to see that change just because the late 2010s have become an era of sanctimonious moralizing in American public life.
  17. My hope is that the title portends a redemption for Ben, who will be the last living Skywalker after Leia is gone.
  18. For aliens, yeah, but humans cussing in Huttese always gives me disturbing flashbacks to Cade Skywalker.
  19. In the Star Wars galaxy, there is no F-word, no S-word and no B-word. Appropriate swear words include d.amn, h.ell, nerf herder and laser brain. (I actually thought Poe Dameron's use of "a.ss" in TLJ didn't feel quite Star Wars-y, although the movie overall was pretty Star Wars-y IMO.)
  20. Everyone loves that scene in the movie where a character leaps across a giant chasm, or swings with the princess from one end of the bridge to another. Scenes where the character risks all and narrowly averts instant death. The problem is, how to have a scene like that in a roleplaying game that puts the player on the edge of their seat, but doesn't run an uncomfortably high risk of killing a PC in a disappointing and dramatically unsatisfying way? Your thoughts?
  21. Best protection against Scathing Tirade is probably a Verpine Headband so you don't drop when your strain goes to zero, combined with Ebb/Flow and a talent like Intense Presence to heal up strain.
  22. One of the Control upgrades lets it work against non-energy attacks
  23. Presumably the tankiest actual combat build at this XP is a very high FR, like FR15 or so, plus maxed-out Protect power and Discipline. Preventing 4 damage per lightside pip rolled, plus successes (so probably preventing 50 damage or so from each hit), reflecting all damage that's reduced to zero back on the attacker... no one will dare to attack you. Combine that with maxed out Scathing Tirade, adding those 15 Force dice to each Coercion check, to taunt anyone who doesn't attack you into unconsciousness... that's unbeatable by anything short of a starship weapon. Edit: Yeah, at FR 15 the most likely roll is 10 light side pips, and the odds of less than 5 lsp (still preventing 20 damage + successes) is only around 3%. You're almost untouchable with that sort of build.
  24. At that XP level Force-sensitives will dominate since there's no cap to FR. I decided to optimize for both Force use and autofire attack. Ended up with a Cathar Hunter with FR 13 or 14 (can't remember) who adds all those Force dice to his 7Y ranged:heavy to hit with his light repeating blaster. I give you the Lord of the Hunt: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IN49Ggz7Vyq1HQxzNJTaDkj6F5JdU1kX He is a drooling moron with Intellect 1 and the power to massacre entire cities with pure autofire.
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