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  1. 3 spec jedi

    I wasn't counting ranks, I was counting the amount of damage you can stop (so ranks +2). That's the convention in my group. Sorry for the confusion!
  2. 3 spec jedi

    Ah, gotcha!
  3. 3 spec jedi

    Favorite defensive/Force-focused combo: Niman Disciple + Protector + (either Sage for max Force power, or Arbiter for some extra lightsaber abilities + FR, or Soresu Defender for Supreme Parry 10). Favorite offensive lightsaber attack combo: Ataru Striker + (Sage or Hermit) + Niman Disciple -- with Parry 8, Reflect 7, FR 4 and Saber Swarm, you will carve up the enemy like a hot knife through butter while protecting yourself very well I find that whether it's fun or not depends mostly on how good a job the player and GM can both do in coming up with cool results of advantage and triumph. If either party falls short, lightsaber fights can be quite dull. If both are on the ball, it can be spectacular and cinematic.
  4. Man, the more I think about how this show ended, the more sad I am, because there was no other way it could've gone down. If this hadn't been a little kids' show, the Jedi would've all ended up with heroic deaths like Kanan's and Luke would still be the last of the Jedi in ROTJ. But Ezra and Ahsoka had to live because the writers couldn't make a choice that would make all the kids cry. They had to do what they did; they were constrained by their audience demographic. I don't even really blame them. It just sucks.
  5. To me, Ezra is the Wesley Crusher of this show. Made it pretty hard to enjoy it when they turned him into the main hero. Also, I didn't enjoy the feeling of: OK Filoni, you set it up so another Jedi survived through the OT... and to top it off, it's this guy? Getting tired of New Canon repeating the mistakes of the EU. Oh well, I'll always have my headcanon.
  6. Alter does seem really good, I might break it up into mental alter and physical alter.
  7. As you say yourself, this is a technicality. Especially because the important thing about Luke being the last of the Jedi is that this means he alone has the power and skill to save the galaxy from Vader and Palpatine, and he's the last person with the knowledge needed to train further Jedi. "When gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be... but there's also someone else out there who technically quit the Jedi but could also totally pick up the torch if you fail. In fact, it's not at all obvious why she isn't here now helping you out." Not quite the same ring to it, if you ask me.
  8. I thought it was quite well done for what it is. Unfortunately, what it is is yet another display that Filoni (a) doesn't share my preferred conception of the fundamental spirit of Star Wars and the Force and (b) doesn't have the guts to let Ahsoka die, despite the fact that having her survive until the OT is canon-breaking. With Ghosts of Mortis, we had Star Wars Meets D&D. Now we've got Star Wars Meets Princess Mononoke, followed by Star Wars Meets Stargate SG1. I'm happy for people who like these mashups, but they're just not my thing.
  9. A Change to Linked?

    If you have to declare before attacking which option you're using, this seems reasonable. Otherwise I think it's still too good
  10. The trailer feels too much like a trailer for a Marvel movie. Hopefully that's just the trailer and not the movie itself; fingers crossed.
  11. How do you go about creating your NPC's?

    Don't forget to give your NPCs some cool talents! For a Nemesis, I'll often just say that the NPC has all the talents from one or two specialization trees (eg, this dark Jedi has all the Shien Expert talents). You also want to give important NPCs strong defensive talents so they don't go down too fast. Adversary is a good start, but Coordination Dodge, Durable, Enduring, Sixth Sense, Defensive Training... these are all really useful for nemeses or important rivals.
  12. A Change to Linked?

    Not a big fan of re-rolls... they slow down combat, especially in online games.
  13. A Change to Linked?

    Only way I could see it working is if you have to choose before you fire the Linked weapon to either do a "burst" (works like normal Linked) or a "spread" (works with the second-chance-to-hit house rule you suggest, but *cannot* hit multiple times). Even then, I might make it cost 5 advantage or *2* triumph to turn a miss into a hit. If you've got a bunch of proficiency dice in your pool triumphs can come up a lot. Edit: Alternatively, you could have the "spread" fire option add Accuracy equal to ranks in Linked (again, taking away any chance of multiple hits)
  14. Looks like a reformed member of the Guavian Death Gang!