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  1. In terms of just the damage itself, I agree that 2 points is not a big deal. But when it comes to getting pask Soak (and/or Reflect) at all to deal a critical hit, it can matter quite a bit. The difference between 8 and 10 damage could be the difference between needing 1 success + 3 advantage to inflict a crit, vs needing 3 successes + 3 advantage. That could easily halve your chances of getting a critical hit past Soak, e.g.: http://game2.ca/eote/?montecarlo=100000#proficiency=2&ability=2&difficulty=2 Or if attacking heavily-armored minion groups, it could mean the difference between killing a Stormtrooper every turn with your average roll, vs taking two turns to kill a Stormtrooper with your average roll. It's only 2 extra damage, but that could mean you get about twice as much damage past Soak if you're hitting a target with Soak 5+. Small-looking differences in damage can actually make a real difference in this game's combat system.
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    Weakest talent ever, lol. I'd rather just spend the advantage to get a blue on my next action or something.
  3. Right, but there are some stats advantages to melee, as opposed to none (except maybe the crit rating) for pistols.
  4. But melee weapons do have a stat advantage over ranged: melee skill uses Brawn, which means you get both soak and weapon skill from the same stat. High soak is a huge advantage.
  5. I don't think of Han Solo as a support character. I just slapped together this minor modification of the Gunslinger tree for a PC who fights with one pistol. What do people think? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UokS4egJwpTbZqx_PHq0F_c7Cd5eJlDz
  6. For all its faults, one thing I enjoyed about Saga Edition was that there was lots of love in the system for all different styles of fighting. One weapon or two, pistols or rifles or lightsabers, you could make equally effective combat characters whichever arsenal you chose. In EotE, on the other hand, I've struggled to make a character focused around fighting with a single pistol (Han Solo style) who can compete with rifle-armed characters. That extra 2-3 points of damage from a rifle makes a huge difference in terms of how much damage gets past soak. Gunslinger is an OK spec, but only if you fight with two pistols. It's worthless for a single-wielder. Can anyone recommend a way to bring pistols up to the level of rifles? Is this just something that requires a custom talent tree?
  7. DaverWattra

    Amazon shopping

    Too bad none of the books for this game ever make it to Amazon, lol.
  8. DaverWattra

    I feel PvP should be a consensual RP Choice

    The thing is, coercion is ultimately a matter of setting unwelcome consequences for someone else. If I threaten to cut off your fingers or repossess your car if you don't do what I say, I've forced you to do what I say even if I didn't actually mind control you. I think the same goes for in-game consequences. One could certainly have a fun game that involves PCs coercing each other, but only if everyone signed up for that. I don't think most players would want to play that way.
  9. DaverWattra

    I feel PvP should be a consensual RP Choice

    For the same reason I don't generally let anyone except the player dictate how one of the PCs will act. In a group where other players were pushing around a shy player, or where a shy player was having trouble roleplaying a charismatic PC, I would expect the GM to come up with a solution tailored to the group dynamic. But I wouldn't normally expect the best solution to be, effectively, allowing the charismatic character to make a roll to control the other PC's actions.
  10. DaverWattra

    I feel PvP should be a consensual RP Choice

    I certainly agree with you there. But if you're suggesting that any life or death decision, or any decision that's as important as a fight, should potentially be handled as social combat rather than a decision between players, that's where I would disagree.
  11. DaverWattra

    I feel PvP should be a consensual RP Choice

    I'm not sure these disagreements rise to the level of conflict that should be handled with social combat, as opposed to player interaction.
  12. DaverWattra

    Pacing: The Philosopher's Stone

    A great tool for pacing is the fast combat resolution system described in the GM section of Edge of the Empire (for some reason it isn't in any of the other books). Perfect for mopping up the mooks once the tide has turned in the PCs' favor. I myself play with a slight house rule there, because the fast resolution system as written doesn't really simulate the likely outcome of the combat... instead of having wounds come from (successes minus failures), I have the PCs take wounds equal to total failures rolled on the negative dice.
  13. I'm not sure I'm understanding this right. Are you saying that you would let a character with a low Brawn score describe their character as strong and treat the character as such? Or is it just that you like to leave the resolution of the action to storytelling rather than dice rolls?
  14. DaverWattra

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    How's it coming with the Force powers?
  15. Totally. Hilt customizations, double-bladed, etc as well... stuff like that doesn't make combat boring that way 10 damage crit rating 1 does.