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  1. DaverWattra

    Jedi Power Level.

    There was some good discussion of Knight Level in this older thread. My opinion from then:
  2. DaverWattra

    You can't save everyone...

    A nice way to implement this in RAW is with the "ask the GM a yes/no question" control upgrade to Ebb/Flow.
  3. I can't believe there are no official stats for one of the coolest species in the Galaxy. The devs need to get on this ASAP. Two words: Yatay yoto!
  4. DaverWattra

    Tips for those without Reflect

    Or just get Reflect early in the game. 😁 It's not that expensive to open up your second spec. Choose Niman or Sentry or something and take a rank of reflect. It'll cost 40 points or so total.
  5. The galaxy isn't neatly divided into the Core Worlds and the Outer Rim. There are a bunch of other regions as well. Where do we draw the line when it comes to the regional knowledge skills? The books are not very specific on this. I can think of a couple of ways to demarcate: (1) Core Worlds covers everything out to and including the Expansion Region, Outer Rim covers everything farther out. (2) Alternately, count everything outside the Core and Deep Core as "Outer" (3) Here's the one that makes the most sense to me: Knowledge (Core Worlds) actually covers knowledge of the most "civilized" and politically powerful worlds; Outer Rim covers the less civilized and more powerless ones, wherever they are located on the map. It seems a bit odd to me that Knowledge (Outer Rim) would cover Malastare or Sluis Van, which I think of as urbanized planets rather than frontier outposts, or that Core Worlds would cover Byss and Tython, for example.
  6. DaverWattra

    Jedi strain recovery, I need help?

    The other thing you can combine with Supreme Parry is to buy up the Influence power and use it to inflict strain on your enemies with your action. That's not an attack! Requires a pretty high FR, though, so this is mostly a strategy for high-XP characters.
  7. DaverWattra

    Jedi strain recovery, I need help?

    In a sense, you are right about that. One of the weird things about this system is that many (most?) of the detailed rules exist only in the form of informal errata in the "Dev Answered Questions" thread on the EotE forum (which is where you will find the answers you seek). So the system does make it difficult for GMs to learn the "RAW" unless they follow this forum religiously. In that sense, the system is boning you by not providing the rules to your GM in an easy-to-find way.
  8. DaverWattra

    Jedi strain recovery, I need help?

    Awesome. At 80 you get +1 ST.
  9. DaverWattra

    Jedi strain recovery, I need help?

    Assuming your game is using the Morality rules, check out p. 53 of F&D. If your Morality is at 90 or higher, you gain +2 strain threshold.
  10. DaverWattra

    Jedi strain recovery, I need help?

    Thought of another suggestion for the OP: Try to become a light side paragon ASAP. That raises your strain threshold. Also of note: There is a lesson here for "nice" GMs who are first and foremost out to show their players a good time. If one of your players is running low on strain in a session and it's hobbling the player's fun factor, give that player a couple of nice, easy opportunities to use one of their best skills before the next combat encounter! Obviously you should try not to make it too blatant, but used in moderation this is a good tool for GMs in situations where your players have run low on strain due to unlucky rolls or miscalculating the toughness of their opposition.
  11. DaverWattra

    Jedi strain recovery, I need help?

    I can see the GM's rationale--the dev ruling on strain and advantage does create an incentive for players to trump up opportunities for gratuitous skill rolls just to recover strain. At least in structured encounters the action limit prevents this. So I could see prohibiting it outside structured encounters.
  12. DaverWattra

    Jedi strain recovery, I need help?

    Right, with my protector PC I routed around through heightened awareness, which isn't the best but is better than Force protection.
  13. DaverWattra

    Jedi strain recovery, I need help?

    To elaborate my earlier answer a bit: You may have this impression from the build you chose, which is quite wound-heavy. Between 2 Toughened and 2 Stimpack Specialization, Protector puts a huge number of wounds at your disposal. That said, the main point about strain being easier to recover compared with wounds is that you get a free zero-difficulty roll to recover strain at the end of each encounter (including non-combat encounters when you take zero strain; you may have missed this) and you can spend advantage on any roll in combat (or for some GMs, any roll period) to recover strain. But most characters, especially yours, do start with a larger pool of wounds and have the ability to regain wounds in large swathes from stimpacks. Now, Jedi do need a bunch of extra strain compared with regular characters because of Parry/Reflect. That is where Ebb/Flow comes in. With every skill roll, you gain back on average 1-3 strain (I'm guessing you're FR 2 from your specs). With Soresu, you can do this on every lightsaber attack you make. It adds up to a lot of strain recovered in an average combat. It also works on your Discipline rolls to recover strain, further compounding its effects. Spend 20 points on that power and you will not want for strain any longer. I think first aid is actually once per encounter? Yeah, this is kind of an unfortunate part of the way it works. I allow my PCs to use stimpacks to heal allies' strain as a house rule if the ally is unconscious. You might ask your GM about that. One thing you are definitely right about is that Force Protection is terrible. Consider it a dead talent. In ordinary situations it's better not to use it. You may want to try appealing to your GM's conscience to allow you to respec and spend the points you spent on Force Protection elsewhere. It is not work the XP.
  14. Whoa, are there no official stats for the ubese??
  15. DaverWattra

    Jedi strain recovery, I need help?

    Ebb/flow, my young apprentice. Ebb/Flow. (From Disciples of Harmony)