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  1. For this system, I recommend using 3.75" action figures for miniatures. There's a wide selection available and scale doesn't matter much with EOTE's abstract range bands.
  2. DaverWattra

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    A man who knows all about TPKs
  3. DaverWattra

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    My suggestion for the next time you GM: Don't allow any attachments or modifications on equipment (or only allow some hand-picked ones that have cool flavorful effects but don't power up the PCs' combat ability, things like under-barrel grappling hooks). Also apply one of the following house rules to all weapons with linked/autofire and all two-weapon attacks: (1) Extra hits cost 3 advantage, not 2 (2) Successes only add damage to the first hit, not to extra hits This will reduce the lethality of combat and make it easier to balance encounters. As to what to do in your current game, that's tough. Give your Rivals and Nemeses lots of powerful defensive talents like Sixth Sense, Stimpack Specialization, Enduring and Coordination Dodge, that's my first thought.
  4. Any new updates to the web dice roller at dice.skyjedi.com? That's the one my group uses.
  5. Very close to mine as well. ROTJ is my personal favorite so I put it a hair above ESB, and I love the Luke/Rey/Kylo stuff in TLJ enough to put it above TFA. Other than those quibbles my list is the same as Daronil's.
  6. There is a sort of "full dodge" action available to Force-using characters: the Protect power, which lets you trade your action for a pretty hefty shield against attacks. In fact, I let my PCs narrate Protect as taking an all-out defense stance if they want to think of it that way. Makes more sense to me in lightsaber combat especially than using the Force to block attacks with your hand every time.
  7. DaverWattra

    Our GM has no Hope!

    Totally justified
  8. DaverWattra

    Our GM has no Hope!

    I think what you said about Portman also goes for all the rest of the actors you mentioned except McGregor.
  9. If I were going to use the Passive Checks rule, I would house rule it to compare the difficulty with the number of dice in a PC's dice pool in a skill, not with the PC's ranks in the skill. As the rulebook itself says, the passive check system favors skill ranks over characteristics in a way that ordinary checks do not.
  10. DaverWattra

    Our GM has no Hope!

    Not that I don't see many of the flaws people point to in the Disney movies (except Rogue One, which I thought was nearly flawless). But seriously, anyone who would rather spend a couple hours with Hayden Christiansen or Jake Lloyd than with Daisy Ridley, John Boyega or Adam Driver has very different taste in movies from me.
  11. DaverWattra

    Our GM has no Hope!

    So your GM was OK with Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, but Force Awakens and Last Jedi made him want to quit Star Wars? As this board has proven to me many times, there is no accounting for taste, at least when it comes to Star Wars.
  12. I've used One-Check Combat Resolution a few times. Nice way to quickly do the mop-up after the fun part of a big fight is over, especially if it's getting late and the players need to get going. If you want it to simulate the results that would have happened if you'd played the fight out, though, it needs to be made a bit more lethal. As it is, wounds are only inflicted if a PC fails the one-check resolution roll. But it's pretty rare in real play for a PC to get through a round with zero wounds received. My modification is to give each player wounds equal to the failures rolled on just the negative dice (before they're canceled by the positive dice). Otherwise the RAW works pretty well. The only awkward part is those battles where the PCs' only goal is to win. It can be difficult to come up with "objectives" that each PC wants to achieve by the end of the fight. I usually suggest things like taking prisoners alive, but sometimes it's hard to come up with good options there.
  13. DaverWattra

    Cassian Andor Live Action Show

    Really looking forward to this. Cassian is a great character.
  14. Finally watched some episodes. Plus side, I like the animation much better than Clone Wars or Rebels. The characters are mostly painful to listen to, especially the nikto. Is he supposed to be a dumb stereotype of someone on the autism spectrum?? Hopefully the show will grow the beard at some point in the future.
  15. DaverWattra

    Cybernetics? No thanks!

    Not sure it should be this easy to defeat Vader with an ion rifle.