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  1. I use these, separately or together, when I want to make a minion group almost as dangerous as an equal-sized group of Rivals without slowing down the game by giving them all separate initiative slots. Just throwing this out there in case others wanted to achieve a similar effect with their minions. Elite Minions: Skill ranks for this minion group are capped at 7 rather than 5. Coordinated Attacks: This minion group's attacks have the Linked quality, equal to the number of minions in the group beyond 1.
  2. Does anyone know if there's been a ruling on the Beginner's Luck talent from Rise of the Separatists, whether you can choose to use it after you've rolled dice? Or do you have to make that choice before rolling? "When" you make a check is ambiguous to me.
  3. I would say what Kylo did amounts to two rolls: Influence to force them to think about The Map, then Sense.
  4. I'm not a big HP fan either, but the flaw is in Rowling's writing and world building, not the premise of a cool magic academy.
  5. Oh yeah, another idea (the one I think they're absolutely crazy for not having made already): Make a well done kid-focused show set in a Jedi academy. Something like Star Wars meets Harry Potter plus Avatar The Last Airbender. Maybe it could be set in the High Republic! Or else at Luke's Jedi academy before Ben joins.
  6. More specifically, though, I think they should make some animated series integrating some of the good Legends stories into the new canon. I think the Thrawn trilogy's story could be fit into the story between ROTJ and Mandalorian, and it's one of the best non-film Star Wars stories ever told.
  7. Don't change the rules, just replace stims with a second wind maneuver that works the same way mechanically. That's what we do in my game.
  8. This sounds a bit too much like rocket tag. Especially combined with your suggestion that they focus on avoiding hits instead of soak. I think the best way to get something that feels more like what you're looking for is to leave the system as-is but fluff out your narrative description of wounds as shots that narrowly miss. If you focus too much on dodging and avoidance it will increase the randomness/variance in combat outcomes to the point where it's all luck and GMs can't do a good job of planning out challenge levels.
  9. The retcon part is that she is said to be Sheev's granddaughter, and her father doesn't look like he could possibly be a clone of him
  10. Shouldn't it be Ice Station Zerek?
  11. Are the Nihil all aliens? Looks that way from the concept art. This makes a lot more sense than the Imperial Inquisitors all being aliens, but it still feels a bit off...
  12. I like the idea of focusing on this era. They aren't stepping on the toes of any material from the EU, so it gives us a lot of freedom to incorporate the material into our headcanons.
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