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  1. Looks great will read through it this evening thanks for all the work @drainsmith
  2. We fought the Clockwork Guardian the other night and had a blast. While it was the stats from the 1st edition it worked well. Esp when my players first attack was a double Triumph and the second attack was a severed limb crit! I can post some more feedback when back from holiday. GM Tron
  3. Continue to love your work. Appreciate the hard work you have put in. I use it every month for our semi regular game. GM-Tron
  4. Love the work. Been swamped at work so haven't gotten to read the new ones in detail. I know, even without reading them all, there will be stuff I unabassadly steal for my campaign which is on hold until all my RL traveling is done. Just wanted to say great work love it as always. GMTron
  5. The trait block is from @Korlall custom cards (link below). I then add text boxes for the stats and then group everything when I am done. Once I had one done I just copy and paste. Then Ungroup edit, group again and keep doing it that way. Korlall custom cards Tron
  6. @SkyJedi yes I know. After 3 years of Star Wars my players didn’t want to switch. They are used to the symbols. I might make the switch though we shall see. Thanks for all the work we love your tools. Tron
  7. No I am not. All my players are Mac users. We play across 3 Asian's cities depending on travel schedules, so believe it or not, this is all done inside of Pages.app. I created a template and then shared this to my players in Read Only view and they can see it. We use that along with @SkyJedi Dice online dice roller (https://dice.skyjedi.com), and then video with Skype. Tron
  8. The picture? It is the start of my Beatiary for my campaign. The last section of my setting/house rules. Very rough rules very specific to our game. i just happened to have spaced out horses when I saw this post. Tron
  9. I changed my horses a bit for those interested.
  10. I am running a game that is a VR MMORPG setting. The over all world is several MMORPG that "World Jumpers" can jump through Portals and be in another world inside of the game. So while everything can feel the same, it is all about terminology and narrative that makes it different as they move between different worlds. We are testing some house rules to make it a more Video Game feeling but very rough in our testing. We have played 5 sessions so far and the players seem to be enjoying it. In terms of Magic I have taken bits and pieces from the community here. Each type of magic (Arcane, Divine, Primal, Psion, Steam) has a unique Knowledge skill (Lore, Religion, Nature, Psionic, Science). Rank 1 of any of those Knowledge Skills grant you the Utility + 1 other Magic Action, to get more Magic Actions you have to increase your ranks in said Knowledge. We are debating on how we like the Magic system. We have brought in a few unique spells that others have made, here or on the Discord server, or from Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition and use them for special spells. All of this to say - when we play allot is vocabulary and the time we have spent in making the world together. Sure we roll the dice the same for a D&D type world vs a Steampunk type world but how we describe the advantages and threats changes and makes the game fun for my group. GMTron
  11. My first thoughts are as i looked at races and talents. Looks really good the layout and the design. I like it and brings back fond memories of my Eberron Campaign(s) both those played and those I wish I played. Lowlight Vision and Dark Vision: Curious why you took the approach you did instead of what was in the book. LowLight removing 1 Black and Dark Vision removing 2 Black. Kalashtar seem to be weak compared to others. Warforged seem to be low on the exp with one 3 and two 1. The fact you cant wear armor either seems to bring them down. And only Warforged named Amy can't be healed by normal spells Warforged - " Aritificed Entity : No breathe, eat, sleep. Amy only be healed by Augment spells; " Talents - Mithril Plating? When can someone remove 2 Black dice?
  12. This is how I stated horses
  13. Thanks for the work in creating these. My group enjoys using them.
  14. Great work. Looking forward to more and see where this goes.
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