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  1. Was Sea of Blood a "Mid" Campaign to play in order to keep XP? I was thinking it would be cool if they made Rumor Deck Expansions. their Rumor Books would tell what Expansions are needed (Like how Dark Elements needs Lair of The Wyrm).
  2. Eagerly waiting for it at Gamer's Haven as we speak. I'm also waiting for Massive Darkness
  3. Desert Setting Monsters: Scorpions - Immobilize, Poison Mummies - Shambling, Cursed Trait, Terrify, Bewitched (LoR Condition) Cobras (Like the Snakes in D&D's Wrath of Ashardalon) - Poison Sand Worms (Can't call them Graboids ) - Burrow, Immobilize Basilisks Giant Centipedes Jackals "Anubis" Lieutenant "Cleopatra" Lieutenant Sphinx Lieutenant
  4. Thanks! I tried out some. Hopefully they're not over powered like my Bear was.
  5. I hated the Burning Inn Quest. Oddly I was one token away from winning the whole Campaign (Despite NO Reinforcements in the Finale ), sadly I couldn't play Dash twice on Valyndra.
  6. Anyone have blank Hero Sheet PDFs? I tried looking for them, but couldn't find them. Then I tried photoshopping one of the Sheets, but that didn't really work well
  7. Hopefully they fix Lair of the Wyrm. As I've stated it made me hate playing as the OL.
  8. Nice! Any plans on the Walls from Mists/Chains?
  9. PORTCULLIS MEN! PORTCULLIS!!!! (Had to shout that for Rifftrax)
  10. Was on BGG & just heard about Fallout (The poster said it was the end of Descent). Anyone think it's true about Descent?
  11. I was going to try my hand at making my own, but I couldn't find Blank Hero Sheets.
  12. Has anyone made custom Hero Sheets for the D&D Board Game Heroes? I thought it would be cool to have Drizzt as a Scout Type with his Cat Familiar as his Hero Ability, The Dragonborn Fighter could have a Heroic Feat called Fire Breath (Castle Ravenloft), Emiril (The Mage from Ravenloft) would have teleporting type abilities.
  13. I'm not sure if I posted here on BBG, but I have felt that this year RW & SWIA were the big productions with Descent maybe getting a new line next year (They have to reprint ALOT of stuff). New products I see: 1 Small Box with a Healer & Mage (Making even distribution of Heroes/Hero Classes in Small Boxes) 3 H&M Collections 3 Lieutenant Packs 1 Big Box Expansion 1 Hardbound copy of The Shadow Rune Campaign with an exclusive Gryvorn Lieutenant Pack (Like what they did with the IA Base Game) 1 "CK" style box with tweaked rules and remaining Hybrid Classes I've noticed that they try to make even numbered releases, so there's my theory. I also (as stated earlier) see them reprinting the box covers & remolding the Base Game Heroes to be scaled better. Other then that now that the App is out they can't remake the game from scratch without overhauling the App.
  14. Looked at it, pre-ordered Massive Darkness instead. Just to be clear I love Descent, I just don't like Lair of the Wyrm from the OL's Perspective. In Imperial Assault it was fun to play as either side, in Descent it seems so far that the Heroes have it better (Only played The Shadow Rune & Lair of the Wyrm).
  15. We've been given: Disciple, Spirit Seeker, Prophet. Where's the Priest (Or Bishop, just so I can shout "The Bishop!")? It could be a more offensive Healer Class with an ability card that targets Monsters with the Cursed Trait. I could see your idea for the Druid Class being a Scout/Mage Hybrid Class, The Shaman Class you mentioned could definitely be a Mage/Healer Class, I was thinking of a Paladin for the Warrior/Healer.
  16. Forgot one: Vampires: They could have a Life Drain similar to Sorcery (Converting Range X to Heal X). Also they could have a special Condition called Vampirism, when a Hero is infected they add 1 Red Die to their attack pool, but can only regain Health by attacking Heroes (Converting Range X to Heal X). Failure to do so will allow the OL to control the Hero for the next round. Vampirism can only be cured at the end of both Encounters. You can not regain Health from other Heroes suffering from Vampirism.
  17. I think I posted on here that I think the "Third" Edition will really be more a 2.5 Edition. My ideas on changes: Reprinted boxes saying "Third Edition" & Maybe instead of "Base Game" it'll say "Heirs of Blood" Alternating turns (Lair of the Wyrm ) Morale Points System Reinforcements for EVERY Encounter (Again Lair of the Wyrm) & most importantly (as you may have guessed), Fix Lair of the Wyrm!!!!!!! This campaign made me never want to play as the OL again!
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