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  1. LeeroyPorkins

    Road to legend

  2. Was Sea of Blood a "Mid" Campaign to play in order to keep XP? I was thinking it would be cool if they made Rumor Deck Expansions. their Rumor Books would tell what Expansions are needed (Like how Dark Elements needs Lair of The Wyrm).
  3. Eagerly waiting for it at Gamer's Haven as we speak. I'm also waiting for Massive Darkness
  4. Desert Setting Monsters: Scorpions - Immobilize, Poison Mummies - Shambling, Cursed Trait, Terrify, Bewitched (LoR Condition) Cobras (Like the Snakes in D&D's Wrath of Ashardalon) - Poison Sand Worms (Can't call them Graboids ) - Burrow, Immobilize Basilisks Giant Centipedes Jackals "Anubis" Lieutenant "Cleopatra" Lieutenant Sphinx Lieutenant
  5. Thanks! I tried out some. Hopefully they're not over powered like my Bear was.
  6. LeeroyPorkins

    The Future of 2nd Edition

    I hated the Burning Inn Quest. Oddly I was one token away from winning the whole Campaign (Despite NO Reinforcements in the Finale ), sadly I couldn't play Dash twice on Valyndra.
  7. Anyone have blank Hero Sheet PDFs? I tried looking for them, but couldn't find them. Then I tried photoshopping one of the Sheets, but that didn't really work well
  8. LeeroyPorkins

    The Future of 2nd Edition

    Hopefully they fix Lair of the Wyrm. As I've stated it made me hate playing as the OL.
  9. LeeroyPorkins

    Painted Descent is best Descent

    Nice! Any plans on the Walls from Mists/Chains?
  10. Then I saw posters on BGG saying no, so now I'm Chicken Little
  11. LeeroyPorkins

    Painted Descent is best Descent

    PORTCULLIS MEN! PORTCULLIS!!!! (Had to shout that for Rifftrax)