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  1. Well, I like it a lot. But instead of trying to write something, I can recommend a very thorough review made by "Trydling" over on the BGG forum. Haven't figured out if it's possible to put in links here, But the review is very easy to find. You find his review on the main "Battle of Westeros" page under the "Hot Review" tab.
  2. Roland and Agnes went to New Orleans looking for the Rougarou. First mythos Roland got Ripples om the Surfare, complete failure and three horror. Next mythos another one and he disappeared screaming into the swamps. Agnes just gave up then and went back to Arkham. Took a while before I tried that scenario again, and Roland was NOT invited. USAK
  3. Got completely crushed at the first try on FA. Only to discover I misunderstod a vital rule, to our advantage. Talk about a feeling of dread before the next try.
  4. No, they don't. The sheet inside recommend you to download the rules from their site and use some substitute for the tokens. So you don't need the core, but beware that you need at least another pack to be able to play.
  5. I think FFG stated that there will be randomly selected territories that contain loyalists in Westeros. Presumably those territories will be the one you need to conquer. \USAK
  6. Wrong forum, this is for the boardgame. But anyhoo the expansions for the card game comes with two copies. For your other question I cant't really give any advice.
  7. Nope, there is one scenario to download from ffg that require two sets but otherwise no. The scenario is just a huge battle variant.
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