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  1. Ok, looked at the FAQ section, but haven't see those 2 lines Thanks for the quick answer
  2. Kanan card is explicit Rules reference for firing arc too Both speak of firing arc, not arc. Or else kanan should be : While a friendly ship in arc defends
  3. A friend ask me the question, and looking at the rule reference I thing Kanan can work on himself. Can't see why not thanks to the quote
  4. Or with Sabine, you can BR+Evade, the do your blue 1 straight, then focus Did this in tournament, my opponent called the judge to see if I wasnt cheating the judge went in my way cause I had all the rules points of this thing (and the judge was one of my friend, but that doesn't changed the rules, only the points where he listen to me when I quote the rules )
  5. Same thinking for me. I once lost a game for 3 points towards an opponent with 12 points bid.... It was 12 untochable points for me, once he had the point avantage, he run for more than 10 min... one of the worth game experience for me 😢 If a player want to bid a lot to be sure to get the choice of initiative, fine by me. But those point should count in the final count. Peharp with should count points still on board, not point destroyed (or point destroyed + bid)
  6. My bad Exactly then. If the target gain 1 additional token of the type that it gained, it'll be the same TL token number from the ship that do the lock.
  7. nope, there is no more "red" target locks Red token are : stress and ion Look on the last page of the quick rules booklet, you have all tokens
  8. if you are stressed before maneuver you can't do a red maneuver so you can't activate Pattern Analyser
  9. they could easily solve this problem by saying : after you gain a weapon disable token you can trade it for a stress token...
  10. It can trigger both, you need to be in the front arc, doesn't care if it have a front arc attack, you only need to be in front of at R1
  11. If you can't see why it doesn't work, please explain to use your real mind of with the rules evidences. My point is : When you engage, you check if you land on an asteroid, if so you can't perform an attack. Qi'Ra says when you "perform an attack ignore obstacles". Since you engage BEFORE being able to attack, you MUST check asteroid BEFORE Qi'Ra is active. If your point is : When i'm engaging I'm performing an attack ! Or : when I moved trough an asteroid, I ignore the effect, so I ignore "Asteroid: The ship cannot perform attacks." effect. For the first point, sorry to retell you this but you misread the engagement timing. This timing wasn't event in question in the Qi'Ra FAQ, cause there was no need, it's perfectly clear for everybody. For the second point : it's not an effect of moving trough an asteroid (when Qi'Ra is active) but an effect of being at RO of it. Engagement (that's when your ship become active) -> check for asteroid (that's when the rules says you can't perform an attack) -> perform an attack (that's when Qi'Ra is active). If you really wan't to shoot when landed on an asteroid, it'll cost you 24 points The effects of Qi'Ra are: 1 in the activation phase : you can move through an asteroid, don't roll a die and still be able to do your action 2 in the engagement phase : denie the obstruction extra die for you opponent, but still get yours from Trick shot or Solo Which is still strong for a 2 point card. For this cost you're waiting for a PowerDash from V1 ? when you see other less usefull card a lot more expensive ?
  12. That's exactly where you're wrong You can "perform an attack" (test on the card) only if you're able to attack, you MUST check before. from the rule reference : Engagement : When a ship engages, it may perform an attack. Obstacle : Asteroid: The ship cannot perform attacks. Attack : If a ship performs an attack, it becomes the attacker That's the step you MUST follow Not : Engagement -> Attack -> Obstacle
  13. OK, 100% on this When does Qi'ra ignore them ? While moving -> it's in the activation phase. While attacking -> it's in the engagement phase What happen when you engage ? you check if you can attack. When can't you attack : when you land on an asteroid. Are you "while attacking" at when your ship engage ? nope you only engaging (that also the trugger for Han gunner btw) There is a timing I thinks you still don't understand, cause it wasn't there in V1, where there was an "attack phase" that doesn't exist anymore, Engagement > check if you can attack > attack or not Qi'ra is active in the "attack or not" subphase of the engagement phase. If you still don't understand, I don't know what we can do to explainthis to you
  14. Dudes, the rules have change since V1 reread them There is no "Attacking phase" anymore, but "engagement phase" Engagement =/= attack You first engage, that's the moment you check if your able to attack. If you want to shoot each time with Qi'ra, take the Outer Rim Pionner pilot of the Escape Craft, he exist forthis purpose
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