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  1. HOWL RENO! The Mothma fleet had Most Wanted, Planetary Ion Cannon, and Solar Corona
  2. You should have intel in a bomber list. Rogue squad does not belong. Use Keyans points for something else.
  3. Dang, might be Biggs http://xwingtactics.blogspot.com/2016/09/armada-dice-black.html http://xwingtactics.blogspot.com/2016/09/armada-dice-blue.html http://xwingtactics.blogspot.com/2016/09/armada-dice-red.html
  4. http://www.wwpd.net/2015/10/star-wars-armada-stats-101-expected.html Pretty sure Cannot Get Your Ship Out, or Truthiness, or someone that was not Biggs did a great article on rerolling recently... I will link later if I run into it.
  5. I think without getting too crazy with your build, drop Rogue, Tyco and Sharra for Luke and a HWK etc
  6. With Rieekan and yavaris with FCT is much more aggressive. Ram yavaris into a big target to stop it for a turn, double tap with nym and 2 bwings, repeat for effect. Win.
  7. You can fit Jan, Biggs, Luke, a Yt-1300, Ten Numb, a Bwing, and 2xVCX Which is a significantly escorted Relay bomber wing.
  8. Most Wanted, Planetary Ion Cannon, Solar Corona or Most Wanted, Contested Outpost, Intel Sweep Mostly the first set, but the second set is my experiments to get bonus pts from the mission etc.
  9. Slicer was something I picked up from an obscure Ard post, (and probably Ginkapo too) Super Amazing. Specially since they work After your move, effectively making a Gr75 a fighting ship. Even SFO is not really enough to counter, although Leia is.
  10. Im running combo of Caldias, Ginkapo, and Ardaedhel: Mc30 torpedo: Admonition, Lando, OE, APT, X17, RBD Mc30 torpedo: Forsight, Derilin, OE, APT, RBD Mc30 torpedo: OE, APT Cr90a: Jainas Light, TRC Gr75: Quantum Storm, slicer tools Gr75: Mothma 386
  11. I use it with Relay bomber fleet, and no one ever takes it. I also have Yavaris, Adar, and Mustache ride
  12. mc30 and cr90 swarms are the worst. cr90 swarms being maybe the worser matchup. Admonition is a good tool to have available for really any matchup including these. and then its a matter of timing your carrier circus to make sure the enemy fleet has to fly through multiple turns of bomber ball bombing, and then the carriers scatter at the right moment when any of their ships make it though the swarm (of which one or two mc30s or a couple cr90s will make it.) Multiple ISDs are generally the dream matchup, depending on their squadron loadout. Your bombers are not the meanest possible, definitely weighted on the anti-squadron side of things. I would re-figure that some too, even with the addition of a 2nd real threat like Admonition.
  13. I think Relay bombing is pretty powerful but its best with a decent bid and multiple threats - of which you really only have one, the squadron bomber ball. Even with all those activation you only really have the bomber ball to threaten and kill stuff with. makes it hard to win games by a big margin, specially vs other strong squadron builds. Squadron bomber ball looks good. Rework ships to add in an Admonition and a decent bid for first. Even Rieekan is questionable since you want to bomb things and deny points (not get your carriers killed, who are running around not engaging and not dying.)
  14. Don't drop Han. Drop IO, medical teams, bright hope, bcc, ehb. Downgrade Luke to Biggs and both bwings to xwings. Mustache ride, Han and Tyco can deliver black sato dice all day everyday. That's prob enough points for a transport also - Which is badly needed in Defiance Sato build. Jan and Han prob don't even need the 3rd generic Xwing even. I like Jan, Biggs, a generic xwing and a yt1300. But 4 xwings is good too. The heavy turbo lasers should be something else. Put Ahsoka in there too.
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