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  1. If you have enough boxes or whatever, put each token in its own place. Personally I just divide by terrain for all the stuff that is exclusive (enemies, encounters, tokens, advance projects, threat, etc), and then a 3rd bag with all the shared components.
  2. Again, I really think that level 0 cards should provide a discount for their upgrades. There is no point to take the subpar version, even if you want the new one.
  3. 1. Not stated; but they can just gift them back. I think you can just houserule it if you want.
  4. I think the idea of a core is just not working anymore. Have a base set that works as a 2-player intro. Do it similar to Runewars Miniatures, or X-Wing. Focus on 2 factions to play as. Add some splash cards from other factions. Make a new one each year and make it the focus of rotation, with rotation every 2 or 3 years when this new box is released. Have balanced Intro decks for each faction, the perfect point to start in a faction. Have Clan packs to expand it further. Remove cycles. A cycle is everything released throughout the year between the base sets. Have boxes that introduce the theme for the year, etc. Then release occasional packs over the year that expand it.
  5. They have said that some investigators in a cycle are thematic, and others aren't. We already have a few that are thematic, I don't think this is necessarily a dreamlands cycle, other than a single scenario maybe.
  6. What are you even trying to say? Are you asking if a deck with library access is restricted to one? I have not heard that. Is a deck with 2 illegal? No. He knew your deck? Did you know his? If you didn't that is kind of scummy.
  7. If checklist isn't available, you can't see what the deck is before unwrapping it. That makes it harder to trade away unopened decks you don't want.
  8. A lot of dragons figured we weren't winning anyways and decided to support other clans. I voted Crab.
  9. I like the idea of contracts with the corps. Maybe acting as a sort of Agenda or Role card like in AGOT or L5R. I can see at least 3 or 4 different "skills" that could be used: Netspace/running, combat skill, streetwise, and influence. There are at least 3 factions: NAPD, 14K, and Los Scorpiones. They could probably think up 1-3 more depending on how many they want. I think 5 factions could be good, Maybe add the Corps as a sort of minifactions that you can use via contracts.
  10. The spots also influence what you need to do to get the clue. We had a spit that did remnants for money, And you needed a remnant to get that clue.
  11. Yup. That would be awesome thanks. Including which things you choose between for start.
  12. I would say they hit peak around 2015 when they had Conquest and AGOT 2nd just starting with Arkham on the horizon.
  13. Does anyone have high quality pics of the investigator cards front and backs, plus their signiature cards? Or even just text write ups of their abilities and items? I can't get a copy for a while and I feel a deep need to know what they can all do.
  14. I didn't assume anything. You said the game would fail because people wouldn't like it. Meanwhile I am talking about the active Facebook, Discord, Reddit, And local communities that already exist. You also never sourced your allegation that Richard Garfield sues everyone he does business with. Instead you started making a personal attack and calling me "everything wrong with the internet". I did read your posts and have replied to specific things in them.
  15. You were speaking for others. You said the game isn't going to take off and will fail. You are projecting your own concerns, And there is a very active fanbase who want to play. Source on Garfiled suing everyone? I don't remember him suing magic and most people who have worked with him speak highly.
  16. Anyone have readable pictures of the investigator cards and backs, plus their items?
  17. One thing I learned. Don't just rush to complete objectives. Take some time to craft some items and gather food/water.
  18. You can trade decks. People are loving it. IT isn't for you, and that is fine. But you aren't everyone. It targets a whole new audience that don't care about deckbuilding. They just want to open a deck and play some cards against each other.
  19. Why? The series isn't dependent on the books. It lasted for a decade and just switched to this edition. They just need to use new themes. Although it will probably get stale after a while. That or they should move into the broader world of A Song of Ice and Fire. There is the history books, spinoffs, etc.
  20. Not that I have seen. I would give it a few weeks. Very few people care enough to immediately trade away if they get something they don't want
  21. They are good for any biome. But the climber will be especially effective in the Mountain biome, because it has a lot of high-stamina terrain.
  22. I am still working on mine, but I am pretty sure it involves mad scientists and maybe a unabomber.
  23. Ok. So I can find a similar game with 5 times the components for 5 dollars more? Of course not, because there is a profit margin they need for what they produce. Games that are twice as large usually cost twice as much. Not to mention the increase in box size, weight for shipping, etc. And if they were selling expansions, they would be 20 or more. I mean look at the Arkham Horror expansions, even the smaller ones are like 20, and they don't have nearly as many components as doubling it. And I don't have arkham, but I have Eldritch. Do you know how many people actually have a lot of expansions? Not that many relatively. Because it makes set up a pain. And no one wants to pay 100 dollars that takes forever to set up that only plays for an hour. Which is what this game does.
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