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  1. Armitage doesn't specify that he can discard a weakness.
  2. Armitage doesnt let you discard weaknesses. In the rules it says you cant discard weaknesses except by their own effect.
  3. It isn't contradicted. It is after 55, but it can be later. Androids came after the Beanstalk, and Androids were introduced 30 years ago. So it has to be at least 65. And it is likely later than that to allow for more development on the Moon and Mars. I would expect those hostile environments also incentivized the Androids, and the introduction of Androids would increase competition for Labour leading into the Worlds War.
  4. What fact is there against it being 2170 or 2270? It could even be 2370, although most people don't go that far ahead. We know it is after 2X65 and before 2X99. The century doesn't actually matter that much. I prefer the 22nd century with the given dates. It is close enough that the political landscape shouldn't have deviated, but also pretty distant, being over 150 years from now.
  5. It can't be in the 21st century. It mentions the internet being destroyed at the end of the previous century. Also the present day is more likely to be 2X70 at the earliest to 2X95 at the latest.
  6. Bioroids were introduced 30 years ago. So before the Worlds War.
  7. Pretty sure Jack is still alive. Lets not forget advances in medical technology means the rich can live longer. I pictured the present as around the 90s, with the Worlds War lastimg a few years amd ending around the mid 70s.
  8. Actually I would say there is a pattern in physical threats vs more mystical stuff. Dreamlands would be too similar to the Circle.
  9. If you compare it to other cards, you will notice a space between the Traits and the Fight action. Where Uses usually go, likely charges. It also wouldn't really fit a Guardian card to put Doom on it. So I expect you expend charges to deal extra damage. I would also expect a limit of 1 damage. They don't do more than 2 damage with weapons at Level 0.
  10. I think they definitely will cookie-cutter them all. 20 is less than half of all investigators, maybe even a third by the end. There isn't too much space, and they will want some to be more unique than others. There is the dual class investigators, Dunwich, Solo+traits, and then a few weird ones like Carolyn and Norman.
  11. Yeah I can't handle random other than Keyforge.
  12. I don't think they will have another Unique Card game for a while. Especially with Keyforge still starting and the time it took. They might not have another, period. Way too much overlap with each other unless they can get a unique game concept. Best is probably some board games. I don't think they have a property that can support a CCG like Destiny. For properties they have Android, Runebound, Twilight Imperium, and those 2 Genesys settings. The steampunk and werid-war one. The Genesis ones seem very unlikely since they are based on a single game, and don't even have their splat book. Runebound has possibility. But they already have 3 fantasy LCGs, Runewars TMG just crashed, and I don't think there is enough to make it stand out. Twilight Imperium has possibilities. It has a lot of open room and is a sort of flagship for FFG. They don't have the RPG supplement either, but they at least have some recognition and room to expand. There is the issue of 17 factions, but they could focus on the core factions and use the others as mini-factions, or something. It might be interesting to have identities be a planet, or flagship. That leaves Android. Obviously with Netrunner gone there is room for a new one set in the world. The question is how much lead time they had for it ending, and if they have a new game. I see a few potential ideas for a new game. Competitive with factions other than Corps. Perhaps something a bit more geopolitical with a spy game set in the world. OrgCrime competitive. Or maybe a Co-op game playing as Runners/detectives akin to the original Android Game. Go back to the cyberpunk roots of the world. Solving mysteries and all that. They might have room for another competitve, but I definitely think there is room for a co-op.
  13. Quick Study seems pretty weak to me. Unless you are Rex.
  14. Well it is about that time of the year where we baselessly speculate on new LCGs coming at Gencon. They would have known Star Wars was ending a while ago, although Destiny probably took that spot. But I expect they knew Android was leaving sometime in mid to late 2017. So that means there is potential for a new one this year, or they were planning on having it anyways. Keyforge may eat into that, but the fact is that there is no Sci-Fi LCg with Netrunner, Conquest, and Star Wars all gone.
  15. It wouldn't be that hard. A Rogue-Seeker would probably be less evasive than Finn. The ability will definitely make them more unique. Plus having the full Seeker cardpool makes for several differences. You get Seeker card draw, plus Rogue money. A Seeker-Rogue could still be evasive. All Ursula has is 4 Agility. She doesn't have cards that make her better at evasion. Besides, there is the win by 2, or money theme as well. The biggest thing these 2 classes have is Burglary plus all the Seeker Intellect boosters without taking useful slots.
  16. Yes. Give me the investigator backsides at the very least.
  17. I like the idea of a unique game, but this didn't really bring it. You get a random set of characters, but that isn't unique. A lot of people will have the same set of characters. Terrain is ok, but again there are people who share it. And then the assortment of cards. Some have duplicates that don't do anything, others are just missing stuff. I would prefer if it was a system and they just released multiple terrain boxes. Each has their own set of characters and quests, etc. But I do want a real unique game where there is actually interesting and unique differences.
  18. The problem is that there is still a release order. Unless of course they mess with the formula. Like Heart of the Elders, or Turn Back Time. They could have a new format where they just create a series of 2 or 3 boxes. Or packs with no player cards like the standalones, but as part of a larger campaign. Smaller campaigns would also make slotting in standalones feel more natural. In 5 or so years we will get through all the investigators. What happens then?
  19. I would love a few more campaigns with 2-5 scenarios to allow you to go from one to the other instead of one big campaign. It is one of my favorite scenarios. You get a small area to explore, then you expand, and finally you have to go back to the beginning to finish it.
  20. If you have enough boxes or whatever, put each token in its own place. Personally I just divide by terrain for all the stuff that is exclusive (enemies, encounters, tokens, advance projects, threat, etc), and then a 3rd bag with all the shared components.
  21. Again, I really think that level 0 cards should provide a discount for their upgrades. There is no point to take the subpar version, even if you want the new one.
  22. 1. Not stated; but they can just gift them back. I think you can just houserule it if you want.
  23. I think the idea of a core is just not working anymore. Have a base set that works as a 2-player intro. Do it similar to Runewars Miniatures, or X-Wing. Focus on 2 factions to play as. Add some splash cards from other factions. Make a new one each year and make it the focus of rotation, with rotation every 2 or 3 years when this new box is released. Have balanced Intro decks for each faction, the perfect point to start in a faction. Have Clan packs to expand it further. Remove cycles. A cycle is everything released throughout the year between the base sets. Have boxes that introduce the theme for the year, etc. Then release occasional packs over the year that expand it.
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