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  1. I think 30 card decks are good with a 2 for limit. 3 is ok for Marvel since they compensated by making uniques 1 per deck.
  2. Good point. There is Cyclops the superhero, but there is also Scott Summers the man. There is more to the characters than a mask and catchy name. The duality of who they are and how it clashes with being a superhero is a mahor compelling part of superhero stories.
  3. Kind of. She uses them differently, and I beleive she can shapeshift to look like someone else.
  4. You dont need to be a "SJW" to appreciate Ms Marvel. She has relatively unique powers and is pretty fresh. A new Spider-man for a new generation instead of just relaunching Spider-man again to keep him 16 forever.
  5. Not sure on SotM, haven't played it. But I would definitely love an Arkham Horror esque game set in New York. Have an overarching villain, as well as smaller scale villains running about the map. I dont know about decks, butI kind of like AH3's way of doing unique builds. Give them unique stats and abilities, then a selection of various power cards and they use some for that game.
  6. My problem with the scene was multiple things. 1. The battle started with a wide array of allies intermixed. Now there is all the female characters around with the males nowhere to be seen. It strains credulity for that to occur. 2. We see no real reason why Captain Marvel can't do it alone. She singlehandidly wiped out Thanos's ship. She could easily charge right through his army. Personally I would like the scene a lot better if it was Nebula who took the Gauntlet. It pays off her development and keeps the focus on her for the film where she plays a major role, as opposed to Carol who gets a glorified cameo.
  7. Standalone Arkham isnt as satisfying as campaign play. Aand just as easily as we can houserule campaigns out, ypu can make your own rules to do campaigns.
  8. You say for the sake of diversity, and that feels disinginuous to me. It is just equal representation. Can we just have equal representation for its own sake? How would you feel if the set was all female?
  9. Honestly how many cards in Netrunner or amother LCG were filler that never saw play? I see nothing wrong with reprints. If it was a 50 card deck of all new cards, would you buy it still?
  10. They have said there would be some basic reprints. Likely the Neutral Resources and maybe Fury, Avengers Mansion, or Helicarrier.
  11. Once some hero packs come out, you might not even need multiple cores to share an aspect.
  12. Marvel comics is doing very well. They just had Black Cat hit 100k and have reached 50% market share for the first time in a while. The game is clearly using comics as a reference. Stuff like Alpha Flight Station, Vulture's Costume, Iron Man's design, Klaw, etc. People arent going to be confused because Strange doesnt have an Infinity Stone. All the impressive stuff didnt actually use it.
  13. Power is very abstract in this game. Don't expect any of them to be significantly stronger than normal heroes. The goal isnt to take a "power level" and translate it to the game. Especially since Captain Marvel is on their level. Also the Eye of Dormammu isnt an Infinity Stone outside the MCU.
  14. Sometimes I dont want to commit to 8 scenarios. I just want to play a standalone. And Arkham without the campaign is lacklustre.
  15. T'challa also soesnt have that distinct of an identity. I couls see the difference being Stephan studying and meditating, while Dr Strange is him being active with his spellcasting.
  16. Squirrel Girl is a meme. There are literally hundreds of characters I would want before her as heros.
  17. I think they will do Dr Strange and Stephan Strange. She-Hulk has been an Avenger for almost 40 years. Hulk was a member for like 3 issues, and a few times since then. And then a tiny bit in Hickman's run. She is more of an Avenger than him.
  18. Also Hulk's alter-ego would be Bruce Banner, which is another scientist lile Peter and Tony. It is better to havesomething a bit more unique in the core. Also you may just see it as "pandering" but there are female players. Even as a male, I like female characters. There is mothing wrong with having gender balance (if you consider 2/5 a balance). As for villains, it makes no sense to blow your load early. And the 3 villains in core have a narrative connection with vibranium. Rhino steals, Klaw sells, and Ultron does something with it.
  19. L5R kind of has a forced conclusion with the lose 5 honour on running out of a deck, but that can theoretically be worked around with certain cards. AGOT handled max hand size amazingly. They build it in as a mechanic. You could sacrifice hand size for other benefits with your plots. It had whole decks built around increasing your hand size, or choking out your opponent's hand.
  20. I would play the first time through Zealot in base. The first scenario is basically a tutorial, and using Return makes it much larger and more complex. Overall I would suggest one run through any base campaign before upgrading with Return stuff.
  21. I agree. The game is just too long, and too complex. A long game can work if the gameplay is simple and the strategy is more in long-term planning. But there are way too many decisions to make each round. There are 2 challenges each player, with 5 different rings to take, plus Conflict Cards. A complex game can also work if it doesn't drag, because that can be taxing. Netrunner was good because while it had a bunch of hidden info, the choices were all relatively straightforward. The largest choice was choosing which server to attack, and that isn't hard to grok at all. But L5R you can attack in 2 challenges with 3 characters, you opponent has 4 to defent, and they also get counterattacks. Another major problem was 6 and 6. Long periods without product ruins collectible games. I think the triple core idea is just vastly outdated and needs to change in some way. Perhaps have a core set like they do now that can make basic decks and has full neutrals. Then release a wave of faction packs that complete that faction, along with adding some new cards at launch. Maybe release something like the SW Destiny 2 Player Kit or the AGOT Starter decks. 2 prebuilt decks that can be played together.
  22. I think if they go competitive, they might wait a little bit longer to figure out what works and doesn't work. I think they definitely need to rethink how they release product for LCGs, as well as testing.
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