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  1. She is an African shaman who travels to Arkham due to a spiritual quest. Seems somewhat pulpy.
  2. I think there is a bigger market for Co-op. It is basically a customizable board game. It is less likely to steal the market than another competitive lcg. There has been some talk of LotR ending soon. It has been out for a while and may be ending its lifetime. I could see a Star Wars LCG going co-op even if LotR doesn't end.
  3. I think the intent was wrong. There was a winky face in the original post. They removed that when they edited. This implies that the intent wasn't quite what they clarified. People noticed this when they edited and complained. They then followed up by the deleting the whole post and pretending it didn't happen. If it was a simple misunderstanding, they wouldn't be covering it up like this. The comment is one thing, but the cover-up makes itmuch worse.
  4. Why doesn't she fit? I think I will build Lola as a Guardian-Seeker-Survivor, with some splashes from the other 2. Go Guardian for fighting, Seeker for Investigating, and the Survivor cards for risk aversion. Add in Leo de Luca from Rogue, and maybe some Mystic cards.
  5. It might not be like that for Deluxes. Arkham always releases Deluxes at the start of a cycle because of the campaign. But AGOT has been releasing them mid-cycle with no direct tie. They will release Clan boxes for each faction then probably stop printing them, maybe with the occasional new box for story reasons. We may get 1 or 2 new factions, but they also might not. I don't think Spider is returning, as they are an aberration story-wise. Mantis is a maybe.
  6. Well you can still smother with a pillow. I could think of several ways to create special pillows specifically for combat. Maybe stronger material to catch blades, or put them off guard then stab with the knife hidden in the pillow.
  7. This actually happened. It is on the Facebook group as well. Mistakes like this shouldn't just be swept under the rug like it didn't happen. I can forgive that someone made a crass joke, but the poor PR response makes it much worse.
  8. It was also the last non-Magic CCG from the first wave of them that lasted. And now it has passed as well.
  9. We will definitely get info on how deckbuilding works, alongside basic gameplay. We will probably get some preview cards, followed by maybe another article. Then followed by faction articles.
  10. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/4/10/runewars-miniatures-game-essentials-pack/ They have announced an Essentials pack that has everything you need except the army for the Army packs like this one. You get templates and everything. I think they will have: Wave 0: Core Set Wave 1: Hero, Spearmen, Golem, Cavalry / Hero, Reanimates, Lancer, Archers Wave 2: Elves Box, extra blisters for stuff in the Elves box, and 1 or 2 new units for Undead and Humans Wave 3: same but with Uthuk Wave 4: 1 new unit for each faction
  11. The double surprised my group as well, but I did the math and it seemed likely. It didn't matter as we were all ahead. We lost because my Rex got 3 auto-fails in a row without the curse. This caused me to fall behind and get sucked up, then we lost on a 50/50 Ancient Evils. Although we could have finished a turn earlier but our Pete wasted an action on Flashlight when it could have just been discarded for Icon.
  12. Cthulhu will definitely show up in an Innsmouth cycle. I expect Innsmouth to show up relatively soon. Not sure the rules on leaks, but some details of the 2nd cycle have been spoiled. To be vague, you theory is valid into the next cycle.
  13. I like it. Both have merit. The OP card limit could also work as a form of the Most Wanted List in Netrunner, they can errata cards that are too powerful to take a character point. I do like the Policies better though, seems more natural for them to be a part of the whole game, and allows something extra for those builds with extra points.
  14. When you say once per turn, you mean once per action right?
  15. Good to know. The decks playing Lannister still haven't gone up though. They have only been going down as other factions get good cards.
  16. Lannister were dominant even before their deluxe box. This was because they have the 2 best characters in the game, and got several more strong characters over the 1st cycle. The Lannister box did little to make them more popular, half of it was janky Clansmen cards.
  17. You will get more traction from Reddit, CardgameDB, or the Facebook group. AGOT is dead on these forums.
  18. I imagine the points limit might go up to 300 after a wave or 2. And people will have epic battles on their own as well.
  19. Dunwich is outside of Arkham, it could be referring to that. Or possibly another dimension we enter. I agree we may leave New England in a cycle, but not for most of campaign, maybe just a scenario. I think travel could work for say an expedition. Not globetrotting all over the world, but perhaps an excavation in Egypt, or a trip to Antartica. We start in Arkham then leave on our journey. Example: 1. Arkham, have reason to go determine what happened on the expedition to Antartica. Perhaps a specimen was brought back. 2. Arkham docks as we are departing, perhaps recruit some allies to help us along the way. End of Deluxe 3. On the ship near the coast of Antartica, encounter a sea monster and try not to shipwreck and lose many of our resources and allies. 4. Arrive at the base camp and prepare for our expedition. Monsters attack in the night. 5. Cross the frozen wastes. Find Lake's campsite. 6. Trek through the perilous mountains. 7. Arrive in the city of the Elder Things and explore. 8. Final confrontation against the horror that was awoken by the expedition beneath the city.
  20. I definitely think the next Cycle will be Innsmouth. It is one of the bigger stories. I don't think we will leave New England until the 4th cycle at the least. I don't think they need a unique box to go overseas, just release it like a cycle.
  21. Where is the confirmation of 30 card deck limit? Couldn't it also be 40 cards. It would also depend if they have 2 decks still. Perhaps 30 card Dynasty deck, and 20 card Fate deck for example. I imagine they might have some "sets" of cards like in Star Wars or Conquest, perhaps related to strongholds or personalities.
  22. Infantry were historically given a spear, and maybe some light armor. It would be prohibitively expensive to armor them all.
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