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  1. But most players dont care about owning literally every card of an Aspect. And even fewer care about owning every card of a single aspect and not playing the others. This isnt competitive, so having a complete set isnt as important.
  2. The meta doesnt need constant shaking. But players want new toys to play with in their decks. And if I only play Aggression, my deck is the same for a long time. I get bored. So they give us a little treat. You dont need it, but the people who want it have something.
  3. You dont need to buy each pack for a single playset of a card. You can run a perfectly fine Protection dexk out of Ms Marvel and Core. But then you get no new cards for 6 months for Ms Marvel.
  4. Having the 3 resource cards is hardly optimal. It isnt an assumption, it was mentioned by one of the Designers. They have done it before. Intro decks and Champion decks are both reprints. They just have never done complete decks with new cards.
  5. It was in either a stream or the in-flight report. The cards arent "needed". But stuff like Nick Fury are broad stuff that make most decks better and good for beginners to have. It isnt like a Core Set because you dont need this to have a full deck. And it would be essentially the same if they printed a 55 card pack. But this eay you can open it up and play a deck akin to the intro decks from core. We arent missing out on a major new card because of this. They only have so much room for design.
  6. They have said these decks are playable right out of the pack. I expect the core neutrals like the resources and Nick Fury will be reprinted. They confirmed there will be reprints of a few cards.
  7. I think there is going to be new cards for the other Aspects making up at least 9 of the remaining cards. The alternative is players waiting 6 minths for new cards of a specific aspect. Then the other 4 might be filler of playsets.
  8. I actually dont think Peter needs to be a Hero for it. He played a smaller role. Definitely if they did Conquest in some way. Or more likely his own Hero Pack. I have hears that they are only doing 2 Heroes in the Campaign boxes. I could see a chance of a 3rd depending on the campaign. I would want Nova and Drax. Silver Surfer as a 3rd.
  9. I would want a campaign. You could have one of his Queens as the furst boss. Then Ravenous. And end with Annihilus.
  10. Even if it is true that people stick to a single build (something I disagree with). That doesnt mean everyone will be sticking to the same deck. You might have 30 with deck A while another 20 play Deck B and 15 more play Deck C. And there are always brewers trying something new. And if those decks do well, a bunch of people want to try out the new hotness.
  11. Roles Restricting cards to certain roles was brilliant from a game design point of view. It lets them create subdivisions of the cardpool for unique builds. It can help reduce the chance of combos by separating them. But Role Locking is just dumb. What does it actually add to the game? It gives maybe a few hundred players control over what decks can be played. Sure you can play it casually, but I can't go to a store championship or anything with official support with it. Role Locking restricts the cardpool and prevents innovative deckbuilding. Complexity There are popular complex games. There are popular long games. There are very few popular complex long games. It is draining to play even a single game. Let's just look at the Conflict Phase. My opponent and I each have 3 characters out. That isn't an unusual board state. I have to decide between Military and Political. I can use any of my characters, and my opponent can defend with any number of theirs. And often there is disparity of how much strength we will have in each. I also need to pick a Ring. I also have to think ahead. My opponent will counter attack with either type as well. And then my second challenge. And their's. And that is just picking challenges with completely open information. Now lets add the Conflict Deck. Things can flip on a dime. And we go back and forth. I have to pay close attention because they do one thing, and now I have to respond. Back and Forth. We can have a complex series of card plays over this province and I win victorious... Now my opponent counterattacks and we do it again. And we have to do it for 2 more provinces each and a stronghold. Even the Dynasty Phase is back and forth where speed is rewarded. I think this game was just made with far too many fiddly bits. Conflicts should have been pure military, with Political done in duels and other indirect means. Distribution This is probably the bit that is the biggest barrier to entering an LCG, buying into it. While it is true that over time it is cheaper to buy every product than say Magic. But it is much easier to get into Magic. You can pick up an intro deck for like $15 and play in 10-20 minutes. But for L5R you have to buy 3 core sets, adding up to over $100. And that is just to get into the game. Learning to play can take hours. Being able to win can take dozens of matches with how skill intensive it is. And you can't even make a deck with a single core set. That is the worst failing. Now let's look at the packs. Each faction gets 2-3 cards, and some neutrals. There is little change, and you have to get almost everything to assemble a good deck. You could have to buy 10 different packs for 1 card each, to assemble a deck. The rest just sits there. But how to fix that? I would make it so you only need 1 Core Set. Full playset of neutrals. A few Clan cards as 3-ofs, with the rest being 2 and 1-ofs. In the core, each Clan has about 26 cards. You could have 2 cards at 3x (6). Add 3 cards at 2x (6+6=12). And then fill out 14 more single cards, these being splashy uniques and the like. That gives you 19 unique cards. About 2/3 of how many were in base core. The next step after buying a core is buying the Clan pack for your favorite Clan. You get the rest of the 1 and 2-ofs from the Core. 3 cards at 1x, and 14 at 2x, for a total of 31 old cards. That leaves ~49 cards to fill out the rest. Add a second Stronghold, a Clan Province, and maybe a few limit 1 per deck cards. And then 15 new cards at 3x. Now you have a full playset of 34 Clan cards for the price of a Core Set and Clan Pack ($60 or so). You also have the neutrals. Now the Dynasty packs. Focus them a bit more to 3 or 4 factions. Put the Faction Logo on the bottom so it is easy to see what is in it. Each faction gets 3-7 cards depending on the pack. Plus a few neutrals. This gives room to introduce a theme for a faction, and other packs can expand on that theme. Meanwhile you are exposed to a few interesting complete themes from another faction. You might want to try that one out.
  12. I think the biggest issue is that you can't really figure out how to follow a character thread through series. Smaller heroes get relaunched every couple years and end up with a dozen #1s. There is usually some sort of event that intrudes and throws everything into chaos, making it harder to read a single story. They don't write for new readers. They build massive stories with dozens of tie-ins, etc.
  13. I think it was a fascinating plot twist with lotsof potential. It isnt too different from House of M, Snap Wilson, or any other reality altering. But the story went somewhere it really shouldnt have, and the ending didnt wrap it up properly.
  14. I liked him. And the current Cates Stat Lord is somewhat close to him.
  15. To be fair, they are both major Avengers characters. Black Panther has been a mainstay for decades and has a decent fanbase. Carol had been pushed since House of M, way before the movie was in talks. I just hate how they introduced her. There was no need to kill Tony off to push her. They launched Iron Man as a flagship post Secret Wars, but you don't just kill off the main character after a year. He should have just stayed alive and you create a family of books with Riri and maybe War Machine or something.
  16. I think Captain America: Steve Rogers was good. But Secret Empire got so bloated.
  17. I think the prebuilt decks might br slightly larger than the minimum.
  18. Probably mot extra copies of cards in it. They will just have a full playset of each card. It feels more likely that we will get some cards for the other Aspects.
  19. Enchantress, Surter, Frost Giants, the World Serpent. And Malakith just had a massive event in the comics.
  20. Its not just the 1 resource for attack. You draw 3 new replacements. This means more options, and the ability to get to your very good cards. Also with double resources you can be card neutral.
  21. I think the Surge Clause is if you draw it while your nemesis is already in play. There hasn't been any indication of a villain being duplicated. We will see in the rules reference, if it's not in there, it isnt likely to happen.
  22. They probably can use thoseas themes. But there are so many potential teams that it would be impractical.
  23. Oh I didnt think of Crossbones. My bet was Arnim Zola, but Crossbonesis much better. She-Hulk doesnt have a deep villain roster, so she didnt have much room. Black Panther's arch villain is Klaw usually, and look at him with his own scenario. We got the Wrecking Crew, so amybody is fair game I am thinking either Kang or the Mandarin.
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