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  1. 1 hour ago, LordvaderCQ said:

    Not sure why it wouldn’t fit the tone of the game... classic Cap and Spidey are in the game just fine along with their most original of abilities and costumes/artwork with the exception of “scientist” Parker. It would work perfectly fine.


    and why legally wouldn’t they be able to read the post? That just sounds silly. I’ve posted on dozens of forums where the devs responded to me and read my feedback. 

    Was your feedback a game design? It is a legal thing not to take unsolicited ideas.

  2. 2 hours ago, jonboyjon1990 said:

    Huh? The pack contains 60 cards total. 

    15 of them are Captain America cards. 5 of them his nemesis. Then 1 identity cards. That leaves 39 other cards total in the pack. 

    I suppose what isn’t clear is if those numbers from the product page are total number of cards, or number of cards different by name  

    They are cards by different name. Set numbers are always unique.
    When cards are in encounter sets such as Cap or Cap's nemesis, they also have an Encounter Set number.

    We know there are 9 distinct Cap cards plus Cap (Cap's Shield 9). Then 10-11 distinct Leadership (Falcon 11), and 4-5 distinct Basic cards (Honorary Avenger 25). Then we have the Obligation (26) and 4 distinct Nemesis cards (Zemo 28). That leaves 3, maybe 4 distinct cards of other aspects (Expert Defense 32, Follow 33).

    There are total 15 Cap cards plus cap. 17 Leadership, 8 basic in the deck. 1 Obligation, 5 Nemesis, and 12 other cards. Plus a single divider card that likely has the Cap intro deck list on it.

    There are 33, maybe 34 distinct cards in the pack. -9 from Cap and set, -5 from Obligation and Nemesis, for 14 total. That leaves 19-20 distinct cards.

  3. 5 hours ago, jonboyjon1990 said:

    Is the player card pool growing significantly differently to other games? 

    Dunwich Legacy cycle in Arkham:

    Deluxe - 24 cards

    Mythos packs: 13, 12, 11, 11, 14, 12 

    Total: 97 new player cards. 


    Let's presume a cycle is 2 scenario packs (0 player cards) and 4 hero packs. And we don't know enough about Story boxes so let's ignore them for now. 

    A hero pack: The Cap pack product page says it contains 17 Leadership cards + 8 neutrals (and doesn't mention the other Aspect cards, but I think there's one of each?) so that's 28 new cards per Hero pack, minus 1-3 reprints. So roughly 25 new player cards per hero pack x 4 packs = roughly 100 new players card + story boxes

    So it's the same level of growth or actually larger? 

    There are multiples of cards. 

    There are 15 non-Cap cards in the deck. Plus 3 or 4 other cards.

    And then the 10 Cap cards.

  4. 2 hours ago, gokubb said:

    With 20 cards in the pack dedicated to a specific hero, your deckbuilding pool is going to grow slower than Arkham and LotR. Sure you can use the hero in the pack and have a whole level of new options, but if you're a Spider-man fan and really only want to play him, or if you hate the released hero and will never play them, then your new deckbuilding options for a hero pack are probably about 150% as much as an Arkham or LotR one. But, the packs come out less frequently. The player options in this game are going to grow and evolve slower than any of the other LCGs. Which is my biggest gripe about reprints. The deckbuilding pool will already change slowly and they are going to waste slots for new cards with reprints that I'll probably throw away.

    The packs come with 37 non-Hero specific cards. On average that should be 15ish new cards. Arkham usually has 9-12 new cards per pack. 

    The Hero packs come out seemingly 66% of the time that Arkham packs come out. But keep in mind that you are ignoring a whole part of the pack that adds increasing diversity.

    If you are only playing Spider-man of course a large portion of the cardpool will decrease for you.

    And if even 1 Hero interests you, there are enough cards to compensate for the reduced number of packs. Most people aren't going to commit to a single hero forever.

  5. 3 hours ago, jonboyjon1990 said:

    Do we know that? Didn't Upper Deck have a similar 'sliding scale' licence with Marvel Legendary? 

    Didn't Sony buy the rights to *only* Spiderman and not all of Marvel? Didn't Universal buy *only* X-Men? Didn't Fox buy *only* Fantastic Four? 

    They bought only the rights, but Sony didnt have the option to pay more money and get other rights. They would have to full negotiate all over.

    And Marvel isnt close to bankruptcy, and has no need to split up their characters.

  6. 1 minute ago, phillos said:

    A reprint is always going to be less exciting that a new card design.  Agree or disagree?

    Agree. But this game is more thanjust buying new cards. I dont want to buy a strictly worse Avengers Mansion. Nor do I want the Avengers Mansion I already have to become obsolete by power creep.

    And there are only so many ways to create a balanced variant of it. Of course sometimes they will make something new. But I see no reason to flood with new cards if it doesnt need it. It lets them conserve design space for when they need it.

  7. 7 minutes ago, phillos said:

    My concern is not money.  It's time and opportunity.  I'm more disappointed that they are using slots in a hero pack that could have otherwise been allocated to an excited new card.  Financially what they are talking about is pretty insignificant and really is preferable to the old system where your redundant purchases were all front loaded at the beginning when you bought several core sets.  Here it's rationed out throughout the life of the game in extremely small increments and it's filling a function that's understandable.  It's still better IMO.  I just was kinda hoping we'd have no redundancy at all this time around since as someone who will buy all the packs and will deck build it benefits me very little.

    Well most people get into LCGs to get away from annoying aspects of the CCG release formats.  So I'm not sure that answer is gonna satisfy LCG die hards :)

    New cards? We are easily getting 30 new cards worth of design. How much do you need in a set?

    We are getting way more player cards design space than cycles in Arkham, and that isnt even counting the Hero cards.

    What card are they going to add to the Cap deck instead of Av Mansion? They want a card that gives you some draw.

  8. As for reprints. It would be boring to get Strength-but-different for the 8th time. Just printing Strength when needed conserves deck space and prevents deck builders from breaking decks.

    So what if 2-5 cards are reprints. Would you not buy a 55 card pack? Lot of times you would buy a pack and not use something. Not every card in every pack is going to be used by you. Someone who doesn't play Protection won't care about Expert Defense. They don't call it a rip off.

    It helps make the game accessible out of the pack, which is good for picking up new players.  You can take an old deck, crack this new one and play with someone new without forcing them to deckbuild. They just grab the pack and play. 

    And yes, the Resources are relatively important for deck building. They are how you pay for good cards easier. they are twice as efficient as normal cards and worth it.

  9. Leadership & Basic

    17 total leadership cards. Starting with Falcon at 11, and ending by 24, likely by 20.

    Falcon is the first Leadership card as an ally. So no allies that come before him in the alphabet. Avengers Assemble is likely the first event, so that gives 4 allies. Each of these is probably unique. We haven't seen a non-unique ally yet, it is unclear if those fit with their current design philosophy. So that is 17-4=13 remainder. We will be getting full playsets, so Avengers Assemble takes out 3 more, leaving us with 10.

    We likely get at least 2 more Events with 3 copies. That leaves 4 cards with resources, supports, and upgrades. Avengers Tower was mentioned in the video, that could be a unique support. Then I think we get an upgrade.

    11 Falcon; 12 ally; 13 ally; 14 ally; 15 Avengers Assemble; 16 event; 17 event; 18 Avengers Tower; 19 Upgrade.

    Honorary Avenger is 25, and likely the only basic upgrade. 3 copies out of 8, leaving 5 cards. Coincidentally we need 5 unique cards. I am thinking Avengers Mansion, Nick Fury, Strength, Genius, and Energy. Each at 1 copy.

    20 Nick Fury; 21 Energy; 22 Genius; 23 Strength; 24 Avengers Mansion; 25 Honorary Avenger.

  10. Cap's Cards

    Cards are ordered by Aspect First. The Aspects are in alphabetical  when not in the Hero deck. Second is Type: Hero, Ally, Event, Resource, Support, Upgrade. Finally in alphabetical order within type.

    Shield Block is the first known card, 5th unique in the pack, 7th card in Cap's set, or 5|7.  Shield Throw is 6|9. So we know that at least Shield Throw or Shield Block is 2x. When FFG previews cards that have different numbers in a set, they don't always show the earliest one. So there is no way to tell whether cap 8 is Block or Throw.

    Captain America's Shield is 9|13. It is unique so only 1 copy. There is only room for 1 unique card with 2 copies after it. There are 2 unique cards between the Shield and Shield Throw, and 3 cards in the set. Every other Hero has at least 1 unique support, so we are likely getting 1 here. There is also a possible 3rd unique upgrade that comes before the Shield alphabetically. If not, an event.

    Before shield block are 3 unique cards, and 6 cards in Cap's set. 2|1 is going to be an ally for sure. 3|2 could be a second ally. No hero has had 2 allies so far, but no hero has had an ally ability yet. Unique card 4 is definitely going to be an event.

    I see the following as most likely:

    1 ally (Bucky); 2 second ally; 3-5 event; 6-7 Shield Block; 8-9 Shield Throw; 10-11 Event; 12 Support; 13 Captain America's Shield; 14-15 upgrade.

    If 2 is an event, it probably has 3 as a second copy. There is a lot of wiggle room with the events for exact number of copies. But I expect probably 4 events, 2 allies, 2 upgrades, and a support. 

  11. 53 minutes ago, Derrault said:

    Ok so, based on the Avengers Assemble card from the Captain America pack, I’m thinking that Thor and Ghost Rider are on the near horizon. (The card art features: She-Hulk, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Thor, and Ghost Rider)

    Those are the current Avengers in the comics. Onlt notable commission is Black Panther, who is the current chairman.

    Thor is definitely coming, and probably aggression.

    A justice Ghost Rider wouldnt be that surprising I think.

  12. 1 hour ago, urloony said:

    Yeah, the whole no faction team-up idea is also bazaar.  Spider-Man/Ultron team-up or Cap and Red Skull?  Lame.

    Doom teams up with the FF plenty of times. Spider-man teamed up with Sandman and other villains plenty of times. Magneto joined the X-men.

    Part of the fun of Marvel is the various team ups. 

    I like how it gives freedom to try out different combos, especially from a mechanical perspective. But it also provides tools to encourage a mostly flavourful team with the Leadership. 

  13. Based on some of the interviews given, I think the tv show actually distracted George from finishing the novels in a big way. Especially early on when he was more involved. But they always have something that gets him in, and he becomes distracted. He seems to need periods of time to focus.

    I agree that it seems like L5R missed its window here. Even getting regular product and events won't make it more popular than keyforge. The distribution model, and even the game makes it hard to pick up.

  14. 9 hours ago, phillos said:

    Yeah for me the big news was that he pretty much confirmed a revised core set, which is honestly great news.  That worked fantastically for Netrunner considering it got rid of all the problem cards from core and the first two cycles.  Netrunner's revised core had reprints of a subset of the cards from the core and first two cycles that were rotating out.  For Netrunner if gave them a nice new jumping on point for new players and also greatly cleaned up the issues in the card pool that had been holding the designers back since core.

    The other big news was that they are apparently going to cool down on the AGOT releases because they are nearing a narrative brick wall for that game.  That would mean L5R is the last competitive LCG standing, which is significant. 

    It is. Now all they need to do is dpuble down and properly support it.

  15. 11 hours ago, Zura said:

    color pie is a concept from mtg that basically splits the pie that are game mechanics between the colors equally so each color (sphere) feels unique and has something to offer players. If one color (sphere) starts getting the fragments of the pie originally reserved for the other it is considered that the color is better than the others. 

    For example, in original lotr lcg color pie lore had the card draw. As time passes, every other sphere got some form of it too. Tactics had strong defenders, then spirit beregond happened. etc. Sphere are more of a direction now than restriction

    Yeah I know colour pie theory.

    I was just curious what the division for LotR was.

  16. 12 hours ago, Bullroarer Took said:

    I have now watched the video and put myself in the “cautiously optimistic “ category.  Caleb has talked about bringing more of a story telling or saga style element into the game and maybe that’s what’s being envisioned here.

    Regarding the 2.0 vs 1b argument, put me firmly in the 1b category.  I’m not saying the game is perfect, but I don’t believe the game’s problems are structural.  Yes, Spirit and Lore got too much of the color pie and Tactics and Leadership didn’t get enough, but I don’t believe that can’t be handled with errata or future cards.  I do not want to go back to the very limited card pool we had for so many years.  Furthermore, if there was a complete reboot people would be wanting the sagas all over and I don’t think the designers really want to go back there again.

    I dont really play LotR that much. Mostly when a friend brings it out.

    What is the difference in the pies?

  17. Co-op LCGs have it even better for new editions. Old stuff is 100% playable. Just regard the game as coming to a natural end.

    I see some 2nd editions as acceptable. Stuff like Thrones and X-wing where they were pioneers. It lets them work out the kinks they picked up while experimenting and really streamline things.

  18. 47 minutes ago, cheapmate said:

    They would be easy enough to bring to the small screen, as they are essentially just 4 big, strong guys

    If I remember correctly they started out in the Defenders comics and they have been part of the Masters of Evil


    They started out in Thor. Since then they branch out like most Marvel villains.

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