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  1. I would say a Core every 3-4 years would be solid. And release the Clan packs so a Clan doesn't get more than 1 between cores. I agree on rotation with 3 full cycles remaining. Then just do the 2-4 most recent Premiums with them being an annual thing.
  2. I think it would be simple to differentiate basic troops with upgrades and the unique character abilites to influence them. Maybe small difference in base stats.
  3. They rotate out the oldest 2. When we reach cycle 5 we rotate out 1 and 2 Cycle 7 will rotate out 3 and 4. So about 1 rotation a year.
  4. Keep in mind the boxes are called "Story Boxes". So I don't expect a theme around a particular team.
  5. I think Iron-Man would be one of the few justifications for a new release. Maybe the same Hero/Alter-Ego with some new art, and then a new set of Hero Cards. You could keep some the same, such as Arc Reactor, while updating stuff like the weapons. Or they could just release new Iron Man suits such as Stealth Armor or Silver Centurion as Aspect Cards. I doubt we will be getting alternate Hero cards for any characters, or even Alternate sets for most heroes. New characters like Miles are almost definite as Heroes. They can coexist under the rules. I doubt we get Multiple heroes for characters though. At best we will get multiple allies, such as a Justice Peter Parker Spider-man, or a Black Suit Aggression Spider-man.
  6. We got the first one, the Phoenix pack, last Spring. I think we could easily see a new one by 2022, 4 years after release. Even as soon as 3 years. And there is no reason to think the game couldn't last another 2 and a half years. Netrunner lasted for 5 years, and was on an upswing once Rotation and Core 2.0 happened. At least until the Licensing issues kicked. And they had a much less aggressive Rotation schedule with the 5-6/6-7 most recent Cycles. Can't remember exactly how many. That is what they are doing, sort of. They only have the 3-4 most recent cycles, the most recent Core Set, and the most recent Clan packs. Plus those deluxe boxes.
  7. I wouldn't be suprised if we got a Conflict event that let you play Dynasty events from your provinces or something.
  8. I would expect an updated Core every 3-5 years. Possinly new Clan packs on a 2-4 year schedule. I do like how the roles create different playstyles for each Clan.
  9. Fight On seems pretty similar to The Mountain Does Not Fall to me. It just has 1 extra influence, which I think is a fair trade off for the role restriction.
  10. So the alternative is to force Crab to play worse for 4 months of the year? That doesnt increase diversity. They will just flock to the 2nd most powerful role. And they will suffer in their ability to win compared to the more flexible clans.
  11. I dont see why they shouldmt have been freed. If everyone in a clan is playing the same role, that is a designer problem. Making people play objectively worse decks doesnt solve it. Just use errata and the restricted list to balance, like they always do for other issues not caused by roles.
  12. Actually the main scheme puts 1 threat on each, and there are other ways to get threat on there.
  13. They print cycles of cards all together. So GG, Cap, and likely the next 4 packs are all already printed and in warehouses. Of course cycles are defunct and the Scenario Packs are different sizes, so who really knows what their production stream is now.
  14. There was mention of a few minions. Probably no more than 2 per deck at most.
  15. Theoretically he has the Legions. And sure he could crush those Lion legions. But if they are still loyal to the Emperor, that would just weaken their forces if he calls them out on their treason and destroys them/forces them to commit seppuku. Not to mention it would weaken the Lion significantly, and Toturi is still nominally their Champion.
  16. I would say that Toturi is more worried about losing their strength.
  17. Justice is about thwarting schemes and solving crimes. It isn't strictly street level, as spies could have a Justice component.
  18. I think the Hammer will start like the Shield. Then it has 2 abilities. Exaust to do an attack, or exaust to gain the aerial trait.
  19. The designers have said they didn't base characters around MCU synergy. They chose Ms Marvel out of a genuine joy of her character. She is pretty popular with new fans. This game would be designed with characters chosen a year ago. Way before the announcements of the shows. Most of these shows don't even have a director picked yet.
  20. Yeah. Almost definitely getring Hero versions. In that case, you just cant play the ally unless the hero is eliminated. At least resources doesnt make it a vomplete dead card.
  21. I think Kwannon and Tsuko teaming up under Sotorii isnt out of the question. They have disagreements, sure. But they are both ultimately loyal to the Emperor. And Tsuko's usurption is different in a way. Just by claiming dishonour and neglect by Toturi. Plus he isnt around to stop her. Meanwhile you have an alleged Scorpion coup to unseat the rightful emperor. Siding with Sotorii means taking out the Scorpion, who are a mutual foe of the Lion and Crane. Victory means Toshi Ranbo back. Plus other possible territory. It means Crane taking back their place in court. Scorpion and the Army of the Rising Tide are definitely allied. I dont expect the rest of Dragon to play as much a major role. Mitsu is a wildcard for Daisetsu. The Crab, and by extension the Mantis, will likely fall in with Shoju. He gives them Jade, and the Mantis have room for expansion. Kachiko and Hotaru are definite wildcards. The Phoenix as a whole are also undefined in the conflict. Not sure on Unicorn. It is unclear which side of the Crane they will end up with. But Shahai being a fugitive isnt good for their relationship with the Shoju block.
  22. So I see Lion, Crane and Unicorn possibly allying against Shoju. Minus Toturi of course. Phoenix seem like a massive wildcard.
  23. Yeah they generally will pick up a playerbase, especially the cooperative ones. Coop games can get events. Mostly prize kits for people who come out to play. This should be viable given how Champions is very pick up and play, as opposed to Arkham which is a bit more structured, longer, and complex. There are sort of tournments. LotR has Epic Scenarios where more than 1 group team up and interact with each other. Arkham has stuff like Labrynths of Lunancy, or the recent Blob that ate Everything that can support a hundred players. They are all generally cooperative though. No coop has added PvP. The closes is the recent gencon events for LotR. Players get modules and use them to build their own custom scenario. So you can build it and give it to another group to play and compete to see who can win faster.
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