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  1. 7 hours ago, FearLord said:

    They are 60 card packs, so presumably 38 more cards (even though that would leave you with a few extra).

    I’m assuming each pack will come with a legal 40 card deck list and some extra copies of some of the cards in it...

    Probably mot extra copies of cards in it. They will just have a full playset of each card.

    It feels more likely that we will get some cards for the other Aspects.

  2. 2 hours ago, gokubb said:

    The Wrecking Crew are one of Thor’s main villains in the comics. He doesn’t have many others aside from Loki that would be great headliners to sell a pack. Hera is known because of the movies, but Ulik, Enchantress, Mr Hyde and his other longtime foes are all kinda dumb.

    I really like that they chose them instead of going straight for Loki.

    Enchantress, Surter, Frost Giants, the World Serpent.

    And Malakith just had a massive event in the comics. 

  3. 6 hours ago, Buhallin said:

    I'll throw in with the "Fury isn't all that" side.  Four resources is a LOT, and if you use his draw to replace the cost you're turning one resource into a single attack or damage sink before he goes away.  I was sitting with him several times in demo games and there were much stronger options in my hand.

    The opportunity cost for playing cards in Champions is much higher than it was in LOTR.  It's not just the resources, you have to give up playing everything else in your hand for the turn.  Maybe that works out, maybe it doesn't.  Honestly, he feels like he'll be a trap card more often than not, as you hold on to him waiting for that otherwise-bad hand to throw him out.  During that time he'll just be reducing your draw.

    High cost cards are generally considerably more punishing in Champions than most other games.  You can't save up for them, you're basically going to be digging for combos with the double resource cards, and from what I saw the temporary nature of allies makes it tougher to build a large board state.  It's one thing with Gandalf to decide that you're in a good spot so you can only play him this turn - everything you got out previous turns is still there.  Is Fury going to be good enough to be the only thing you do in a turn, and is it worth not advancing your limited board state for him?  I'm not sold yet, at all.

    Its not just the 1 resource for attack. You draw 3 new replacements. This means more options, and the ability to get to your very good cards. Also with double resources you can be card neutral. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, FearLord said:

    Most of the other Nemesis villains haven’t been really big villains in my view. Arguably Killmonger, and Titania is probably one of She Hulk’s top villains, but Vulture and Whiplash aren’t exactly the top rivals for those heroes...

    I’d expect to see a separate Red Skull Scenario. Something cosmic cube related presumably. If I were a betting man, I’d probably guess Crossbones for Cap’s Nemesis. 

    I’d expect a Loki deck at some point. Thor’s Nemesis possibly Enchantress? Doctor Octopus does seem likely in the future, but probably after a few more non-Spider-Man villains (although they do have exposure). Thanks seems likely, but maybe later on. Kang the Conqueror could be interesting mechanically if they can find a good way to represent him messing with time.

    Oh I didnt think of Crossbones. My bet was Arnim Zola, but Crossbonesis much better. 

    She-Hulk doesnt have a deep villain roster, so she didnt have much room.

    Black Panther's arch villain is Klaw usually, and look at him with his own scenario.


    We got the Wrecking Crew, so amybody is fair game

    I am thinking either Kang or the Mandarin.

  5. 6 hours ago, phillos said:

    Well the term they use is alter ego.  So it's doesn't need to be a private life.  It just needs to be a different life from the one behind the mask (if they wear a mask).  The X-Men for instance are students as well as a super hero team.  Doctor Strange is the "Sorcerer Supreme", but he also could be something else like the "Time Stone Bearer", "Guardian of the Sanctum Sanctorum" or "Student of the Mystical Arts".  I think mechanically one would need to place more of an emphasis on fighting and direct confrontation and the other would have to focus on growth and/or indirect confrontation.  For example She Hulk either punches villains in the face as her Hulk-ed out persona or she fights them in court as her lawyer persona.  Both public lives.

    I think realizing these different personas for each hero is the thing I appreciate most about this design.

    Good point. There is Cyclops the superhero, but there is also Scott Summers the man. 

    There is more to the characters than a mask and catchy name. The duality of who they are and how it clashes with being a superhero is a mahor compelling part of superhero stories.

  6. 1 hour ago, CitizenKeen said:

    I'm living it. I've been saying for years "I'd like a co-op LCG that had a more fun theme. Like Marvel or Star Wars or something." Champions is everything I could have asked for.

    But that's not a fun answer to the question.

    I'd love a mash-up of Sentinels of the Multiverse and Arkham Horror / Eldritch Horror. Heroes with precon decks flying around the city fighting minions until they can thwart the big bad.

    Not sure on SotM, haven't played it.

    But I would definitely love an Arkham Horror esque game set in New York.

    Have an overarching villain, as well as smaller scale villains running about the map.

    I dont know about decks, butI kind of like AH3's way of doing unique builds. Give them unique stats and abilities, then a selection of various power cards and they use some for that game.

  7. My problem with the scene was multiple things.

    1. The battle started with a wide array of allies intermixed. Now there is all the female characters around with the males nowhere to be seen. It strains credulity for that to occur.

    2. We see no real reason why Captain Marvel can't do it alone.  She singlehandidly wiped out Thanos's ship. She could easily charge right through his army.


    Personally I would like the scene a lot better if it was Nebula who took the Gauntlet. It pays off her development and keeps the focus on her for the film where she plays a major role, as opposed to Carol who gets a glorified cameo.

  8. 6 hours ago, cheapmate said:

    I missed that, thanks

    I think she is a reasonable choice, she's checks multiple demographic boxes at once and she has been involved with several major teams since she was created.

    And FFG has a habit of gender equality in its games, like Arkham Horror and Lord of the Rings, for the sake of diversity

    Besides she is one of the few "new" Inhumans created, which were actually fun

    You say for the sake of diversity, and that feels disinginuous to me. It is just equal representation. Can we just have equal representation for its own sake?

    How would you feel if the set was all female?

  9. 19 minutes ago, gokubb said:

    They’ve already said the hero packs would be a complete legal deck. So, it’ll have to be a mix of at least enough to build a completely different leadership deck. Unless they do reprints, which would be an awful idea.

    They have said there would be some basic reprints. Likely the Neutral Resources and maybe Fury, Avengers Mansion, or Helicarrier.

  10. 4 hours ago, Turtlefan2082 said:

    For a basic 4 player game (each player using a different aspect), one core is required.  If 2 or more players wanting to use the same aspect, then 2-4 cores is required.  I should say that in other co-op LCGs, using one color for a  party of 4 is highly discouraged.  Diversity in card colors is key.

    Once some hero packs come out, you might not even need multiple cores to share an aspect.

  11. 2 hours ago, Joelist said:

    That's the thing though. If they don't make them Infinity Stones in the game they will confuse anyone coming into the game from purely the MCU - and given the very anemic sales of Marvel comics of late that may not be a good idea. 

    Marvel comics is doing very well.  They just had Black Cat hit 100k and have reached 50% market share for the first time in a while.

    The game is clearly using comics as a reference. Stuff like Alpha Flight Station, Vulture's Costume, Iron Man's design, Klaw, etc.

    People arent going to be confused because Strange doesnt have an Infinity Stone. All the impressive stuff didnt actually use it.

  12. 1 hour ago, Joelist said:

    I can kinda see why they went with the original five they did. 

    She-Hulk is a comics only character so far, so it shows the link to the comics and not just the MCU. Black Panther was also a good choice as the Alter Ego / Ego switch works well with him when they have him having to actually rule Wakanda (that his film was good helps too). Spidey and Iron Man make sense as well. The only one I am pretty "meh" about is Captain Marvel and that is more because I can think of better includes than her (Black Widow would have been fascinating and so would Scarlet Witch) but this one I think may have been dictated by Disney - interestingly she seems down powered in the game versus her movie.

    What will be interesting will be how they handle characters like Thor, Vision and of course Doctor Strange. Not only do they not truly have alter egos but they are at a whole different power level than the characters in the Core. Not to mention the villains to come (Thanos, Kaecilius, Loki, Dormammu) will likewise be at a whole different power level. Strange in particular may require new rules and so will Infinity Stones (one of which Strange uses regularly). 

    Power is very abstract in this game. Don't expect any of them to be significantly stronger than normal heroes. The goal isnt to take a "power level" and translate it to the game. Especially since Captain Marvel is on their level.

    Also the Eye of Dormammu isnt an Infinity Stone outside the MCU.

  13. 3 hours ago, CEOWolf said:

    Er as a superhero Strange has no identity beyond being a mage his accident renders him unfit for operations and he's since abandon the desire to go back even if he did fix his hands (I think he did)

    T'challa also soesnt have that distinct of an identity. 

    I couls see the difference being Stephan studying and meditating, while Dr Strange is him being active with his spellcasting.

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