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  1. God seriously? Here as well? I think this discussion was covered very well in the Keyforge thread. This isn't a lootbox, nor is it inherently gambling. There is no wager, nor is there stakes. If you want to continue this discussion, do it there. Nothing is gained by repeating this thread over here.
  2. I would love a code talker Native character. Could be an interesting space with the focus on words and names.
  3. I don't see why there being some old cards in a set matters. It isn't any different from getting a new deck in an old set. What I expect is that they keep the 350 card sets and use 7 houses. That seems to provide lots of variance while still having familiarity. They will probably rotate old houses with new houses. So 3 or 4 new ones and the rest old for the 2nd set. Then 2 or 3 houses from there on out with different old houses mixed in. Depending on how many themes they have. Old houses will have a mix of new cards that work in their theme eith some old cards. Even if one of your houses is all old cards, There is still 2 other houses. In the AMA Garfield said there were whole mechanics they excluded because they diluted the themes of the houses. They can create variants that are similar but distinct.
  4. How does this target completionists? No way is someone going to try and complete a game that very obviously cannot be completer. You can also very easily buy secondhand copies that are known. No one is forcing you to buy blind.
  5. Well of course some will be the same. But you probably have dozens of characters, multiple map biomes, multiple scenarios, etc. If 1 copy costs 60, the full set of 3-5 different archetypes would easily be 20p. Obviously there will be copies that are similar with desert tiles, But they will have different characters and scenarios.
  6. I think the full number of components for this game in a single box would easily cost 200 or more. Besides you can do stuff in Keyforge in Magic via players on their own. What these games do is make it easier for players.
  7. The usual reason for power creep is to get players to play the new cards and buy sets. That or they rotate every few years. But with this format you don't need either. The deck doesn't change. You just release a new set with new cards and just stop producing the old one. The old decks are still valid. The only change is what new decks you can open. New houses are almost certain if we get more expansions. It allows them to mix themes and mechanics, as well as create new mechanics that don't fit current houses. But they can still keep old houses as well, with some new cards mixed in. Have 3 new houses, And use 4 old houses with about 25-50% old cards and the rest new. There is only an 11% chance of even getting a combination of only old houses. Add in the new cards and even smaller chance of a duplicate. Besides, if I was them I would have a database of every deck we printed. Every time a new deck list is generated check it against this database, if there is a match just scrap it and run again. Thus you get a set with about 150 new cards or so, And <100 reprints.
  8. Small question. How does Daisetsu murder his father? First he needs to get near him without all the various guards that follow either of them. That is a challenge. Then he needs to murder him in a way where he isn't immediately implicated. Which is hard since even if the guards aren't in the room, they are outside it.
  9. I agree. Start with a release as a skirmish game, with room to turn into a skirmish. Correct me if I am wrong, but don't Imp *** and Legion use uncoloured miniatures? That would enable generic Bushi and Ashigaru to start. Maybe start with 7 characters: a Lion Samurai, a Dragon Monk, a Phoenix Shugenja, a Crane Courtier, a Scorpion Shinobi, a Unicorn scout or something, and a Crab Berserker. Add a few generic troops, and expand from there. Or just go straight to a skrimish game and release the factions piecemeal.
  10. I agree. It is more a commentary of the current political climate.
  11. That game existed 12 years ago. It was called Chaotic and died to what appears to have been licensing issues, but it is still unclear and locked under NDAs. Every card had a code on it that corresponded with online. And each character also had variable stats, within a range of 5 points for every stat. I am glad someone is finally doing something like this.
  12. Daisetsu suddenly ascending with Handel retiring is already shocking enough. But Shoju as Regent? This is such a shake up. Traditionally I feel like it would have been a Crane. But things have changed. What does this mean for Shoju and his plans to go into the background? How does it impact Toshi Ranbo? I wasn't expecting something so world changing this early. I will say the story is definitely not following the same path as Old5R, A clan coup might happen, but not under Scorpions direction.
  13. No. It is better to have a ready out of the box game. Needing dice or anything stops people hopping on as much. Not everyone has spare dice lying around.
  14. You can do that. The box is for people just getting in and wanting to learn and try it out.
  15. I would say the Lion act as a force of military strength as the Scorpion work for political strength. They exist to create a focal point of the military in Rokugan
  16. Radix2309


    Almost certainly a side event this year.
  17. The beautiful thing about algorithms is that you don't need to translate them. The important part is assigning the card their number. Numbers transcend language.
  18. I started with the LCG. I am unfamiliar with all the different families and their histories. Could someone go through each clan and explain them to me? A bit of their old lore and what has carried over into the new lore? Like I know the Togashi are not so much a family as an order of monks.
  19. I doubt there will be a new base set. All they need is one beginner friendly set, which they habe with the 40 dollar box. After that you just get the deck you want. I definitely expect new factions, but also some old factions with new cards. They will probably still have some reprints, but eith enough new mixed in so that the decks are still new. Especially when combined with new factions.
  20. It was mentioned in one of the videos that the absolute max copies of a card in a deck are 16.
  21. 33% of each house would be an entire deck if they were in every deck. I doubt thwre is any card that is in every deck, that would kind of ruin the fun. You may be thinking of commons, since you will probably have some consistent commons across your decks.
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