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    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    This is correct. And this cycle after the 4th pack we got Return to the Dunwich Legacy. That pushes the next cycle pack to around here. And I expect they are holding the announcement until Arkham Nights.
  2. Radix2309

    Children of the Empire

    Where did they say 2 cycles next year? I think between this and the other 5 clan packs we will get 1 cycle if we are lucky.
  3. Radix2309

    Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018

    Each clan will get a choice. This is much better than last year's. Provides some good options and gives stuff for each clan to do.
  4. Radix2309

    Children of the Empire

    I don't know why people expected Mantis. It is too early foe them to get great clan status. They are still a few years away. And there won't be a shadowlands faction.
  5. Radix2309

    State of LCGs

    The exception I would say is the Co-op LCGs, which seem very well suited to the format. LotR has been going for like 7 years now and shows no signs of stopping. Arkham Horror can easily go for 10 years before they run out of previous investigators. L5R already shows a lot of pains of the LCG, but they seem to be innovating with the clan packs and 6 in 6, plus rumors of something new on the horizon. We will see how Keyforge takes off, that could influence further LCGs. I think we still have room for an Android LCG of some kind.
  6. I started with the LCG. I am unfamiliar with all the different families and their histories. Could someone go through each clan and explain them to me? A bit of their old lore and what has carried over into the new lore? Like I know the Togashi are not so much a family as an order of monks.
  7. Radix2309

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    Or you can get a new version, and if you don't like it, trade with someone else. There will be other similarly dissatisfied people, or those who have just played enough with their current version and want something new.
  8. Radix2309

    The City of Archives

    Last month had 5 thursdays. I would still bet on the 20th. It is usually updated 2 weeks beforehand. This would be really short notice. Cards get spoiled the week of, Or the Friday beforehand for L5R.
  9. Radix2309

    Where's the expansion?

    Definitely want an expansion with the 11th district having a role.
  10. Radix2309

    Monster cards

    I like the continuity the art creates.
  11. Radix2309

    Mother of Dragons

    They just announced a play at that can act as a unified board.
  12. Radix2309

    Upcoming L5R products

    Is owning everything really the appeal? The appeal to me is that you know what you are buying. As for rotation, we get about 250 cards or so a year. so for a 2 year rotation you have 500 cards, plus the evergreen cards like core set. That brings it to about 800 give or take a few hundred cards. That is a relatively deep card pool.
  13. Radix2309

    Upcoming L5R products

    3 year at the very least. And my idea is this: Core set with singleton faction cards and playsets of neutrals. Then follow up with faction packs that finish off the faction cards, and have playsets of some new ones. The core set is to get you to try it out and give a taste of each of the factions, the faction packs to finish off your start. I think they also need to rethink how they do cycles. Make it 1 cycle a year and have the cycle rotate. They already rotate 2 in pairs anyways. This is basically what Legion does. So rotation occurs after the winter court when they release a new deluxe that sets the theme for the year. And then follow it up with releases of product. Some Dynasty packs that provide cards for all factions, but also "vs packs" that represent the conflicts of 2 clans. Like release a pack that has the Lion and Unicorn strongholds that just came out to represent their battle there. It is only Lion and Unicorn cards. Make more specialized stuff like that.
  14. Radix2309

    How unique is unique?

    Honestly if I found 2 decks that were very similar I would treasure them. When everything is different, similarity is a novelty. Besides, even if 20 of the cards are the same, you still have 16 different ones. and those 16 can alter how you play and what you can do. Especially since they will likely be the rares which are more swingy.
  15. Feels like a worse Imperial Storehouse. Would probably want something else to make it a bit more interesting as well.
  16. Radix2309

    Please include a guestbook

    That would be awesome. If they don't I imagine someone will make their own printable version
  17. I don't care about race per se, but more their ethnicity or background. We have enough middle-classish white people from Arkham. Show us some different stuff. Native American, southwest seems likely. Codetalker is just me personally, but it is quickly growin on me. An Asian male, we don't exactly have a Japanese character yet so I could see a Yakuza member or something. A South American member from Brazil or Chile maybe. Perhaps a female Bounty Hunter of sorts. Do we have any Arabic characters? It seems odd that there aren't considering the Necronomicon's origin with the "Mad Arab" Neither is there an Indian character.
  18. Radix2309

    Can you heal a creature that hasn't been damaged?

    How is it broken? All it means is that you can just use the damage prevention on its own.
  19. Radix2309

    A Tiger Stalks His Prey Lore Discussion

    Neither is Deisetsu meek. He seems quite cunning and strong willed.
  20. Radix2309

    Will FFG debut a new LCG at Gen Con 2018?

    The LCG model isn't done. At least not for co-ops. LotR is still running and Arkham has a lot of room for a decade or more. And there is potential for other coop LCGs. Like Android, or maybe a new setting. As for competitive LCGs, there is still room. 3 seems like a sweet spot. Maybe 4 during a transition.
  21. Radix2309

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    That really just sounds like a problem of living in a rural area. Not FFGs problem. That is the consequence of not living in a city, you don't get the luxury of picking a specific board game component, or major concerts, etc.
  22. Radix2309

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    That is also the point you keep ignoring: if you want a specific component, you dont have to keep buying blind. You can buy or trade for an opened deck or box. You can't do that with lootboxes.
  23. Radix2309

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    Well that is you setting your own criteria. You can turn almost anything into gambling, doesn't mean it is inherently gambling.
  24. Radix2309

    Future expansions

    I mean it may not be Cuthluh, but st some point there will probably be a faction of cultists worshipping a pseudo-god.