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    Resolving die sides

    When you say once per turn, you mean once per action right?
  2. Good to know. The decks playing Lannister still haven't gone up though. They have only been going down as other factions get good cards.
  3. Lannister were dominant even before their deluxe box. This was because they have the 2 best characters in the game, and got several more strong characters over the 1st cycle. The Lannister box did little to make them more popular, half of it was janky Clansmen cards.
  4. Radix2309

    How Is 2nd Edition Doing?

    You will get more traction from Reddit, CardgameDB, or the Facebook group. AGOT is dead on these forums.
  5. Radix2309

    Min / max number of unit types

    I imagine the points limit might go up to 300 after a wave or 2. And people will have epic battles on their own as well.
  6. Radix2309

    What's Next?

    Dunwich is outside of Arkham, it could be referring to that. Or possibly another dimension we enter. I agree we may leave New England in a cycle, but not for most of campaign, maybe just a scenario. I think travel could work for say an expedition. Not globetrotting all over the world, but perhaps an excavation in Egypt, or a trip to Antartica. We start in Arkham then leave on our journey. Example: 1. Arkham, have reason to go determine what happened on the expedition to Antartica. Perhaps a specimen was brought back. 2. Arkham docks as we are departing, perhaps recruit some allies to help us along the way. End of Deluxe 3. On the ship near the coast of Antartica, encounter a sea monster and try not to shipwreck and lose many of our resources and allies. 4. Arrive at the base camp and prepare for our expedition. Monsters attack in the night. 5. Cross the frozen wastes. Find Lake's campsite. 6. Trek through the perilous mountains. 7. Arrive in the city of the Elder Things and explore. 8. Final confrontation against the horror that was awoken by the expedition beneath the city.
  7. Radix2309

    Only one more yellow hero left to spoil.

    I could definitely see Bothan spy.
  8. Radix2309

    What's Next?

    I definitely think the next Cycle will be Innsmouth. It is one of the bigger stories. I don't think we will leave New England until the 4th cycle at the least. I don't think they need a unique box to go overseas, just release it like a cycle.
  9. Radix2309

    Gameplay Speculation

    Where is the confirmation of 30 card deck limit? Couldn't it also be 40 cards. It would also depend if they have 2 decks still. Perhaps 30 card Dynasty deck, and 20 card Fate deck for example. I imagine they might have some "sets" of cards like in Star Wars or Conquest, perhaps related to strongholds or personalities.
  10. Infantry were historically given a spear, and maybe some light armor. It would be prohibitively expensive to armor them all.
  11. Why would infantry have better armor? They are lightly armed peasants. You can upgrade them to have more armor, but there is no real reason why the infantry should be better armored than the archers.
  12. Radix2309

    Number of Command Dials?

    Using 2 2x1's means you get twice the potential damage of a 2x2, with the downside of no reroll.
  13. Radix2309

    The prices are outrageous

    If it is spread this way, you get 2 activations with each having a 2x multiplier. 1 unit loses out on reroll, but the math may prove to make the extra potential damage better. Upgrades may also affect the decision.
  14. Radix2309

    Expansions announced

    I think the support would work better if you got some Infantry with them and spread the support units out over the wave.
  15. I imagine they will have releases similar to X Wing and Armada. Probably packs for each of the units from the Core alongside 1 new unit each for wave 0. Then the new factions in wave 1. Perhaps 1 elf unit in wave 0.
  16. Radix2309

    What does Destiny need?

    Finn kind of fills that role. A character being fully in 2 colours would break the balancing too much I think. Splashes are fine, but full access to 2 colours seems wrong.
  17. Caassian was a spy, so Yellow would also make sense.
  18. Radix2309


    They really are not that different. They are slightly more common by 0.5-1.5%, but the only real difference is one has dice.
  19. Radix2309

    the "squadrons or ships" fallacy

    ISDs can win battles on their own, but that is against bigger ships. If you look at the movies, they are always beat by Rebel Starfighters, not Rebel ships. There is a reason they carry hordes of TIE Fighters.
  20. Radix2309

    How is collectability treating you?

    My group pooled money and drafted some boxes. Everyone was guaranteed 4 legendaries and 20 rares. With the draft this enabled us to build some good decks. Later I got another pack and opened the Grievous I needed. Legendaries: 2x One with the Force, Luke's Lightsaber Characters: 2x Qui-gon, 2x Padme, 2x Rebel Trooper, 2x Count Dooku, 2x Jango Fett, 1x General Greivous.
  21. Hi. New player. I am trying to build a fleet but I am not sure what to get. I definitely want an ISD, but am unsure of what else to get. There are just so many options, what are some good ships/squadrons to include. I am also split on whether to build a squadron heavy ISD or a heavy firepower one.