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  1. AGOT gets a shake up every once in a while. Especially with the new Targ cards that gave Targ a huge revival. I think 4 years may be too much, maybe rotate with the 6th cycle, instead of 8. And rotation removes 200 cards at a time. The upcoming rotation for Netrunner will change a lot with several mainstays dissappearing like the 3/2s and Jackson Howard.
  2. I agree. I think Charlie will be a Rogue and be focused around allies.
  3. Netrunner already rotates every 4 years or so. Keywords do show up and disappear in cycles. Like Consumer Grade in Mumbad. And Fast Advance isn't the only deck worth playing in Netrunner. There is asset spam, Glacier, Scorched Earth/Boom, and Rigshooter.
  4. I wouldn't expect an Arkham Horror book. It is possible, but it kinda moves in on Call of Cthulhu
  5. Android/L5R crossover. The clans are megacorporations with vast influence. Probably replace Magic with technomancy and such. Image is everything with the Imperial throne always watching. The shadowlands are clones and genetic experiments from a war long ago.
  6. Dragon won't have 6 fate out of the Core. It is an interesting idea they may eventually do, but it is too unique for right out of the Core. The core stronholds will be more "boring".
  7. Yes but for them to draft, you would need multiple players who don't have all the packs. Then they would also need to not want the same cards. You could do the same thing right now by buying a set of 3 packs, then drafting those cards away. People don't draft from preconstructed packs because they don't produce the same experience as random distribution.
  8. I think you really hit the difference in the tactics. Conquest is about WHERE you play your cards. You need to position properly to get command and for battle, not only in this turn but future turns as well. L5R is about WHEN you play your cards. It is much more tempo based and you need to evaluate when and how long you play your cards.
  9. How is that any different from taking 3 of the packs we have now and making a draft pool? This distribution model doesn't make drafting anymore desirable.
  10. So catch me up. How does this new model encourage drafting? Are we talking releasing lack of 60 cards as 1-ofs?
  11. I think we will see themes for what each Ring-type of province will do.
  12. I think if they switched to even releases every 2 months instead of what they have now would be good. Or 3 months. Maybe release multiple packs still, but all at once. Or 1 box. I think the small packs are better, they allow for smaller purchases and impulse buying. Maybe release 3 packs at once with different factions or something. Similar to how they do Runewars and Armada. I think the Co-op games should stay monthly though. I enjoy the thrill each month of getting a new pack and playing the evolving story.
  13. Assaulting a fortified city is an even worse idea. Sieges have a higher success rate.
  14. Can someone explain to me what Clan Champions are? Are they the Damiyo's? Or just their head warrior and official champion for duels?
  15. I think with the HBO spinoffs coming there is still plenty of room. I imagine the LCG would expand to these new stories, depending on where they go. And there is still plenty of room. The card game is already niche, I could see it lasting for a while longer. But I think if George ever finishes the books, the game will die soon after. Probably 3 or 4 years at most. So 10 years overall.
  16. I could see LotR ending and being replaced by a co-op Star Wars LCG. Destiny has already done much better for competitive.
  17. I would alter it to put Steward of Law with other conflict cards. It's main purpose is as a surprise to prevent dishonour, or to surprise swing challenge strength. It needs to be evaluated much differently from the other characters.
  18. Nothing official, but GW pulled the licence. They had some disputes over FFG moving into miniatures. It has been mentioned unofficially a couple times.
  19. If they have 2-4 panic, increasing each fear by 1 can half the number of cards they can play off of it.
  20. There are a lot of Military buffs. I think compared to Political conflict, Military will have higher strength total. This will naturally cause Military to be better at breaking provinces. Political Conflict will likely focus more on trickery such as bowing to mess with an opponent's strength.
  21. None of the writers wanted to kill Chewie. They all loved him. It was mandated by the higher ups.
  22. I had Pathfinder. So I moved in for free, did 2 attacks, then moved right out of there. I could have also just investigated but I figured that it would be better to kill him. Which Resolution is best remains to be seen, but I think Investigating without the Necronomicon is the worst; while with Necronomicon will be the best. The latter is the most difficult to accomplish and requires you to find the book in the Museum and keep it through the Express, then get it into play.
  23. Why would they have 8? I would think 9 or 10 is more likely. The high honour clans have 11, the others have 10, then the low honour clans have 9.
  24. I sat through the scenario as Roland begging everyone to draw the Skull and fail so I would have something to fight. I was drawing none of my clue stuff, only combat stuff. I find Hard mode moved us from winning pretty easy. There was actual risk, and non-bosses were threats. We actually had to consider resigning sometimes so as to not take Trauma.
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