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  1. I think the best way for the Nightmare decks would be just as an expansion for each cycle/Core Set. As the cycles are more integrated than in LotR, I think it works better. I think you could easily fit it into a POD pack. You could fit about 8-10 encounter sets, the only tricky part would be the campaign guide, but you could just release an online version.
  2. This is just a lot of added complexity for little extra benefit. I could see them making something akin to Nightmare packs like in LotR where they release a bunch of new encounter sets to slot into older campaigns to spice things up. They could have new symbols but have some of the other cards, and come with a new campaign guide telling you where to add them or what sets to replace.
  3. Oh yeah that was perfect. This cycle is already the best campaign. It is just oozing with flavour and interesting mechanics. There are a bunch of things to show progress in the campaign.
  4. I also love how it makes question if these things are actually happening in the physical world or if it is in your minds. I love how the Agenda uses story cards to turn it into a 7 agenda scenario.
  5. Because with Milan he effectively has 7 intellect for each investigation and van easily win by 2. With no limits he can win scenarios in half the time it would take a whole team. My playgroup breezed through just by having 2 investigators bodyguard him at all times. Combined with Scavenging he can get out of hand by recurring items like Amulet and Vest.
  6. I played Mystic/Seeker/Survivor. Lots of ways to gain clues and let the other investigators handle combat.
  7. Ok so 2nd player seems to usually be better. But there may be a case that you want to go first. If you choose, currently it is high roll goes 2nd, which is basically the same as high roll goes first. The only difference is that there may be a time where you don't want to be second.
  8. Oh I understand that. I am a Dragon. But what is it? Is it a tournament? A party for all the Dragon players?
  9. What is the Court of the Dragon?
  10. I really like this idea. Especially different planets for tournament seasons.
  11. Then switch it next year and play it then.
  12. Actually 9. If you have 10, 1 faction may end up stuck with the same role.
  13. It might be unplayable for Lion, but not for other factions to take as influence.
  14. The Strongholds and Provinces will still take 3 cards.
  15. I think you should check your math. 2 per faction is 14, with 3 copies would be 42 cards. Leaving only 6 cards left with 3 copies.