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  1. There was only 3 LCGs at that time, and 2 more grew to replace it. There seemed to be room for about 3 Active LCGs to co-exist. First AGOT, Netrunner, and Conquest, and then later with L5R replaced Conquest. Plus Star Wars was around for most of that.
  2. Yet they seemed somewhat able to sustain them. The only LCG to get canceled for non-licsense reasons were SW, CoC, and AGOT. Star Wars had a rocky start and had a bit of trouble capturing the player base, and was replaced by Destiny. CoC was mature and replaced by Arkham. AGOT was replaced by 2nd edition and then ended after over 15 years. I expect the reduction of Thrones interest from pop culture and lack of books may have also contributed. But Netrunner was experiencing a revival with the Revised Core set. You can play multiple LCGs, but a UCG has a money barrier. You get more variety by buying more decks instead of just building them. Having multiple games means you have to attract people to buy these lootboxes for multiple games.
  3. I can't see them doing another Keyforge. That would just be eating into their own product. I mean maybe if they have a different enough game, but I don't think it is quite as sustainable.
  4. For Heroes I want Wasp, Richard Rider Nova, and Sunspot. Villains-wise, I want Kang and the Builders.
  5. Stingray got a mention. Lightning played a minor role in Operation Galactic Storm, and a major role in No Surrender.
  6. People will eat it up when they finish reprinting it.
  7. The game isn't going to die because of underprinting. It isn't competitive, so building up an OP community isn't important. It is a co-op game with a very very popular license. It is very easy to pick up with a distribution method that is very entry friendly. People can always buy in later with the reprints.
  8. It was, for it's time. But Arkham and now Marvel are runaway hits that easily eclipse it. Arkham had similar issues early on.
  9. Killing the game? Magic wasnt able to meet demand for over a year when it started. The game didnt die. What almost caused the game to die was overproduction of Fallen Empires once they finally were able to meet demand. Being sold out does not kill a game. Arkham is still very healthy.
  10. And they used it again with Blade in Ewing's Mighty Avengers.
  11. They don't give out packaged product for "testing". Playtesters use unfinished product. If something is in packaging, it is fit for release. They certainly didn't just buy it. We are months from release. A store selling early would have more copies. And they normally wouldn't have 3 unreleased like this. It was picked up somewhere in the distribution process.
  12. That is mostly what I would guess, although I think only 4 modules, with a bit more cards for the story scenarios. Possibly a campaign set of cards that aren't used outside of the story. Or just bigger scenarios. Mutagen Formula has 31 I believe.
  13. We will also get more resource sinks. We already have Nova, and he is great with Enhanced Reflexes.
  14. I would say a Core every 3-4 years would be solid. And release the Clan packs so a Clan doesn't get more than 1 between cores. I agree on rotation with 3 full cycles remaining. Then just do the 2-4 most recent Premiums with them being an annual thing.
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