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  1. Release Schedule Best Guess

    I mean mid-August, not mid-April. Based on pretty much everything, it was supposed to be out the week after GenCon.
  2. Release Schedule Best Guess

    Keep in mind that Carcosa should have been released mid-April. There was shipping issues related to L5R I believe. So that would move it to late May. right when packs are normally released, except with a 1 month gap.
  3. Elemental Cycle begins

    They also did it in Netrunner. They usually had 1 Identity for each faction in each cycle until the 5th cycle or so, once there was enough diversity that they could mix it up.
  4. Elemental Cycle begins

    They could also release 7 Strongholds across the 6 packs.
  5. I think a Stronghold would be more likely than a role to allow 2 or more clans.
  6. Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!

    The cycles are designed and printed all at once. They are probably on the finishing touches of the next cycle right now. I also expect they move the player cards around as needed, and which they think fit better. Scenarios are probably brainstormed a lot with a general framework and solidified later.
  7. Also keep in mind that Calvin has access to Level 0 and 2 Ward of Protection (which also fuel his stats), and A Test of Will. So he can protect himself from danger. He also has access to a bunch of soak to protect himself.
  8. The Boundary Beyond

    Yig shows up in Mateo's story in the Investigators book, set in Mexico. It is also part of Mateo's backstory in Eldritch horror. Yig is also associated with Mexico in Eldritch Horror, it is where he spawns, and a lot of his mysteries tie into it in some way. We just have the mini-cards. So we don't know yet. Just that he is in it.
  9. Another co-op LCG?

    Then you are just making 2 separate games.
  10. Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!

    And even if Hour was finished in 2016, they might have been waiting for others to finish so they could do more than just 1 and wait 10 months.
  11. The Boundary Beyond

    It is also in Mexico, and we are getting Father Matheo, who are both heavily associated with Yig.
  12. Dim Carcosa player card

    Just played the final scenario with this in Yorrick. Yorrick had Sylvester and basically soloed against Him. Allowed easy skill tests, evasion, etc.
  13. Discuss Leo and Finn

    I think non-unique allies is a reasonable condition. Or limit any 5. Could be a lot of things.
  14. Come on Fantasy Flight!

    I find it unlikely, there is a 2 week gap. That is shorter than anything they have ever done.
  15. Discuss Leo and Finn

    It won't be extra damage. Doing 3+ damage is a higher level effect. They would probably give it a combat bonus, and maybe a cost reduction or other effect. Similar to what they did with the .45.