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  1. They are there to decide on the role of the clan. How they choose to decide is up to them. Also, how is making the game better for everyone a bad thing? Of course it is the developers' job, but we as players should also work to make it as best as possible for everyone.
  2. The correct answer is Ward of Protection. Stopping an Ancient Evils or something is better than almost anything else.
  3. Council's Coffer is interesting. But I find the lack of a specific skill makes it a bit generic. Also it is really expensive for it's ability. You pay 1 card, 3 resources, 7 actions, and 3 successful skill tests to get up to 4 cards and play them during a player's turn. Especially with it getting exiled and limited to once per campaign. The 13th Vision is interesting, but is basically Haunted that affects each investigator. It is even more effective than Haunted cause you lose 0 tests. I think it is interesting that it hits each investigator, but it feels a bit much.
  4. I agree. It will probably be non-Core investigators.
  5. There is a lot more room in an MMO. With these card games you have to fit it into a 160 card box, and 6 60 card packs. There is not as much room as you think. And while it can be done, it creates severe limitations. It is just not worth the effort compared to the goal.
  6. I didn't day it was impossible. I said it wouldn't fit within the limitations of the product. Any scenario that you can just do a few things to tweak the characters story is too generic to create immersion for the players.
  7. LotR you play as the Fellowship and other named characters. In Arkham Horror you play as specific investigators with unique character traits. It works for RPGs and miniatures because there is more room for expanding. But cards are about images and pictures, nobody wants to just look at some random rebel.
  8. The whole point to the card game's is to play as your favorite characters. Faceless nobodies may work for miniatures, but you don't play LotR to be a random spearman from Gondor. If it happens, You will be the heroes of the Rebellion fighting to save the galaxy. Darth Vader and Boba Fett would be elite enemies to face. Having both dark and light side playable characters would just create too much constraints on scenarios.
  9. That would be basically creating 2 different scenarios, Or it would be too generic. And the amount of scenarios you could complete would be limited. How do you justify the imperial fighting Darth Vader? Especially when you want to play as him as an Inperial.
  10. I think that is way too much work for little payoff. You would have to change a lot of stuff to flip the viewpoint. And you definitely can't mix light and dark side. Coop cards are already divided by enoucnter vs player cards, you can't divide the player cards in half.
  11. I would say earliest would be 2019. And frankly I don't think LotR has to end to get a Coop SW LCG. They hit different demographics and co-op games dont quite eat each other's playerbases.
  12. Originally the Star Wars LCG was going to be Co-op, but they retooled it to be PvP. Current theories is that the Star Wars LCG will be the next to go and be replaced with a Co Op version, especially with Destiny picking up its niche.
  13. I think the best way for the Nightmare decks would be just as an expansion for each cycle/Core Set. As the cycles are more integrated than in LotR, I think it works better. I think you could easily fit it into a POD pack. You could fit about 8-10 encounter sets, the only tricky part would be the campaign guide, but you could just release an online version.
  14. This is just a lot of added complexity for little extra benefit. I could see them making something akin to Nightmare packs like in LotR where they release a bunch of new encounter sets to slot into older campaigns to spice things up. They could have new symbols but have some of the other cards, and come with a new campaign guide telling you where to add them or what sets to replace.
  15. Oh yeah that was perfect. This cycle is already the best campaign. It is just oozing with flavour and interesting mechanics. There are a bunch of things to show progress in the campaign.