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  1. To be fair, they are both major Avengers characters. Black Panther has been a mainstay for decades and has a decent fanbase. Carol had been pushed since House of M, way before the movie was in talks. I just hate how they introduced her. There was no need to kill Tony off to push her. They launched Iron Man as a flagship post Secret Wars, but you don't just kill off the main character after a year. He should have just stayed alive and you create a family of books with Riri and maybe War Machine or something.
  2. I think Captain America: Steve Rogers was good. But Secret Empire got so bloated.
  3. I think the prebuilt decks might br slightly larger than the minimum.
  4. Probably mot extra copies of cards in it. They will just have a full playset of each card. It feels more likely that we will get some cards for the other Aspects.
  5. Enchantress, Surter, Frost Giants, the World Serpent. And Malakith just had a massive event in the comics.
  6. Its not just the 1 resource for attack. You draw 3 new replacements. This means more options, and the ability to get to your very good cards. Also with double resources you can be card neutral.
  7. I think the Surge Clause is if you draw it while your nemesis is already in play. There hasn't been any indication of a villain being duplicated. We will see in the rules reference, if it's not in there, it isnt likely to happen.
  8. They probably can use thoseas themes. But there are so many potential teams that it would be impractical.
  9. Oh I didnt think of Crossbones. My bet was Arnim Zola, but Crossbonesis much better. She-Hulk doesnt have a deep villain roster, so she didnt have much room. Black Panther's arch villain is Klaw usually, and look at him with his own scenario. We got the Wrecking Crew, so amybody is fair game I am thinking either Kang or the Mandarin.
  10. I think 30 card decks are good with a 2 for limit. 3 is ok for Marvel since they compensated by making uniques 1 per deck.
  11. Good point. There is Cyclops the superhero, but there is also Scott Summers the man. There is more to the characters than a mask and catchy name. The duality of who they are and how it clashes with being a superhero is a mahor compelling part of superhero stories.
  12. Kind of. She uses them differently, and I beleive she can shapeshift to look like someone else.
  13. You dont need to be a "SJW" to appreciate Ms Marvel. She has relatively unique powers and is pretty fresh. A new Spider-man for a new generation instead of just relaunching Spider-man again to keep him 16 forever.
  14. Not sure on SotM, haven't played it. But I would definitely love an Arkham Horror esque game set in New York. Have an overarching villain, as well as smaller scale villains running about the map. I dont know about decks, butI kind of like AH3's way of doing unique builds. Give them unique stats and abilities, then a selection of various power cards and they use some for that game.
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