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  1. So if the enemy is 5 (movement range) away, can the Latari cav. still make a charge because they get a +1 on their modifier (right) side of their dial? Thanks,
  2. rudedog

    Point limit

    We played 250 point games when the Elves hit the store. But for the last month we have been playing 300 point games. Now that we have so many more units and models to chose from, it's quite nice. And even with corner set-up deployments, all our units fit. I'll admit that most games take 2 hours now at this point limit. But we still have fun. We found out it was possible when we did a 2v2 game of 200 point armies. Just make sure you only set-up cards with the long table edges as possible picks. It makes the game less frustrating.
  3. rudedog

    Maegan's card

    Rules clarification...on Maegan's card it says all units at range 1 - "red rune" from the defender... Does that mean the range is only whatever the red runes are at the time (one per red rune, 0, 2 or 4)? Does that mean from range 1 OR whatever the red runes are (1, 2 or 4)? Does that mean 1 including the red runes (1,3,5)? Thanks for the insight.
  4. rudedog

    Command Dial Stands

    I too use the scotch tape method. It works.
  5. When I add the Fallen Hero to a unit (of reanimates), shouldn't the Artifact list be available (pop up)?
  6. rudedog

    Legend of Dragonholt: Played

    Could you tell us more about their 'take' on Orcs? Please?
  7. rudedog

    Southern California League 3rd Season

    I wish San Diego could pull together so many players. We're lucky to get 2 of our 5 together at one time... sigh..
  8. rudedog

    No one playing

    And it made me cry a little... with old memories.
  9. rudedog

    Leonx Preview...

    Is that an legal formation in the picture? I mean the 4 wide Cav. unit.
  10. rudedog

    [OT] Rise of the Necromancers

    When I see it on any of the 5 local game store shelves round here, then I'll fund it by buying it. Many of my friends enjoy jumping on Kick-starter band wagons (if they think the product will be cool). But so far (between all of them) they have only had about a 25% satisfaction rate. It's not always the same disappointment. Rate of production, lack of playtesting, lack of distribution, no product replacement, no product expansion, no FaQ feedback, just to name a few things... But still they keep supporting, it's their right as consumers!
  11. Now go make a video battle report!
  12. rudedog

    Death Knight Expansion

    Is there not an Elven spear that has a Condition?
  13. rudedog

    SirWilli's Workshop - Runewars stuff

    Caring around six to eight separate shoe boxes seems to be very inconvenient.