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  1. Thanks for pointing that out. That's disappointing. I wonder if the game isn't bringing in the kind of coin FFG had hoped? I've bought everything for it and would hate to see it abandoned...
  2. Is there any word on when Path of Waves (and the associated adventure, Sins of Regret) will be released? They’ve been on preorder status for a long time, it seems. It would be nice to see these before the end of the year... Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for the replies, everyone! You've given me some good ideas. Cheers! -Trevor
  4. Hi all: This may be heretical, but I'm drowning in tokens - focus, evade, shield, stress, etc. - and I'm looking to pare down the piles. In addition to having both basic sets - red and blue - I also have a number of expansion ships, each of which came with tokens. Obviously, some ships have tokens for unique abilities - so I'll keep all of those. But it's the general purpose tokens that are taking up space. So the question is, how many tokens is enough? Has anybody else pared down their token supply? Any suggestions for doing so? I typically play games with 100 points per side - so I'm thinking maybe I keep enough to equip ships in a 150 point game (in case that ever happens). Thanks in advance for any guidance other than "keep them all, what are you thinking?!?" ;-) Cheers! - Trevor
  5. You mentioned that you love the narrative in IA. I think you'd love this, then. As others have said, at $30 for the beginner game, it's not a huge investment. I recently ran the introductory module from the beginner set for some friends and we had a great time. All of us were new to the SW-AOR universe, and as a GM I found the module was really well laid out to introduce the game mechanics to both players and game master. That said, as the action progressed I worried less about the details of the die rolls. For example, I didn't have players roll initiative: Depending on the circumstances, it was fairly obvious to me as GM when the heroes had the drop on their opponents. The game is good that way - Star Wars is already "Space Opera" in that the movies never let technical details get in the way of a good adventure, and neither should the games. We had a blast working through Takeover at Whisper Base. I'm going to run it for a different group at a local gaming day in June. Meantime, my regular group is coming back next weekend for their second session. I like that FFG has provided a follow-up module (Operation Shadowpoint: A free PDF you can download from their website) that's really more of a series of adventure seeds. I've been building out one of these to run our next session. Once you have played through Takeover at Whisper Base, and the half-dozen adventure seeds in Operation Shadowpoint, you'll have a really good idea of whether you like the game - and if you do, the Core Rules and other books will open up a galaxy of possibilities for you. I also like that it's easy to integrate elements of FFG's other SW RPGs (Edge of the Empire, especially) into AOR. As an example of this, I'm using information from both the Edge of the Empire basic game and the Lords of Nal Hutta book to enhance the next adventure - the seed of which comes out of Operation Shadowpoint. Well worth a test, in my opinion. Cheers! - Trevor
  6. Another approach would be to use one of the AoR adventures, but incorporate one of the modular encounters from the "Lords of Nal Hutta" EotE sourcebook. Perhaps some piece of information for the AoR adventure can instead be obtained by doing a deal with the Hutts. Maybe that information - from a Hutt - is how the rebellion finds out about Whisper Base (subject of the beginner's game adventure) in the first place? If you're going to incorporate Hutts into AoR, you'll want a copy of Lords of Nal Hutta anyway... Cheers! - Trevor
  7. That's awesome - and exactly what I needed. Thanks - I didn't know this guide existed. Cheers! -Trevor
  8. Hi all: Anybody know what font(s) are used on the AoR character sheets (and character sheets from the other SW RPGs)? I have the blank character sheet and would like to be able to create heroes that have the same polish as the pre-gens from the beginner games. Thanks in advance! - Trevor
  9. It's an interesting question - thanks for starting the thread. I'm new to the game, but I think if you think of it purely in terms of stats you're missing out on a terrific role-playing opportunity. These games really are narrative driven, right down to the "pass/fail/bonus/complications" nature of the dice pool. So, play a droid and work the heck out of the character potential. You'll probably find your GM starts giving you bonus dice on your rolls just because you're amusing him/her. Beyond that general statement, I think droids could be really useful in some unorthodox careers. Thanks to the movies, the first careers that come to mind for droids are as mechanics (R2) or public servants (C3PO - either as part of the original diplomatic mission in "A New Hope", or as Jabba's translator in "Return of the Jedi"). But here's a thought: A droid would make an excellent spy - either in intelligence or internal security. For starters, in the movies, biological/organic beings tend to dismiss droids as "useless" - if they even think about them at all. Here are a couple of examples from the original trilogy of movies... - Luke decides R2 isn't going to wander off, and he removes the restraining bolt. How much trouble can a little guy get into, etc. Basically, R2 is his prisoner/slave, and he frees R2 because he underestimates the droid. If he was keeping a biological being as a prisoner, it's unlikely he would've done that. - When confronted by stormtroopers on the Death Star in the control room overlooking the hanger, C3PO quickly sends away the troopers by playing the victim: Would that have worked if he'd been an organic being? Then the droids escape because C3PO tells the stormtroopers that R2 is a bit shaken by the events, and has to go for servicing. Again, not something an organic hero could pull off, I don't think. If they'd faked illness, a stormtrooper or two would've accompanied them to the medical centre. - Jabba - who didn't achieve crime lord status by being a trusting sort - lets a droid carrying a concealed lightsaber onto his sail barge. Didn't anybody in his entourage think to check R2 for weapons? No - of course not. You would think Jabba would've hired smarter henchthings... but what's an R2 unit going to do: astromech you to death? Droids have the ultimate disguise kit, built right in: Nobody looks at them twice. They CAN all look alike, and the same models are used by everyone in the galaxy. Identical appearing protocol droids can serve a smuggler, a rebel commander, or an Imperial general, and nobody bats an eye. It might even be the same droid... Here's more on the appearance issue - which is great if you're a spy: - Organic beings must make a real effort to change their appearance: Droids go to Galaxy Depot for a quart of paint. Or can have their personality loaded into a completely different shell. - Organic veterans in the Alliance can probably be recognized by their battle scars: Droid veterans can have their dented, scratched, scorched hides completely replaced. R2 gets his head blown open in the battle to destroy the Death Star, and there he is in the awards ceremony, as good as new after a trip through the shop - and looking like any other astromech droid. - Once an organic PC's Contribution Rank rises to the point where they're on the Empire's radar, their picture is going to be on the wall in every Imperial Post Office in the galaxy. When a droid becomes Public Enemy #1, the Empire is going to discover that putting up posters saying, "Have you seen this trash can?" will be astonishingly ineffective. Meantime, our astromech droid PC has had his intelligence loaded into a model with a different head, or into a completely different body. "Your 3PO droid sure whistles a lot, doesn't he?" Here are some thoughts: - If a protocol droid offered you a nibbly from a tray at a diplomatic function, would you even say thanks? Would you wonder if it was a spy? - If you were talking to an informant in a cantina and a droid arrived to clear your glasses, would you pause your conversation? Based on the movies, you would not - because if you're organic, you wouldn't even notice the droid. Yet here's a being with awesome hearing, perfect eyesight, and total recall, listening to you and your informant in any of the six-million forms of communication that you might choose to employ for your secret meeting. So, by the numbers, the droid might not be the strongest species in the book(s). But I think there are plenty of ways to enjoy role-playing them. Espionage is just one (but a good one!) Again, thanks for starting the discussion. Really interesting thread. Cheers!
  10. I've just stumbled across one on page 410 of the Force And Destiny Core Rules, too. The stats are different. The OaA1 version is generally weaker in attributes but packs a bigger weapon and inflicts 15 damage if it self destructs. The FaD version has better scores for Cunning, Soak and Wounds but only deals 10 points of damage when it blows. Good to know there are officially different types. -Trevor
  11. My wife is from Saskatoon. It is. But it's a really nice planet.
  12. Thanks Kaosoe - I'll check that out. (And there it is - a Viper Probe Droid on page 27. Thanks!) Cheers! - Trevor
  13. Reviving an old thread here... I'm new to the Star Wars RPG universe - has FFG published official stats for these droids in the 2+ years since this thread was last updated? If so, where? Thanks in advance! - Trevor
  14. Hi all: I'm new to the FFG Star Wars RPG universe. I'm loving it so far. I've purchased a bunch of the Imperial Assault minis for use with the RPGs. I'd love to see more IA minis produced - including the Imperial speeder bikes, some basic non-combat transportation (land speeders, for example) a greater variety of 'droids, and more figures that I could use as player characters in the RPGs. Perhaps some misc. Rebel allies, along the lines of the saboteurs? That's my wish list - what's yours? - Trevor
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