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  1. BlueSquadronPilot

    Unique non character CC squadrons

    Or have some squadrons like in X-wing as a limited amount
  2. BlueSquadronPilot

    Happy Friday

    Well at this point I don't think I need to state which Squadron I'd be in! Blue Squadron X-Wing Fighter Squadron "You do not crash into the shield gate."
  3. BlueSquadronPilot

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    I'm a (younger folk)? but I agree with your stance on being able to play right from the box without needing anything else. Having an app is great and all, really opens the doors for many things, but people who just want to get home or wherever and just play should be able to from the box. I spend too much time on my phone and on computers for work anyway, it's nice to just put the tech away at the end of the day.
  4. BlueSquadronPilot

    My first custom miniature

    Did you give yourself an 8-pack?
  5. BlueSquadronPilot

    Situation on Krennic and Deathtroopers 3.0

    I don't know if you are,but if not... Be glad you weren't an Armada player waiting on news until recently 😂
  6. BlueSquadronPilot

    Clone Wars Release Best Guesses

    Give me clone Commandos, Phase I clone troopers, Phase I ARC troopers , and jedi (heroes and generic with variable races) and I'll be a happy man. Durge would be an awesome character to have, now I am going to have to rewatch the cartoon clone wars series.
  7. BlueSquadronPilot

    Next Imperial Corps and Support Speculation

    How about patrol stormtroopers and their C-PH patrol bikes. They're not as agile as the 74-Z, but they can handle more punishment with better armour, and really I just like the look of patrol stormtroopers. Could even make them a dismounted unit. I'd love them for city terrain tables
  8. BlueSquadronPilot

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Ninja'd by @Grumbleduke
  9. BlueSquadronPilot

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    But what if it was the Lucrehulk! ?!
  10. BlueSquadronPilot

    I really want the First Order.

    I actually really like the look of the First Order, I find most of them look more visually appealing than the Empire. The resistance on the other hand. .. I feel like they really downgraded from the look of the Rebels.
  11. BlueSquadronPilot

    I really want the First Order.

    Yes! Apparently none of us existed and always hate the prequels lol. I love the lore, characters and the stories behind 1-3. 1 has always held a special place in my heart. These 3 movies brought about (in my opinion) the most interesting parts of star wars to date. *side note * two new pre/ episode 1 time line books are just around the corner. Queen's Shadow. Master and Apprentice
  12. BlueSquadronPilot

    Squadron Reprints! Video Included

    Absolutely ridiculous. . . Less than 6 hours* I got an email at around 4pm.. all gone 😢
  13. Fantastic work! Really makes me want to get a few and make that battle all over again. Also have that itch to play rogue squadron again lol
  14. Ugh! Why just space battles haha, I love me some in atmosphere fights too (most of which would be better played in X-Wing though) Ison Corridor Ambush from Rogue Squadron II Battle of Scarif Battle of Fondor Shipyards Any large Clone Wars battle from both phase I and phase II years. I would love Battle for Naboo (personally one of my favourite battles), however with how Starfighter combat works in Armada, I am not sure how well it would work. I think could be great in X-Wing though
  15. I've been out of X-Wing for a while. I didn't feel like I wanted to get into 2.0, that may change with the clone wars added. It is making it hard to stay away. Upon seeing the new N1 star fighter model, and the Episode 1 Droid star fighter it really got my creative juices flowing. Jumping to it. .. I want to recreate a diorama of the space battle of Naboo. In particular I want to recreate a scale section of the Lucrehulk control ship. I'm not sure what section in particular, possibly part of the central control section or maybe a side section along an arm. My first question is, how can I go about this? I figure plasticard would be a big part of it, especially for panneling, but I'm curious about how I can get the round edges. My second question is suspension of the ships. I would like a minimal amount, but I figure to have at least a half dozen fighters on it, so really anything that doesn't stand out too much. Third question is how can I make some great looking lasers? This isn't a set in stone thing yet, but I'd love to add these in as well. If it doesn't end up looking too cluttered Honestly any bit of insight, thoughts, ideas, or what kind of issues I could run into would all be helpful. I figure this will be a long term project, but something I'd really love to do. Thanks to all you fine people in advance !