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  1. Some of the old EU young adult novels were actually pretty good. Some people just love to hate everything not OT here.
  2. Amazing job! And that Durge 😍 .... are you... uh... looking for new friends? Haha seriously great work
  3. Looks amazing! Only thing I would do is add the brown stripe on the back of the lower hull found on thr AATs in ep.1. Breaks up the flat tone of the tan. Great work
  4. Gameplay trailer comes in 3 days on the 18th. Not sure how I feel about 5v5, but if there are a lot of AI on both sides of different ship classes I can get behind it. Really hoping it is single player too with actual missions. Not just dog fight death matches
  5. This still makes me cry myself to sleep at night. The missed opportunities all because the mouse wanted Maximum dollars. Monopolies don't make for good products. No competition means no innovation. We had so many different Star Wars games in the past **** shame where we sit now.
  6. I would do commander. For regular B-1 squads I won't oaint the leader as a commander. Just a normal B-1 maybe with a single small line or something on the base to denote leader
  7. Much better! Well done. I think I might do similar when I pick up the clone version. Thanks for sharing 🙂
  8. Fleet trooper with A280, gives me that original Battlefront vibes. Great work on the troops!
  9. Yet half the Mandalorians in the Clone Wars and Rebels remove their helms. The continuity is too buggered for this to even be a thing honestly
  10. That is how I have always felt it was supposed to be as well, but after being told time and time again that Lucas said they are not. Well I just came to accept that they are right and that the line is supposed to confirm it. They haven't yet come out and said they are actually Mandos... so I am really hoping they do make them that at some point. This might be their best opportunity to change that. Especially with all the other ones still left. I just don't understand why all up and sudden change their status back then... even in Episode II the Kaminoans confirm Jango to be Mandalorian. How would he trick these scientists and everyone around them to believing that, especially with so much profit and prestige on the line. They made this mess for no reason as I see it and they should fix it.
  11. Please. I hope they fix their non sense decisions of making Jango and Boba non-mandalorians. Love Temuera Morrison
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