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  1. They look fantastic! Great work. Honestly one of my favourites since they appeared in Solo
  2. I've been waiting for your clone wars stuff! And you do not disappoint! Great work alpha. What blue is that for the lieutenant? I am suggesting (but knowing how much of a fan you are also of clone wars probably already are going to) get some modelling putty or w.e. and make some Kama.s and range finders. Id love to see a lieutenant with the Rotary gun all decked out. Give me the Genndy Tartakovsky feels
  3. Great work! I might redo my Y-Wings and X-Wings. I think I will use some of your order of steps for mine. Do X-Wings next! (Awful little buggers to paint)
  4. I use Removeall 700 foam off adhesive and mastic remover. It is citrus based. I don't know if it is still available. It is rather old and i have a couple of tins of it left over.
  5. Accurate and hilarious. I never understood the appeal of flames of war. "Let us line up all our tanks in a row and fire"
  6. Those look great. Cannot wait for the official release. Think I will do some plain white, Delta, and some black ops Omega
  7. I have made it known for a long time that I love Episode 1, so with that I say, Qui-Gon and Young Obi-Wan please and thank you. I'd also love Royal Naboo Security. Gian and Flash speeders, I just love their whole aesthetic.
  8. Removing the context from which you had posted, I just really want to see Imperial Remnant engaging the First Order. There are still a lot of Imperials left and though recruitment of storm troopers is no longer allowed, Imperial army regulars is. They also still have a large number of Star Destroyers. People always talk about the mouse avoiding having anything Empire being "morally grey" but I have always maintained most were not evil and this would be a great stepping stone to further expand on the lore and have morally conscious Imperials redeem their name. They abide by the accords and continue to be apart of the galaxy and in the wiki it even states that they could have attacked the heavily demilitarized New Republic but did not. I just feel they are really missing out if they don't explore this.
  9. What I was referencing to was the wiki on the New Republic "The Republic ultimately won the Galactic Civil War; after the Battle of Jakku, the Empire formally surrendered in 5 ABY by signing a peace treaty known as the Galactic Concordance. With the war concluded and the Empire dissolved into a rump state and various holdouts—while a powerless, provisional government on Coruscant was installed—the Republic's armed forces were significantly reduced through the Military Disarmament Act. " But upon reading some more in particular this, "Although the Concordance called for all Imperial forces to retreat into Imperial space in the Core, some rogue warlords refused however, along with the illegally established faction that became locked into the cold war with the New Republic. In spite of all this, loyal portions of the Imperial Navy adhered to the terms of the Concordance and confined themselves to the predetermined boundaries. In turn, the now-reduced Imperial Navy would exist as the region's dominant military force. Despite the presence of these Star Destroyers throughout the Core and Inner Rim, they did not attack the Republic, as the remnant maintained a peaceful co-existence with the reigning galactic government.[1] Whereas the more aggressive hardliners refused to accept pardons, those Imperial officers who agreed to the New Republic's strict stipulations were not branded as war criminals. While the Imperial Navy remained confined to the region, the requirement that it close down its Imperial academies meant that no further stormtroopers could be trained, although this did not necessarily apply to standard infantry.[4] Still, despite the established presence of a military, the stipulations placed upon it from the New Republic made it difficult for the remnant to renew the Old Empire's campaign against the former Rebel Alliance.[9]" I thought they were still fighting the holdouts who refused, but it was just a cold war. So that was a mistake on my part. Regardless, the point was that it takes place outside of the New Republic and Imperials hold on the core and established system
  10. Yes to post ROTJ. No to fleshing out the resistance. It takes place before the First Order, focused more outside the war between the New Republic and remaining Imperial forces
  11. I personally think The Rise of Skywalker is not Skywalkers as in a person or group but of a new Jedi academy called the Skywalker academy headed by Rey and possibly Kylo if he indeed does redeem himself
  12. Like this weekend, beautiful Saturday... and then today it is Snowing and raining again !!! @Ragnar_the_Blue I think the biggest issue comes from the mouse. In their description it states they are trained and equiped for tropical environments, however their name is Coastal Defender trooper. Now not all coasts are sandy beaches as we know in tropical environments. Honestly you could probably paint them as white to match snow troopers. Who is to say the tropical environment doesn't get snow during winter seasons? It is star wars. Anything is possible. I personally like to stay as canonical as possible but, it isn't very well explored so... take some artistic and head canon liberties!
  13. There is no reason why they couldn't develop Mercs for both sides with limiting factors. I.E. only one Merc unit per army. Whether it is an operative or a small special force team of 4 troops total. They can also make it so that any bonuses do not work with Mercs to highlight the lack of synergy, unit cohesion and TOE. Side note... I am so hyped for The Mandalorian!
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