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    Star wars: The old republic

    I am really really really hoping that one of the new movie series being worked on is for this time period. Bring this to canon! Filoni has given us some of it without going into it.. hammerhead based on those and mega battle at malachor. Will you be making custom boarding parties? I think jedi /sith strike teams could be cool to design Good job on these
  2. BlueSquadronPilot

    3rd Faction - Happy Friday

    And knowing is half the battle! G.I. Joooooeeeee
  3. BlueSquadronPilot

    3rd Faction - Happy Friday

    Clone Wars! Both armada and legion.
  4. BlueSquadronPilot

    Ebons Custom Cards (unofficial mini expansion)

    I really like the shuttle idea. I've been trying to toy around with a way to transport boarding parties for narrative missions.
  5. BlueSquadronPilot

    If there's no Gencon update...

    Well if we don't get anything at Gencon or the rest of this year I may just get into 40k Kill Team. Really liking the small scale faster game idea for Warhammer
  6. Solo was facing an uphill battle from the start compared to other star wars movies. Timing was awful as you guys have mentioned, but the negative reaction to its announcement hadn't helped it's cause either. I will admit I did not want a solo movie at all, I thought it was a lazy idea and would be terrible. ( how can you have these characters without the originals) I know a lot of people refused to go see it and are waiting for DVD/Netflix etc. Though I was wrong about it, when I saw it I was pleasantly surprised and thought it was pretty well done. It also had to deal with the politically charged climate. Between individuals and Disney versus other individuals on social issues ( which I have no interest in talking about) this led to a number of star wars fans boycotting the movie or Disney in general. Right or wrong every body counts... it's a shame because solo was a pretty good movie that everyone deserves to enjoy.
  7. BlueSquadronPilot

    What is this game missing?

    The game needs a narrative driven campaign and the KoTOR Era also it would benefit from more ships for the current factions we have now. More mediums for rebels. More flotilla for both and a new large for empire .... Also give us more rogue one stuff.
  8. BlueSquadronPilot

    Armada is Strong and Growing!

    That's awesome to hear crabbok. Hopefully your armada scene continues to grow and grow. Once gencon rolls around with whatever FFG has been keeping secret I'm sure it'll generate a ton more interest and have players return.
  9. BlueSquadronPilot

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Those clones are absolutely amazing!
  10. Squadrons are currently out world wide. The struggle is real to find them right now... however, they are awaiting to be printed along with arquitens. So make sure you keep an eye out on the upcoming page at the top. Filter by miniatures to limit the results. Once those bad boys hit shelves you better buy them quickly. Squadrons sell like hotcakes . Also depending on your location there are a few sites that usually sell armada discounted.. I'd also check your local stores, sometimes they can order for you as well. Never hurts to shop around. Also good job on the paint jobs. Especially the X-Wings. They are terrible molds to paint haha
  11. BlueSquadronPilot

    MOTF - Battle of Atollon

    Now I have a reason to stay up when I get off work! so excited
  12. BlueSquadronPilot

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    Hmm if that's the case I may just have to bite the bullet and get some Mel stuff for the things FFG doesn't have .
  13. BlueSquadronPilot

    Happy Friday,,,,,, thanks Steam Sale.....

    Until they start adding Russian starships
  14. BlueSquadronPilot

    Happy Friday,,,,,, thanks Steam Sale.....

    New real time game. Way more advanced than Empire at War with all the abilities and features Armada has. Boarding troopers which could work like battlefleet Gothic armada 2's new system
  15. BlueSquadronPilot

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Republic Commandos?