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  1. What if the U-Wing had a boarding ability? Like a simliar effect as boarding troopers or something. Just throwing ideas out there to make it unique. I let you experts (no scarcasm) work out if it could be possible lol
  2. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate this. And the hard work you put into giving us noobies a helping hand and guide. Looking to starting the process after the weekend. Family holiday get together!!! Grrr interrupting my gaming haha.
  3. Hey all, so I recently bought into Armada, haven't played any games yet. My buddy and I haven't had the time to get I figured I would start on painting some squadrons. I don't have a lot of painting experience, but I do have some, from many years ago. Painting things such as Warhammer 40k (though I was very young and not good at all) LOL, and some model aircraft/tanks within the past 2-3 years, but again not a lot. I have a decent idea of what I want to do, now is just gathering the rest of the paints in order to start. I do have a Krylon Fusion Black and Krylon Fusion White as primers. I'm looking to paint some fairly decent paint jobs, not some quick ones. I figure I will purchase some nuln oil from Citadel, alongside some other Citadel colours.. Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Grey. I would love a suggestion on a grey for the Imperial TIEs. Which brings me to what I have to paint. I have the core set, 2 Rebel Fighter I packs, 1 Imperial Fighter I pack. I am looking to purchase another Imp Fighter I, and an Imp Fighter II. So if you wonderful people have any suggestions on specific colours I should use, any tips or tricks, or steps to making some detailed fighters I would definitely appreciate everyone's input. I am looking to match colours with the colours from the movies. So closest reds to red squadron, blues to blue squadron, etc. Though I will keep all my rebel fighters which appear as white/grey to a more whitish of bases. Thanks all! I will be posting pictures of the process once I get started, and of the final product. Helpful criticisms and critiques are welcomed! Sorry for the long post!
  4. This is amazing, you are my hero. All this Rogue One stuff gets me all excited haha. Do you have a list of colours and steps you used for this? Also I haven't been able to find Mel's conversion on shapeways, I must be blind.
  5. Those look great, but can you take some closer pictures please?
  6. I don't like the idea of giving it a 360 firing arc. However, I do think this could solve that and give the U-Wing a door gunner ability. FFG simply needs to create a piece of plastic that snaps over the round part of the base that adds to the firing arc of the U-Wing. I'll try a crude paint drawing of what I mean. They can make a few of them, put them in a new Heroes of Scarif pack with K2S0.
  7. It looks like it has an ISD sunken into the hull of it. lol
  8. I hope so, I just got my Core Set in the mail, and I am really excited to start my own fleets I feel I will get a lot more out of Armada than I have from X-Wing. One of the big selling points for me with Armada is because it has capital ships and the like, there is a lot more flexibility and possibility for Narrative and Custom Scenarios. I have two questions though if anyone would be kind enough to answer. First, is there a collection of user created custom scenarios/campaigns/narratives I can peruse? Google has yielded only a few results, and I am trying to build myself a nice little story campaign and could use some inspiration. Second, in X-Wing many expansions would contain cards available from other expansions, I have noticed a few things I am interested in only come with 1 card in the pack. I.E. Rapid Launch Bays in the Pelta, and only in that expansion. Is there a strong possibility of cards like these being included in other expansions, and with multiple copies?
  9. I'd like to see some U-Wings at least.
  10. I think it is time to mod a TIE Bomber..... These are amazing, thanks for sharing, really well done!
  11. No U-Wing? I am kind of sad
  12. I don't mind that they go in different directions than the OT. I loved Episode 1. I for one would like a Pre-Episode 1 series featuring Kenobi and Qui-Gon. Though if they stuck with OT I would not be opposed to that either, however, (a big however) I would prefer it not to follow the Jedi or Rebel Alliance). Let's get a show from the Empire's perspective. Show us what it is like for the good and the bad among the Imperial ranks. Give us stories on the outer rim, in the core worlds but from a Imperial point of view. Honestly, I would love that. Expand on the direction that Battlefront 2's story decided to go. (different story though).
  13. Maybe. It is mentioned in the Battle of Scarif that several green squadron X-Wings were there in the fight. In rebels we do see Green Squadron Y-Wings in an episode, so they might just make the switch over to X-Wings as an upgrade. Which I think might be more plausible to fit Rebels than introducing CorSec. But I'm just speculating. I'm happy to finally see X-Wings and more than the Lothal cell
  14. Those are amazing! Really loving the Squadrons. What colour blue did you use for the Blue Squadron ships? Actually, for all the colours on the Blue Squadron ships? Those Gozantis and AT-ATs are beautiful!
  15. I just made a post about the Dreadnaught Class. I'm so happy to see this, would be amazing to see them added.