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  1. Aggressor Class Star Destroyer

    I have a serious hate for this ship because of Empire at War. Anything Zann Consortium related makes me want to delete planets with the death star. One ugly *** ship, but I am looking forward to your completed work Thrindal! Really been enjoying your videos and posts on here.
  2. Forum Login error

    I don't know if this is related by my star wars galaxy of heroes app and my scene app both are having the same issue. People cannot log in on GoH and I haven't checked if others are having the same with scene. But it's quite the coincidence -edit - seems GoH has been fixed now.
  3. Looking forward to this! You'll need some Green Squadron Y-Wings! And those are some great paint jobs, awesome to see the Braha'tok
  4. What should U-wings "count as"?

    I think it would be cool for U-Wings to have some kind of boarding action. I wish ships in the game had a troop value, using the idea from Battlefleet Gothic armada 2, but instead, the troop value determines the number of boarding attempts that can be made. So as ships require a certain range to get into to launch boarding troops, you can use a U-Wing to take troops from the troop value of the ship (pick the type) then fly them a greater distance to the target. Launch the troops and then come back to the ships in order to pick up more. I dunno I always thought this would of been an awesome mechanic to have and I will do this probably for a custom game at some point and work out some details.
  5. Madeline of LightCraft's Miniature Repaint Thread

    The TIE Phantom you did with the red lightning effect cloak, absolutely amazing. It honestly looks real, and the transition to black space with stars. You must do tutorials for everything!!!!! Great job, stuff like this doesn't put me down, it gives me hope and inspiration to continue with my own! Thanks for sharing
  6. We count 30 rebel ships Lord Vader, but they're so small they're evading our turbolasers.
  7. So what's next: Wave 8

    U-Wing squadron, and U-Wing K2S0 unique with raid abilities
  8. What will Wave 8 bring?

    I know it would be too soon for this but I don't care. I just want the ISD interdictor.
  9. Big Game Hunting - Favourite way to take down an ISD?

    Defiance with Rapid Launch Bays, enhanced armament , reinforced blast doors, and 4-Ywings on board. I pulled off the double arc and squadron drop
  10. Goopa FFG. Chiotto Ewoks? Gyeesh Ehshtee Legion Ewoks!!

    I want Ewoks too.... "Target - maximum firepower " "Ewoks chunks everywhere!"
  11. Thrawn's Fleet Arrives at Atollon

    "We should of deployed fighters 5 minutes ago!"
  12. Happy Friday on USA FRIDAY .........

    Happy Friday to you all. Going to get my first 400 point game in Sunday! Really looking forward to it.
  13. Imperial Pilots that are considered canon

    Disney doesn't really care to develop meaningful, competent, and interesting imperial characters. They all turn out to be throwaway fodder for the heroes to have a little challenge to overcome. It's honestly disappointing that Star Wars views the empire as pure evil, it may have been founded on it, but can someone honestly say that every citizen fights to maim, kill, burn and to oppress alien scum? Even with the campaign for Battlefront 2 it's ridiculous. A lot of people want to see an imperial point of view, one that isn't all about hate darkside.
  14. Armada ship sale!!

    We are sorry for being savages from the savage frozen wasteland, eh