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  1. It says lower in the article the article posted. It even mentions Storm trooper captains, and storm trooper officers in general that we may/probably see in the movies.
  2. Flying against a swarm, and your weapons/abilities that provide splash damage. You run a sacrifice into the swarm. Spread the love. I assume you still roll with green dice, so the benefit in attacking your own is you don't need to spend a focus or evade on the target, where the opponent may elect to depending on the weapon - thus nullifying the attack.
  3. I echo what some others have said. Season 1 was not good at all, seasons 2 & 3 is where the show shined except for a couple episodes. Season 4 has been an overhyped mess of poor writing, no direction, and just plain boring. It's become more a chore to watch season 4, and at this point im only watching it to see the story end. Too few episodes left to tie up this story with how little they've done in it so far. Also there are some really stupid concepts implemented in the show (one notably this season) that just put me off. If you're a hard core star wars fan, go for it. Mid seasons are enjoyable, but don't expect the quality throughout or expect decent writing for much of the series. One last gripe... don't expect to be on the edge of your seat. It loses the impact after a while.
  4. I picture them shouting Hail Hydra
  5. The best part about this.... the storm troopers still missed their shots.
  6. Will you be continuing this? I know it's become the busy season for many so you may not have time, but I keep checking back to see an update haha you make great story driven reports. Thoroughly enjoying them
  7. February 29th
  8. So 7 episodes left to tie up this story. Doesn't seem like a lot, and I am worried this is going to be a rush job mess. Not sure about most people here, but I have not been impressed with season 4 thus far. In my opinion seasons 2 and 3 were just way better in terms of story, development and keeping you engaged. It has felt more like a chore to watch this season. The pre-season trailers hyped this season so much for me, but I am finding that even those scenes have been lackluster, some scenes have been great, but overall, very disappointed.... I'm also really not a fan of some of these concepts introduced into Star Wars. Like teleporting force wolves? C'mon.....
  9. I am really digging the reverse colour scheme A-Wing you painted. (white stripe down the centre) It honestly looks better with the inverse colours. Great work on all these little guys!
  10. Hopefully some more flotillas with Anti-squadron/torpedo focus, Braha'tok-class gunships and Tartan Patrol crafts or something similar! I'd like U-Wings as well, and some more variety of Imperial small/medium size ships. Also off topic, I just recently got into Armada, and I've been steadily increasing my ship count, however I cannot find any Imperial Fighter packs (for a decent price - in CAD, the ones I've seen are going for like $35+ without shipping included) I've only managed to pick up one pack, and I am definitely looking to get one more at least.... but everywhere seems to be sold out. Has there been a reprint of these, or am I going to be waiting months?
  11. Venators ARC-170s V-Wings U-Wings Flotillas Just more Rebel and Imperial ships in general lol More types of boarding troops A new, much improved, campaign! After the Galactic Civil war era is improved. BRING ON THE PREQUEL TRILOGY. I actually loved Episode 1, and 3 was good, just didn't enjoy 2. Though it had some awesome things introduced into it. Love the ships and the characters. I would love to see some clone wars tech for GCW in Imperial service. Imperial Venators, ARC-170s and V-Wings. Would really help flesh out thematic story play and campaigns, where you're limited to early war tech at first, gradually introducing newer tech. The Venator is just under 1200m, so I think they could work that as a medium base? They could really do some sweet stuff with it, yet keep it balanced enough not to be better than the ships already present.
  12. Yes! Should have generic and named pilots for both the Imperials and the Rebels. Would be perfect!
  13. I am actually going to wait until you put this out before I start mine. Love your work!
  14. Uh oh! Imps might be in trouble with the AF Mk.IIs! But I am going to assume the Imps. will be receiving Gladiators, and then the fighter squadron packs for both sides?! "And that's when things got knocked into twelfth gear..." <- Had to throw in this quote lol. Great job as always, looking forward to reading more!
  15. What if the U-Wing had a boarding ability? Like a simliar effect as boarding troopers or something. Just throwing ideas out there to make it unique. I let you experts (no scarcasm) work out if it could be possible lol