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  1. Vader has never been a poor choice: I have now taken him to 8 events since March, and in 6 of those Vader has been undefeated - with total win ratio of 24-3. He has worked with a tank, without a tank, supported by boba, bossk, speeder bikes, with and without IG and medics... and the only ever-present upgrade has been force push (never leave Vader without it). In summary - Vader is amazing, and the fact he has got a little cheaper and gets some cool new cards is just amazing!! Oh... in case I wasn’t clear.... I 💕 Vader!
  2. Krennic Bossk 2 Shores with Gun and Medic 2 Mortars with Comms Relay DLT storms DLT Deathroopers 2 Snipers (there were a few Recon intel, hunter, command etc in as well)
  3. If it’s of concern the UK-GT was just won by a list with 2 Mortar units in...
  4. I have only ever played with 8 activations.... seem to OK. Not intentional just happens that way. Pretty much all the lists I’m happy with have 7-9 activations... I know many prefer more, but I dislike “trooper spam” lists as I prefer some variety in unit capabilities - so each to their own. When designing Legion lists I tend to think “offence and defence” - typically certain units have to secure the “home” objective - I tend to keep these as cheap as possible. The main part of the list is offence - their job isn’t to get the centre / enemy held objectives. I find my 8 activations OK to do that.
  5. I generally don’t “get” balanced releases - I would prefer more differentiation between factions. I get why it was done for a new game with just two choices, but suspect now factions will get further apart in terms of releases / options.... but we will see.
  6. Thanks for the article - good to see the Dark Lord doing well. Thats at least 2 Vader lists that have won RPQs :-). Have you tried Vader in a tank at all... that’s all kinds of fun!!
  7. I play quite quick, and generally finish my games. Hate the idea of chess clocks I too play Vader very aggressively - it most certainly can be done... but can be “high risk”, which some don’t like.
  8. The designers have said that at some point they would love to do Gungans, Ewoks etc - but these probably won't be for some time. There is loads of content they would likely prioritize - but we will see. As for "what will they do" - defeat the Empire mostly ;-)
  9. Your question raises another good point about non-meta lists... often the opponent won't know how they work. Especially in competitive events where you play vs strangers they wont know your list, style etc and that can give you a definite advantage versus a "meta" list that tends to play a certain way. As for tactics with those lists it comes down to some basic fundamentals: Play the objectives - I think only one of my wins were on points, and often had less kills than the opponent Use cover/range, protect your units - often the opponent would have several 'combat' activations that weren't really doing anything useful in a turn Be clear what you want units to do: I'm a big fan of "objective grabbing" units being cheap and lean on points. I see many people use expensive 'combat' units grabbing objectives etc and rarely use that expensive gun they paid for - doesn't seem effective to me Get stuck in - I tend to play very close to the opponent, with a lot of melee range 1 etc. If they back off, I can then just sit on the objectives etc. Use Vader - I think every game I won Vader was heavily in melee and defeated multiple units during the game. His command cards are all really good (Motivate on Royal Guard is just awesome). That said Vader dies in at least half my games - but usually has won me the game by the time he goes. How that is applied then changes between different lists, missions, set-ups etc.
  10. Vader is awesome... I could very much understand who some people struggle with him but he is a really, really good piece: but your list and tactics need to be built around him - you have to be very clear what he is there for, and what you want him to be doing. I guess that’s the point of what I’m saying. He (like other units) may be hard to use, but can beat any “meta” list when used well.
  11. I have read a lot of posts, heard a lot of podcasts and seen a lot of videos about Legion that talk about what is / isn't competitive or "meta". I thought I might share some of my thoughts. Most people will have no idea who I am (rightly so), so I present my credentials as to why you may wish to hear what I have to say: I have been playing "competitive" war-games for 24 years, and generally do quite well. I am from the UK originally but I have travelled a lot with work (currently live in Hong Kong) and played games in many places My work keeps me very busy, and not much of a gaming scene in Hong Kong so my only games of Legion have been in the past 5 months in the US (Adepticon) and UK (4 smaller events, including an RPQ). Total 17 games. I have only ever taken Vader (because he's awesome), and only ever have 8 activations when playing legion and in my 17 competitive games I have won 16! The only loss was against Luke Cook (current World Champion) at Adepticon. Now many of those games could have gone either way, but I never felt I didn't have a chance when I saw my opponents force - even when they were "top tier meta lists" So that brings me to the point of the post: Many content makers seem to have decided what is "good" when it comes to Legion... what forces you should take if you want to win. Many people read this content and so the 'myth' propagates (currently trooper spam + snipers if you want to win). Whilst I don't disagree generally with their points I have found that there are many more competitive options if you have a plan, and can execute it well. In the events mentioned I have played 2 main variations (some minor changes between events) of Vader lists: Vader + Boba and Vader + Tank. Full approximate lists (for anyone interested) are below: Vader / Boba (3 events in March, 9-1 record) Vader: Force Push, Sabre Throw, Force Reflexes Boba Fett: Hunter, Stimms, Recon Intel Snowtroopers: Flamer, Frag granades, Officer, Recon Intel Stormtroopers: Frag granades, Medical Droid Stormtroopers: Recon Intel, Frag Granades Royal Guard: Electrostaff, Tenacity, Environmental Gear Strike Team: Sniper Strike Team: Sniper Vader / Tank (2 events in July, 7-0 record) Vader: Force Push, Force Choke, Anger Snowtroopers: Flamer, Frag Snowtroopers: Frag, Astromech Stormtroopers: Medical Droid Death Troopers: DLT, Hunter, Config Strike Team: Sniper Strike Team: Saboteur, Recon Intel Tank: Rifle Pintle I believe both lists are strong, can deal OK with any list and I would suggest are very "non-meta". So take what you enjoy, have a plan, make it work :-). Don't get me wrong if you enjoy taking a load of troops and snipers then do it, this is for the other guys who want something different, but worry it won't be "competitive" - just 'do you' and make it work :-).
  12. Tubb I disagree to your disagreement. I understand your view, and strongly believe everyone should play the game / hobby how they want. For me if I want to immerse myself in Star Wars lore I break out a box set and watch Star Wars. Anything FFG did would be a type of fan fiction at best, which I personally don’t like (my views are similar to George Martin if you ever see him talk on that subject). Nit it sure what all this has to do with new Luke/Vader but Ho-hum
  13. I think you got it a bit wrong: Round 1: Luke plays: Return of the Jedi Palp plays: Entire Legion Round 2: Palp plays: Give in to your anger Luke plays: Son of Skywalker (sorry Darth) Round 3: Luke plays: I am a Jedi Palp plays: Standing orders (aka dramatic pause) Round 4: Palp plays: And now you will die Luke plays: Father, please (to be released - all wounds taken by you this turn are also inflicted to your opponent). .... anyway....
  14. Solid - hope you had fun. Personally I would: Swap E-Web for DLTs on Death Troopers (May need to remove recon as well for points). Put Hunter on a DLT squad. Also I’d have Bobas rocket over Annihilation - don’t like it unless you have a lot of inspire guys to remove from yourself.
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