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  1. Boba is great. Honestly the list arose because Vader and Boba are cool - so I tried to make a list with them both in. New ways: Best use is for Royal Guard - allowing them to move 3 times and charge. Second is in snows - often at same time as Guard charge to devastate and area. Often people are still dealing with Snows etc on the turn Vader is most vulnerable, distract the enemy from Vader so he can get into position then Master of Evil and kill stuff. Alternate use is on Boba on Rescue supplies to run in grab the middle box and run away. Medic Droid then gets the wound back. On any the trick is to not overextend and get isolated and then easily killed.
  2. I’m planning something similar: Probably Han over Leia though for extra Killy and maybe a few less upgrades to get an extra unit - maybe. You seem to have forgotten Force Push on Luke though 😉
  3. Thanks - I enjoy using it I tend to think of most lists in two parts... offence and defence. Most missions have objectives that are yours to lose... Storms and Snipers grab these and hide. Killing stuff is secondary for them. Grenades give them a little more threat when people get close though. The main force is then offence - to go get the objectives that are more up for grabs. (In the centre). Motivated Guard and Snows (occasionally Boba for Recover) are just great. As I said all my games are close, but that’s how it should be. Hard work vs Luke/Leia, Z6’s and Snipers - but am 2-0 vs that style of list. My loss was vs the Imperial Equivalent - Veers, Boba, DLTs, Snows and Snipers with a bad mission (breakthrough) and I made a massive mistake with Line of Sight (stupid windows) and got Boba killed for nothing.
  4. Second bit of advice - fully understand Force Push and it’s many, many uses. It is insanely strong
  5. I have played 3 events of Legion, all with Vader and currently have a 9-1 win record (including 3-1 at Adepticon). I think he’s pretty balanced, and played well no issue winning. BUT all my games have been really close and the in record could easily have been much worse. Best but of advice - play the objectives. Try to get into situations were to claim objectives the enemy has to come towards Vader..: then do what Vader does best. If you try to out gun 11+ activation rebels you Will lose. New Ways to Motivate is an AMAZING card... use it wisely. The list I used for the three events was: Vader: Sabre Throw, Reflexes, Force Push Boba Fett: Hunter, Stimms, Recon Storms: Medical Droid, Impact Storms: Frag Snows: Flamer, Officer, Frag, Recon Sniper Team Sniper Team Guard: Staff, Tenacity, Environmental Gear
  6. Yeah they were available for sale at Apepticon. They models are very nice!
  7. Err.... hate to say it but there are no dew backs... sorry bro - they’re a fignent of CGI imagination, added by George after he went crazy post Phantom Menance. Ton Tons however are very real!! But smell bad!
  8. I think Legion is generally very well balanced. The objectives etc play a big part in this. The game is not just about killing people (although of course that helps). I personally disagree that the “best” lists are min-max... etc. Sure those lists have some strengths, but also some weaknesses. If there is an issue like you describe it is usually down to the players. Even if there is an “optimal” list there is no need to play it - but some people do, because they feel eeking out an extra 5% chance of winning or some such is more important than taking what they want / think is cool / ... etc
  9. Played in 2 stores events this weekend, just for practice, and ended up winning both! Just hope i haven’t peaked peaked too soon...
  10. I was going to ask the same thing ? I live in Hong Kong and get stuff delivered for not much from UK.
  11. Just wondering if anyone on here is going to Adepticon ? I am - woo and hoo ! Travelling from Hong Kong. I will be taking some variant of Vader-Boba. Current list is below, although have some games this weekend and may tweak after that before Mon deadline. Vader: Push, Reflex, Throw Boba: Stimms, Recon, Hunter Storms: DLT, Recon Storms: A whole lot of nothing Snows: Flamer, Medic, Frag, Intel Guard: Staff, Hunter, Tenacity, Enviro Strike: Sniper Strike: Sniper So who else ??
  12. Currently playing Vader ready for Adepticon. Starting April I am tempted to play the below just to charge around wrecking face. Thoughts: Luke Skywalker: Push, Intel Jyn Erso: Tenacity, Intel Sabine Wren: Dark Sabre, Tenacity, Intel, Personal Shield Chewbacca: Tenacity, Intel Rebel Troopers x 3 Sniper Team x 2
  13. Awesome that you will be filming at Adepticon. Shame it means you can’t play though. Looking forward to being there - and would love to be on the stream so the world can see me playing badly with Vader :-).
  14. Interesting that Vader is being conparaed by some people to Luke - who most people contend is the strongest unit in the game. Surely the issue isn’t that Vader is too expensive but Luke too cheap ? I think Vader is generally fine and pretty balanced - although would love it if sabre throw was in his base stats just so I could get another force power. He he may not be the “optimal” choice, but he isn’t a bad choice and is fun and really thematic.
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