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  1. Harp + Elena might make your woes a lot better. The Harp generates 1 inspiration for someone with 0 inspiration in your space. Elena can then use that inspiration and pass it along. That's 2 free inspiration a turn. It has been a huge help in my game. Elena also helps healing (facedown) damage naturally and musician (With some skill cards) can even heal face up damage).
  2. Pretty hard to do for LCGs in general unfortunately. LCGs have the advantage of being cheaper over time than CCG, but they create a heck of a barrier to entry.
  3. The game is certainly too easy in my opinion. Fair if your mileage varies, but you have to understand the basic concepts of the game before calling it too hard. Most scenario now (after the first 2) I win with 60% of the threat bar filled so I could even spend more time doing side quest etc. If I wanted. However, this is my first time playing and I want to maximize the odds of winning every scenario. I'm 7 in 7 at this point. Haven't restarted or anything. I do think that you have to prioritize. Some markers from the description sound pretty useless and I usually pass those tokens never looking back (A lot of those useless one that I did try end up being 1 or 2 inspiration... Sometimes having to pass a test first that will cost you 1 inspiration to succeed on... worthless). Often, I'll finish a quest without having removed 2 or 3 exploration tokens from the maps. Descent, Imperial Assault and Mansion of Madness were always games that had a clock controlling how long you can waste time. This game is exactly the same. Learn to priorities, get rid of easily reachable exploration markers/threat tokens, don't spread out too much, kill all enemies before potentially triggering more enemies (Common triggers: Advancing the quest, exploring new tiles, threat increases.) Try not to trigger new enemies with no activation left (It might be worthwhile to do nothing with an activation if you are sitting beside an unexplored tile with only one activation (What if you trigger 6 enemy group and add a ton of exploration/threat tokens by exploring that tile.) Once those basic rules are understood (and how to pass test, by controlling luck: with inspiration/scouting) the game becomes extremely easy. Killing stacks give you inspiration, which is essential to pass test... I don't see how that's nothing?
  4. Got my packs on release day in Victoria, BC. Asmodee is an aweful distributor though and many FLGS owners I know complain about them all the time.
  5. This is why I highlighted the characters I use above. I think team composition is really important. Someone playing Bilbo/Aragorn might find the game much harder than I did. Musician Elana pretty much makes damage irrelevant as you can easily heal face down damage. Having only 4 success in your whole deck, having the harp to generate free inspiration is instrumental (with the ability of Elana to just pass inspiration around). The only time I have had to pass last stands is when many enemies attack in a row because in that case, I can't heal. Otherwise, Elana just heals everything right away. Aragorn/Bilbo also seem counter productive since Bilbo wants to be alone, but Aragorn's ability gets stronger by being near other heroes... (That's why I went the way I went, both characters benefits immensely by being nearby, and this is why I went pathfinder for Aragorn as he can easily group every one up once again if I need to separate for any reason.)
  6. Personally, I struggled on the first mission and all missions after that got easier and easier. Second mission I did fail a last stand and thus theoretically beat it on the last turn, but I felt I had it all along (2 strike 3 cards on Aragorn that were prepared). The third mission was the easiest for me, by far. But maybe I got lucky with the app placement? I'm playing Aragorn (pathfinder/hunter) and Elana (Musician). It really helps that both these heroes can support each other so much. I almost never run out of inspiration and I can scout a lot.
  7. No, you got to fight 3 times, but the first fight was cancelled by the stun token.
  8. I like Dextre because there is a lot of artifact in Logos that make you draw (or actions that make you draw). If he is returning to the top of your deck, you know you are drawing a Logos card and get to play it again. It's obviously better if you have a lot of creatures/artifact in your deck because it allows you to use your board even if you only have 1-2 Logos cards in hand.
  9. Is this post, really still going? While I agree that it is extremely rude to leave without saying gg, or conceding, wouldn't the best answer to a rude person be to just ignore him? I mean gosh, state what you have to state once and leave to never return. Kids will be kids, after all...
  10. Player3686594: Read the links above. Richard Garfield states on BGG that it is a mistake and there should not be a "May" on the card. Me and my wife, at home, we play it the way it was meant to be played. However, in a tournament setting, you'll have to go with how FGG ruled it.
  11. Seawhale

    Chain Strategy

    I'd say find other players then? I have no interested in playing other people's best decks. I find it is against the very idea of the game.
  12. The problem is that we have self selection problem has some people have stated above. People interested in this question will be people who got many deck of a similar faction in the same display. It is obviously easy for FFG to test. My only hope is that with people stating their concern here, someone at FFG will at some point notice and run the necessary test. It wouldn't be really hard for FFG to figure this out by selecting a random sample of boxes. Pretty hard for us to determine without spending more cash than we want too.
  13. I don't know if the pattern observed by the OP is true. But I was suspecting that it is possible that individual boxes have a weird combination of houses. Now, it could all be completely random. Out of thousands of boxes sold there ought to be some with a lot of decks that are from the same 2 houses. This being said, just to be on the safe side, I've instructed my LGS to put aside 1 deck everytimes he opens a new box. Again, it could totally be a bias, but it could also be a result of the algorithm.
  14. Seawhale

    House Sanctum

    My wife deck's also includes 2 poison wave and 1 longfused mine. So that might be why my deck is struggling. Elusive is useless when she can get easy board wipes.
  15. Seawhale

    House Sanctum

    I played the armor properly. So that's not the problem. TwitchyBait, maybe it's just the decklist than. I can try to post it later (Deck is Mouseboy, the curator of conversation and is on the app). Feel free to look. It has maybe 3 shadow creatures with elusive, so that doesn't help me much. I don't really understand your comment though: If you can't win a straight up fight against the knights, how do you ever win? If she has board control (0 creatures of mine and 3-4 creatures of hers) at the beginning of the turn, how do I maintain board presence enough to steal/forge keys? I either need a board wipe to move forward, or I'm stuck playing the 2-3 creatures in my hand that will get wiped that turn anyways.
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